The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 9

A fighting chance wasn't even given to Kevida's men before they rushed forward. Fear seized them all as the same question thrived in their unstable senses; how were they to go against a whole coven of witches with their decreased number, furthermore it was not just any coven, they were waging war with the Froughst.

Kevida noticed the fear stricken across all their faces, taking the first initiative she advanced forward drawing her sword out defensively. Kevida's fangs instinctively drew out as she hissed threateningly at them, visible veins running down from her lower eye lids, red blood-like liquid glossing over her retinas, her pupils dilated giving her a monstrous look.

"What are you waiting for, you heard her, kill them all" Kevida smirked snakily as she locked a second-long glare with Dezel before turning her full attention back to the army in front of her.

The men behind her either broke into their wolf form, tearing whatever human skin or cloth on them away fiercely or bringing out their sharply animalistic canines, the witches were only bound to use magic like the Froughst and hunters, bearing super human strength and speed.

Her men charged forward, leaving her behind. At first it looked like they were at length of a possible victory over the formidable coven but as time went on, their loss was evident. The Froughst didn't need a sword neither claws nor sharp teeth to defeat them, it was simply number and strength.

Blood ran over the white tiles, staining the polished colour to present a battlefield as the number of eleven were decreased to only four, one of which still stood Christian. Some Froughst were evidently part of the lost cause of the battle but their quantity were mildly accounted for.

Kevida watched as her men brutally lost the unfair fight. Loss was an imperative necessity of war, something she had learned to get accustomed to, nevertheless, it was her turn now.

She made her way forward, swift on her feet, she lunged at the witches at a stealthy and undetectable pace, swinging her sword mercilessly, aiming for her enemies heads. Bodies dropped to the floor as she shed more blood than either of the two sides. With anger and fury, she rushed through the minimal crowd, tearing her way through to their leader.

"Aaargh!" Kevida grunted loudly as she felt her hand lose control, a force holding her in place, the strange power held her neck strongly, applying more force to both her throat and her hand. Her sword clattered to the ground as she felt herself slowly give in. She gasped hardly for air as she felt her lungs constrict.

Kevida gradually turned her head to the left, away from Dezel's direction and onto her captor. The man glared ferociously at her, tightening the invincible grip around her body.

Kevida's choking expression dissipated, a smile forming on her face and slowly graduating into a crackling cackle. This only confused the man as he bore a baffled countenance, but that did not stop him. A few seconds had passed and Kevida's face remained straight. Little by little he felt his clutch on her dissolve but it was something stranger, it was more like a pull.

Kevida's scornful snicker merged into a menacing grin, tilting her head lightly to the side, she attracted him unawarely by her mere gaze.

With her hands held out, she brought him to her, he struggled for air but none came in through his nostrils no matter how much he tried to draw in the oxygen. He felt the life being sucked out of him in her solid clench.

"What's that... I'm sorry I can't hear you over sucking your very life force" A calculating beam lined the tip of her lips. The man's skin became more dry, his skin losing color. Kevida took in a satisfying inhale as his magic engulfed her, temporarily refreshing the insatiable crave for power in her.

"Enough!" Kevida's head snapped Dezel's way as she sought for the direction of the loud call.

"That's enough Kevida" Kevida released the man in her hand, dropping him to the ground, he uncomfortably soothed the area she had held him with.

Bringing her hands forward, Dezel caught Kevida in a deathly clasp, her eyes burning with an immeasurable anger. The fire in her gaze was more intensive now that Kevida had attacked one of her people.

"Beg for your life" Dezel demanded. Kevida held her head highly, ignoring the vicious pain that growed all through her body.

On seeing her uncooperative reaction, Dezel dropped Kevida. Without giving her a second to replenish her breath, she walked up to her, held her up by her collar.

Plunging her bare hands through her black leather fabric and into her chest, past her ribcage. Kevida's life was literally in Dezel's hands, as she held her heart in her hands. Dezel twisted her hands slowly, earning an agonizing yell from Kevida. Hot sweat trickled down Kevida's forehead as Dezel held her heart tightly.

"Beg for your life" Dezel's warning echoed in the large room, all eyes turned to the blood-curdling scene.

Kevida chuckled weakly, she was never going to give up even if the only thing keeping her alive was Dezel's hand through her chest and the other dragging her up by the collar, holding her in place, her legs having given up a while ago.

Staring into nothingness, Kevida spoke. "I see a girl, with orange hair and green eyes reaching for something that is not meant taken for if a hand is layed upon it the bearer of the arm shall turn to nothing but dust" Kevida turned to peer into Dezel's shocked eyes.

"Wh... What... What are you talking about?" Dezel's asked her words forming into a shear whisper.

"Look around you Dezel...." Dezel carefully turned her eyes away from Kevida to the calm chaos that surrounded her. The whole place stood still, not a soul blinked and no breath was taken. It was as if time itself had stopped.

"I think we both know who has won this fight."

"What have you done?"

"Your child has entered into a forbidden chamber of mine and for that she cannot live"

"You lie, my daughter is safe" Dezel's eyes were now red with anger

"I do not lie Froughst" Kevida simply replied.

"Prove it." Kevida grabbed onto the arm Dezel used to hold her by the collar. Both their eyes widened as Kevida brought Dezel to see through her eyes.

"No, it can't be, it's impossible" A weary expression spread on Dezel's face as Kevida brought her out of the dimensional window she saw her daughter through.

"I will spare your daughter, she shall not die by my hands at least not today." Kevida declared.

"I know you Kevida, nothing goes without a price in your words."

"You are not wrong there Dezel, your life in exchange for your daughter's."

"You truly are evil, but I promise you this, you will not escape the punishment that is coming for you Kevida, it will be greater than anything you have ever encountered, it is coming, there is no doubt about that."

Dezel retreated her hand from Kevida's chest, releasing her heart from her hands. Kevida held her chest as the excruciating pain dissolved, the skin around her wounded chest rapidly clustered back and in after a few seconds she was healed.

The dark red liquid dripped down Dezel's hands as she watched Kevida in horror. The fight around them resumed as Kevida unfroze time.

She took her sword back in her hands, at an extraordinary speed, she made her way behind Dezel, holding her sword by her neck in a threatening pose.

"This fight is over, I will leave unharmed, if not, she dies, and do not dare try anything , I would like to remind you that you will not be the only one with tricks up their sleeves, except mine could be much more painful" Facing the bewildered crowd, Kevida made her way to one of the exits.

"Your Majesty" Christian called as one of the Froughst held him in a captive position, he was forced to kneel down, a sword held at his throat.

"Release her or we kill him" One of them threatened. Kevida shot her an unreadable look, not taking her hands off Dezel. Kevida studied Christian for a brief moment, his hair unruly, parched dried and fresh blood stained his face and his body, his clothes, slashed in numerous places, a certain copper-pigmented liquid lining the cuts.

He was the only one out of her men that was left, he had been brutally dealt with but that didn't touch Kevida, nothing did. The sympathy in his eyes grew as he watched Kevida slowly drive her gaze from him and latched it onto the woman that held his life.

"And what makes you think I care about him enough to listen to your puny threats, you can kill him for all I care, he was not of much use to me anyways" Christian eyes widened.

The only explanation he had was that she was probably just bluffing and would immediately come to rescue him after a few seconds but that thought was harshly quenched as she walked out, leaving him at the mercy of the enemy. His screams drowned as Kevida made her way out through one of the exits.

Kevida withdrew her sword from Dezel's neck and cut a rope that lied outside the exits. Iron bars dropped out through the hidden slots, trapping all the Froughsts in.

"How did you know about those?"

"How do you think?" Kevida replied rhetorically. A slicing sound reverberated through the hollow path, followed by a sharp gasp from Dezel.

Kevida spun her around so she could look into her eyes as she ended her life. Her eyes were widely ajar as her peril dawned her. She fell to the ground as Kevida released her hold on her. Blood seeped from her chest as she shivered.

"I punctured your heart , it will be a slow and painful death, that I assure you, probably should give you enough time to see your daughter once more before departing to the underworld" Dezel reached out her hands as her eyes lay wildly open, all she could feel was the loneliness of the cold earth beneath her. She tried to speak but she found the words lost, tried to scream but the sounds never escaped her throat.

Kevida squatted with one knee down, and with her index finger she held Dezel's face up by the lower jaw.

"What a shame, you should have never destroyed it Dezel, you and I, we could have made a great team, all that power could have been ours. " There was a moment of silence before she spoke up again.

"Oh well, happy death day!" With a shining beam on her face, Kevida got up and just like that she disappeared into the darkness.


The book flashed before their eyes, disappearing into thin air. The shift in the room leaving with it.

"What was that?" Nisha asked as she turned to Ania.

"You should have never reached for it Nisha, that book is forbidden along with this room, it was one of the first rules I was given when I arrived here, we should leave before Kevida comes back." Ania said, heading for the door. Hunter immediately flung the door open.

"What happened, I thought I heard something" Ania looked up at Hunter.

"Yeah, you did, mind explaining what you mean by before Kevida comes back Ania?" Nisha inquired her hands folded against her chest.

"I... I..."

"If there is something we need to know I suggest you tell us now Ania" Ania looked between Nisha and Hunter, her eyes watering. She walked up to Nisha, holding her hand in hers.

"I am so sorry, I had no other choice, she was going to kill them in front of me."

"What are you talking about?" Nisha questioned.

"I... I told Kevida about the ambush, I am so sorry, I had no choice, she was going to kill them, I'm sorry" Ania begged, tears trickling down her cheeks. Nisha undid her hands from Ania's.

"What?" Nisha's heart fell heavy as she voiced the question.

"But it does not make sense" They both turned at Hunter's statement.

"If Kevida knew that she was walking into a trap, then why did she leave with only eleven men, it makes little sense as to why she turned down a hundred soldiers as backup" Hunter said finishing the statement, ending the suspense.

"She did that?" Nisha felt the tension in her reduce but was that really something to relax about?

"Something is not right about this, we have to get back" Nisha said as she left for the door but something would not let her leave. She felt a heavy tug at her heart and when she looked back she realised what it was. Ania is family after all, it was no fault of hers for telling Kevida about it.

As she arrived at the door she turned back to look at Ania who had her head bowed down. "Ania?" She called out.

"Come on" She beckoned as she left the walls of the Vampire's chamber. Hunter followed them as he led them out of the castle.

"Good luck" He wished as he watched them leave.

On arriving at the ambush location, Nisha realised the metal gates that blocked the entrance. A spell was voiced and the iron bars blew inward. They rushed in as fear gripped them both.

"Stop!" Nisha yelled, putting a hold on the execution of Christian. A fearful expression grasped Ania's face, looking at the horrified figure of Christian. He was no doubt badly injured. Ania rushed up to him, holding and shielding him from the angry mob of Froughst aiming to kill him. Nisha walked in their midst, her question directed at them.

"Where is my mother?" She looked between them in search of an uncanny orange hair but the people in her peripheral vision did nothing to satisfy her search.

"I apologize Nisha, we could not protect her, she took her that way" One of the witches pointed to an exit opposite her, Nisha ignored the calls as she darted for the exit, mumbling a spell, the metal melted before her.

"Mother" She cried as she slid to the floor to where her mother laid, not minding the the dust that drew over her cloak. She gathered her mother in her arms, sulky tears ran down her face as she broke into half sobs, watching her mother in such a weak state, she had no idea what she was to do.

"Mother..." Her voice breaking down as she spoke, her mother's hand stained with blood were raised up to her face.

"Penta-nisha... My darling." Dezel beckoned as she cupped her daughter's face in her hands.

"Mother... Mother I am here, who did this to you? It was her wasn't it, it was her, it was Kevida, I'll make sure she will pay and she will pay, I'll make her pay mother." Dezel shaked her head in disapproval as she watched the same fury in her relish in her daughter.

"Ddd.. Don't... Don't do that Penta-nisha, I want... I want you to live your life..."

"But mother I...."

"Live your life, promise me--promise me you will live your life, swear on my life" Nisha closed her eyes as the warm salty liquid trickled down her face as she drew in snogs.

"I... Mother please... I"

"Promise me Penta-nisha"

"I promise mother" She finally agreed. Dezels hands gradually fell by her sides as her heart slowly gave up.

"Mother?Mother?Mother?" Nisha wailed loudly as she mourned her mother.

"Mother don't leave me, not like father, you promised me mother, you promised not to leave me, mother!" Ania dragged Nisha away from the now still-body of her mother.

"No.. No.. Leave me.... Leave me alone.. Mother" Her cries echoed as she struggled against Ania's clutches, dragging herself away. Crying hard as she lunged for her mother.

"We have to go, Kevida might be back any moment, Nisha" Ania warned as she dragged Nisha away from her mother's corpse and steadily but hardly they all left the cave. Swearing to not honor her mother's dying wish, Nisha vowed to make Kevida pay, even if it was the last thing she was going to achieve on earth.

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