The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 10

Hunter forcefully pushed the door of the throne room open. It was nothing to be surprised about that Kevida had escaped death once more but what was more alarming was what he had heard her bring back.


She had brought back no one with her, that included Christian and this terrified him as he feared the worst. He did not care about her title, he did not care whether she had the Godforsaken Nadeal seal in her possession or if she was half vampire half witch, all he pondered about were the whereabouts of his man best friend.

He had not even thought straight the consequences of his actions, disturbing her wild feast. Her appetite had seemed to grow.

Blood splattered across the room, randomly slashed on the cream walls, giving it a butcher-house effect. The smell of the copper-tainted thick liquid hung harshly in the air.

About twelve lifeless bodies sprawled in different directions, some missing a hand or two. Some heads, ripped out no doubt brutally from their unmoving bodies.

Kevida sat on her throne as she snacked viciously on a mindless human, obviously compelled by her to stand still while she drank her most desired meal from him. His eyes stared into nothing in particular, empty of emotions like the slave he was.

Hunter felt a twinge in his heart, as a part of him wanted to feel sorry for him but it was useless, they were her personal stack of blood stash, there was no escaping her. She most likely had not compelled the others which provoked their primal instinct as humans to run in the face of danger, that was the only fathomable reason as to why they had been killed in such a brutal manner.

Kevida's eyes caught Hunter's. She slowly dropped the hand of the boy she had been feeding on, acknowledging his presence.

"How dare you disturb my dinner Captain."

Kevida's voice thundered as she narrowed her eyes at him, her sharpened glare leveled equally with his solid demeanor. He maintained a determined posture, his hardened sculpted face barely giving in to her jagged tone.

"I apologize your Majesty." Kevida could sense the unsparing hint etched in those green flecks of his as he spoke, the anger evident in his tone.

"What I want to say is impendingly urgent."

Kevida flashed him a bright beam but something told him a ferocious danger was lurking under those calm blue eyes of hers, there always were.

"Go ahead." She urged him.

"I would like to inquire about the whereabouts of my co-captain, I am yet to lay eyes on him ever since your arrival." She knew very well why he had come. He was so predictable and she was equally calculating.

"You are yet to lay eyes on him bacause as you can see he is not here." Kevida answered dismissingly.

"I am afraid I do not quite understand what you mean by that your Majesty." Hunter persisted.

"I think we both know that is far from the truth Hunter."

Kevida layed her hand out for the boy to lay his arm wrist on it. With a sound lined close to that of a growl, her fangs extended lengthingly as she took the action of biting down into the same spot as before, scalingly wiping with her tongue, a lush of dried blood. Her victim winced under the pain but remained stiff.

Hunter suddenly felt the rush of the pressure building unsteadily in his veins. He gritted his teeth, bawling his hands into a strengthened fist as he watched intensely how she fed on the human.

"You killed him, you knew about the ambush yet you still decide on going there with only ten men, this was all a plan just so you could get rid of him." The note in which he spoke rose to an undeniable high pitch.

Kevida unbares the extensive tooth of her sharp teeth from the pulsing vein of her human; blood running down the corners of her mouth to smudge her lower jaw, but she was not the one bleeding. The dark-red liquid running impatiently down the wrist of the boy.

"You seem to catch on to my plans quite quickly Hunter, one of your many traits I believe the old man admired you for, myself included."

Taking a short sigh, Kevida stood to her feet, wiped her red stained jaw, spun the boy around to face her and in a swift motion, snaps his neck. A bone cracking crunch is made as the thud of a body makes it way to the ground.

She turned back to face Hunter. "Now where were we? "

"He did nothing to you, why have him killed?" Hunter spat, his eyebrows knitted together, forming various lines that advanced the savagery howling in him.

"I should be the one asking questions here, take him down." On hearing her words, Hunter drew his sword out defensively. The guards in the room rushed to his sides, holding out their swords and cornering him.

"What is this, a way to shut me up so they will not know of what you have done, incredibly cunning Kevida." He praised. Kevida folded her arms, cocking her head sideways as she watched him intently.

"Drop the weapon Captain, do not make this difficult any more than it is." One of her men warned.

Hunter slowly dropped his sword, raising his hands in the air as an act of surrender. With two guards behind him, holding his two arms against his back, he struggled.

"On what grounds are you having me captured?"

"On the grounds of treason." The whole room fell deadly silent, only to be filled with whispers moments later.

"This is ridiculous!" Hunter argued as he struggled against the guards.

"Ridiculous is abetting the infiltration of two girls from the Froughst coven into my castle with the intention of finding evidence that could put my life in jeopardy, so tell me Hunter, what do you have to say in your defense?" Hunter bowed his head defeated, he had no words to speak as Kevida had cornered him. She was good, she was just too good.

Although the reasons were completely put out of place, according to the law, she was right. Kevida was merely using the Froughst incident as an excuse.

Putting the Froughst to extinction was not because she hated them or they specifically did something to provoke her but because of the power they wielded, they became her enemies.

Kevida hated having trouble controlling people, she hated having people she could not bend to her will and he was not excluded.

"I hereby sentence Hunter to death, he is to be stripped of his title as the Captain as of now. Although I would have loved to keep you around for a little bit considering death makes your suffering end so quickly, I do not keep prisoners, we both know that, like I say, they always have the tendency to escape."

Kevida chimed, her lips, drawn into a toothy smile. Hunter raised his head as he stared at her in disbelief but said nothing as he was dragged away from her peripheral and out of the room.

An idea struck her.

"On second thought." Her words stopped the guards in their tracks, as they turned around to meet her amused grin.

"I will lift your execution , your title will be fully revived with all its perks on one condition." Hunter peered into her hued blue eyes as he felt the unparallel mischief twinkling between them.

"You bring me the princess of the Froughst coven, dead or alive, but preferrably alive within twenty four hours." The darkness behind Hunter's eyes returned, his deepened aura masking the hurt behind his emerald eyes skillfully.

"I accept."


The sky was lined with traces of orange clouds, giving a sunset blemish to the saturated atmosphere. Dark yellow washed over the market in which he had decided to cover more grounds.

Hunter held the reins of his horse as he increased pace, riding through the roads of Cavernalt in pursuit of a princess that was highly untraceable. He had spent most of his time on the day long ride to Baclihian hill in search of Nisha with little hope of finding her.

Kevida had given him full access to the guards and had cast a little spell as she had described it, claiming it to be an insurance to make sure he did not escape her.

Getting down from his horse with about twenty other hefty men behind him, Hunter scaled carefully as his eyes yearn to catch Nisha's marmalade locks on sight. He knew Kevida had only sent him on a wild goose chase.

He knew Nisha would have most likely left the kingdom, she had it in her best interest to taunt him knowing when the twenty-four hour duration was over, he would return to Hubis empty-handed and will be executed as planned.

It was truly a slow death; he shook his head conflictiously as the thought of Christian's death being his fault flooded his mind.

So far they had found nothing, no one fitting Nisha's description had turned up and he was getting frustrated with the torture he was made by Kevida to endear.

Three hours.

He had three hours left before he was going to be sent to the underworld. Giving up, Hunter turned sharply as he dissed the idea of seeing tomorrow's sunrise. He bumped into something. When he looked down he realized his body had collided with that of a girl.

Her face was unclear as she looked down at the foodstuffs she had dropped. She stooped down angrily as she gathered them in her basket, her black hair reminded him of someone but he just could not remember who. Finally getting up, she locked eyes with Hunter, glaring at him with her stormy anger-razored blue eyes.

He froze.

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