The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 10

Tendrils of her white hair drew out from the braid that had been weaved in, drawing over to the back as the spell faded off in Hunter's eyes. She had a menacing stare, drilling holes him.

"Your Majesty." He called out. She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at him like he was crazed.

"Excuse me?" Taking an annoyed pose, her hands latched onto her bent waist, she glared at him.

He took a step closer, bringing his face closer to hers as he spoke silently, away from prying ears.

"I had no idea you had set out of Hubis, come to taunt me?" Her eyes widened, his words made no sense to her, she backed away, almost stumbling. Recomposing herself, she pointed her fingers warnedly at him.

"Look mister, I do not care if that is just one of your many lines to swoon ladies but I will have you know that I do not have time for your idle games."

She retorted. Hunter gaped at her as he sensed he had purely mistaken her for someone else, whoever was standing in front of him was not Kevida, she never talked so casually, her voice was always cool and calculating.

She never used things like glamours to hide her hair color, her hair was naturally black and if there was ever a time it was not, he would have seen it, hunters did have extraordinaire foresight to see through even the strongest glamours used by people.

He eyed the girl from head to toe - and most of all, Kevida never wore gowns. A cape at most but never gowns. The girl before him was comfortably fitted into a slender gown, a little too big for her in some areas but it still hugged her tightly enough to recognize her lady parts.

If this was not Kevida standing in front of him, then who was she?

A swarm of disgust washed over the vampire look-alike before she spun around to leave on seeing his silent response.

A leaving chance was not given to her as she felt a tug on her arm, swirling her around to face his sea of green eyes. For the first time, she actually paid attention to his features.

His dark brown hair slicked backward in an attractively ordered manner exposing his hard chiseled face, holding an unfolded demeanor, the basket long forgotten. It was his uniform that caught her eye the most, she wondered if he was a guard of the king, slacking of on his duties.

"Let go of me." She dragged against his hardened clench. He was strong, very strong, no doubt about that. What scared her the most was the way in which he looked at her. A look similar to one given by a predator to an unprepared prey.

Hunter flashed his sword, drawing it slightly out of his scabbard to shut her up and earn her compliance, taking one more step forward, he whispered in her ear.

"Cooperate and you just might keep your head in the midst of all these." He warned. The girl fell silent as the threat brought her to a wary realization.

"Your Majesty." One of the guards called as he gaped at the girl caught in Hunter's hands, another following behind him. The guards looked between the girl and Hunter, a wave of confusion striking them.

"She is not Kevida, do not mistake her as such." His gaze fixed darkly on the girl that he had in his clutches, struggling unsuccessfully, in a failed attempt to escape his profound grasp.

The guard merely nodded, although he wondered why he had the girl locked in his grasp but he kept mute, not wanting to provoke Hunter by his questions.

"Take her, I will call back the men." Fear and anger pooled in her eyes at the manner he referred to her, his words were emotionless as he spoke about her not less than an object.

His vile gaze assessed her rebellious figure briefly before handing out the hand he used to hold her aching wrists firm to the guard. He paused hesitantly midway, fixing his dark eyes on the guard.

"Do not lose her." He emphasized intensively.

The way in which the guard she had been handed out to held her was in so many ways different from the way he had held her, a somewhat appeasing softness she had found in the man she had been given to.

Whether to be less terrified or not was beyond her, she absolutely cared little about her captors attitude towards her for it was imperative she escape. She waited patiently for the man she had assumed to be their leader walk deeper into the market, away from sight to make her move.

She looked up at the guard who had her presently in his hold, the other was beside him, they made no move at all to be distracted or even involve themselves in a conversation. They stood there undistracted.

With all the strength she could gather from the surging mixture of fright and will, she connected her acutely soled shoe with the guards leg, propped herself without minding the pained grunt from the guard and took off, dashing swiftly into the market, running breathlessly as fast as her trembling feet could carry her.

She made no attempt whatsoever to look behind her, grazen with the fear of discovering what lied behind her blurry path. She pushed herself harder on hearing the approaching footsteps of the men that she had escaped; they were mercilessly hot on her trail, impossibly fast to her displeasure.

It was obvious by the way in which she was being chased that they were not of Cavernalt for if they were, a shortcut would have been taken from one of the narrow routes between the thatched houses she wheezed through to recapture her.

A ghost of a smile tipped her lips, hidden under the darkness of the unluminous night, that drew over her, the cresent moon solely in absence; over the newfound information. If she could not outrun them then she would outsmart them.

Taking a final turn, she thrusted herself into a dark alleyway, protected by the shadows of the night and the joint roof above her, giving her a sense of security.

A gash of relief flooded her as she watched her chasers breeze past the alleyway in uncertain directions. Slowly she regained the ability to breathe, allowing air to replenish her deprived lungs.

She took quiet steps backward in an attempt to finally free herself of the pending nightmare she had endured and conquered but stopped abruptly, her back making contact with a wall.

She was indefinitely certain the path she was in had no wall and most of all, walls need not have a minty and nature filled musk. A fresh wave of anxiety and alarm caused her body to go rigid as the wall began moving. She spun around in a move so quick her neck deemed a light crack.

It was him! She had escaped from the guards only to be trapped time again by their superior. A tight clinch ironed with terror shimmered through her - she then made a run for it.

"I would desist from trying to escape the inevitable if I were you." His cold and threatening voice was not the only thing that had provoked her sudden halt for there were two men at the entrance of the alleyway blocking her, a few more gathering behind them.

A soft cast of bright glow shadowed about half of their stoned expressions, one from which she recognized she had kicked in order to flee. He did not look pleased but not at all disoriented, in actual fact, none of them looked like they had been engaged in a chase, rather they seemed to be composed, as if just taken a walk.

She drew in a sharp inhale, feeling the hurling warmth at the nape of her neck, hairs standing spikely, she knew he was right behind her, there was no way she could escape.

His tone as cool as the night breeze as he spoke. "Ready the horses, we leave for Hubis now."


"We have to go save her, they are taking her away, we cannot just stay here and do nothing, she was our last hope." Nisha tried to reason with Ania but she was bent on not rescuing the girl.

Earlier when they had gone to the market in disguise. Ania had decided to aid her cousin in completing her sole task, kill Kevida. She was not an easy vampire to get to so they had decided to keep an eye on her men's movement in the mean time.

They had decided to stay away from Cavernalt ever since the Kevida accident and inhabit a small village right at the outskirts of the kingdom.

It was no fancy place like her former home but it sure had a roof. Nisha had not shed a single tear ever since she had been pulled out of the arms of her mother and this scared Ania.

She had assumed it was the drive to end Kevida that kept her sane enough to carry on without breaking down but then again it had only all happened the day before. All Nisha needed was time and maybe then she would realize what a silly thing it would be to try and kill the Queen of the supernatural.

From what she had heard, even Kevida needed to get extremely close to the former king before she could kill him. Nisha was very far from that, very far.

"I understand you Nisha but if we rescued her, we would be starting an unnecessary war. We still have not recovered from the loss, it has barely been two days. We will wait and see what she plans on doing, then we can think of an appropriate and well cultured plan, then we attack. Running into a battle blindly never secures victory."

Nisha's tense muscles relaxed as she gave in to her cousin's words. She knew deep down how right she was. If she wanted to kill the vampire, she needed to think like one and not run indecisively into immature conclusions.

"What do you think they wanted with her anyways? I understand the part where she looked just like Kevida but she was just a lowly human girl." Nisha analyzed as she crossed one arm and rested the other under her chin.


A low grunt distracted them both, both their heads snapping to the small bed by the end of the room as Christian stirred; his body shifting uncomfortably.

A needle-like pricking pain shot through his body, his eyes jolting open in an instant. He groaned, taking in an agonizing breath, his muscles aching throughout his body.

Ania rushed to his side hastily, sitting on the empty space beside him as she aided him in sitting up straight and resting his back on the wall. He held his head on hearing the consistent pounding beat ringing through his temple.

"How do you feel? Does anywhere hurt? Are you okay?" Christians eyes shoot up to catch Ania's worried facial expression. She looked sincerely concerned as her eyes scaled through the bruised sides of his body.

That was something he had never seen in her before.


Throughout her stay at Hubis she had always been closed off and detached. Even when he tried to make small talks with her, she derailed from them. Seeing her in such an awry stare sent a peculiar feeling of warmth mixed with surprise through him.

"I think I will live." He answered, a faintly forced smile grazing the corners of his mouth. His hands fell at his sides to land on the bed face-down as he felt himself relax gradually under Ania's lingering watch before moving to his sides where a sharp-brazen pain awoke.

He was no longer wearing any form of clothing on his upper body but wrapped all around with strips of white cotton, which were heavily soiled with ounces of bright red liquid.

Ania's eyes wandered from his face smudged with patches of dark purple to his bandaged chest. A disapproving look crossed her face.

"Oh my, we need to get you cleaned up before it gets any more soaked." Ania said as she got up to leave, completely forgetting about her cousin still standing in the middle of the room, watching them with much discontempt.

A strong grip locked around Ania's hands as she was drawn back to sit on the bed, peering questionable into Christian's heavy eyes.

"Thank you." His voice croaked as he spoke.

She smiled softly and genuinely at him before carefully unwrapping his slender fingers from around her wrist and standing to get the supplies she had initially intended on.

"You know, it would have been a lot easier if you had just died naturally in the battle instead of giving us an unnecessary plus one."

Christian hesitantly raised his eyes, her bright orange hair immediately flooding his peripheral vision, her small innocent heart-shaped face hardened into an expression between anger and pity.

Her eyes glowered blazing hazel dancing with green flecks tinted with irritation. She looked young, although he could not decipher her exact age but he could tell she was no older than sixteen.

"Who are you?" His croaked voice consistent.

"As far as you are concerned, someone you should steer clear from."

The intensity in the tone of her voice and the fiercely glazed look did little or none at all to hide from Christian the hatred brewing behind her green eyes.

A stream of awareness caught hold of his tongue as his vivid memory served him. The marmalade hair and eyes pronounced it all.

"You look just like her." Christian's eyebrows remained arched, his eyes sweeping her figure.

"Mayhap, I am right to guess you are now fully aware of who I am." Christian gave no response, still shaken by the revelation.

"And as you now know, you are just one of the reasons out of many why she is not alive but I promise, you will join her soon enough."

Her venomous gaze held a seething anger swirling in them, he could see the rage in her and it hurt more knowing he was a part of the cause.

"If you wanted me dead, you would have done so already." Christian remarked with a hint of uncertainty.

"You are correct to an extent hunter but do not be fooled, the only reason you are not in some cellar locked away with an array of torture instrumentals waiting to greet your badly wounded bodice is because Ania actually gives a care what happens to you."

Christian was about to give an answer when Ania unintentionally interrupted them. Nisha left in a hurry without acknowledging Ania, leaving her confused.

"What happened?" She asked. Christian merely shrugged.

"It is but nothing."

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