The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 1

She knew she was losing the battle, no hunter had ever been able to stand on the battle ground with her as the opponent for that long, not even Hunter. She held her side as the pain in her sides erupted, she had been stabbed numerously with his lanvin laced sword, the only poison fatal to vampires, enough to kill them just as wolf's bane was to wolves.

The sounds of their swords against each other created a sound that fueled her headache and was worse to her ears, like the ringing of a bell. She was barely keeping up, he was just too aggressive, not even giving her a second to recover, she just didn't have enough strength to match his moves.

She gasped sharply, taking in a numbered breath as his sword found his way through a pound of flesh and into her chest, forcing her to drop her sword on the soft snow, without a sound.

She knew she was going to die, she could feel the venom seeping it's way into her ribcage, suddenly, it looked like everything was going in slow motion, snow fell in torrents and it seemed colder than usual, maybe it was fear but she knew it was impossible, she wasn't capable of feeling.

"It's finally time Kevida, time for you to burn in hell like the monster you are." He rammed his feet into her stomach, giving him the jolt he needed to withdraw his sword, throwing her to the cold ground.

But not before she caught the look in his dark green eyes, that look, the look of someone she had taken something, or better yet, someone from and on his face lied a smug smirk, one that proved he was satisfied with letting her die, he had only one mission and it was not going to be accomplished until she was dead.

It was cold, yes, but she was numb to everything and anything, the armour she wore was enough to keep her that way. He cackled as she crawled, barely keeping her eyes open, her vision becoming blurry.

"This can't be it, I can't die, not like this, at least not without killing the bastard that ended me, I can't let the person tell the tale, I am not called Kevida for nothing." She whispered under her dying breath. With the little strength she had, she continued crawling but her journey was cut short as one kick was launched and she was sent flying in the opposite direction.

"Oh Kevida, you have no idea how long I have waited for this." Randomly searching the snow, she grabbed her sword and swung it at his feet, causing him to groan in agony, seeing his weak moment, even though it hurt worse than hell itself, she used her legs to tackle him, causing him to drop right beside her. This only earned a laugh from him, which angered her the more.

"It doesn't matter what you do now, you're dead either ways and there's no one to sa...." His voice made her blood boil, not even giving him a chance to finish his statement, she held him down, drew our her fangs and aimed for the carotid artery in his neck, viciously tearing her way through his flesh.

He had not realised what was happening until she had gulped down a huge amount of his blood, he tried to struggle but it was useless, he was right where she wanted him and she wasn't just going to let go of her last meal, now was she? She halfly released him when she felt his pulse reduce pace and a huge loss of blood later, his heart gave up.

Kevida wiped her mouth before looking at the dead man beside her, she could only think of how much he deserved it, his blood was probably the only reason she was awake but that started to fade too as she felt her body give up and slowly her eyes joined.

"Kevida... Kevida... Kevi...." The voices in the background became muffled as her eyes gave up and the darkness took over.

Kevida's eyes shot open as she felt herself awake from something worse than a nightmare.... Death. She blinked a few times as the scenes of her last memory flooded her mind like an uninvited guest, everything hitting her at once, she had been rescued from the hands of the death seeking hunter, but by whom?

The first thing her dazed vision could process was the wooden ceiling above her, her body was numb and very inactive, it was like her soul had entered a mere log of wood, making her feel weirdly uncomfortable, she couldn't move.

The creaking sound of the wooden door, followed by a male hoarse voice made her neck snap instinctively to the left, awakening a whole load of pain which she welcomed, pain was not a new thing to her, it was her second best friend next to loneliness.

"You're finally awake" The voice was too familiar to be mistaken, it was the same as her saviour's.

"Hello Christian" She spoke, her voice hardly in comparison to a whisper. The sound of his name made the corners of his mouth twitch in an upward direction, forming a smile warmer than the sun itself.

After a few steps, he was right in front of the bed where she lay, covered with a thin white cotton cloth. He looked around the small room as a cold shiver ran down his spine, the windows were open wide, allowing bits of snow along with the vile temperature, settle into the room, like a weed.

He immediately left her side to close the windows but not before taking a glance outside, the weather had only gotten worse. Without wasting any more time, he closed the windows shut, bolting them and proceeded to the small fireplace in the room. He grabbed a bellow and got to work, on increasing the fire.

"We were able to stop the lanvin from getting to your heart but she said you would be paralyzed for a couple of hours and after that, you should be fine" He assured her, looking back at where she lay, he stood up and was by her side in a matter of seconds. Kevida's eyebrows were drawn together in confusion.

"Ania" Christian said, as if reading her mind. Her face relaxed as she mentally scolded herself for letting the witch she held in captivity slip off her mind.

Her eyes bored into his as he tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear, he only responded by stroking her cheeks lightly. She felt nothing as she was void to whatever affection his eyes and touch held.

Her emotions had been turned off long enough for her to forget how to turn them on. He gave her a flashy smile as he stood up, realizing how much his touch and presence disturbed her.

"Get some rest, you should be able to sit up in the morning" Kevida looked up at him, this time taking in his full appearance.

His dirty blonde hair, scattered and pointing to all directions, even longer than its usual length, his lips, sore and peeled, his skin, dry and drained of color , more than pale, his eye lids, pregnant and heavy showing his lack of sleep for days. Days? How long had she been asleep for?

"Was I asleep for long?" This time her voice louder than that of a whisper. Christian slumped his shoulders exhaling before folding his arms.

"About a week and a half, you were almost irrevivable, I was glad I brought Ania along, you were at the brink of death, Kevida" He searched her eyes for any sign of remorse, regret, fear but they were empty.

"The hunter must have followed us after we left Hubis, and took the fact that you were alone to his advantage, I knew I shouldn't have allowed you to travel to Facatra alone, the path to that kingdom is too dangerous, perfect for an ambush" He sighed in frustration as he explained.

He looked at her fearlessly, unfolding his arms, he bent down to stroke her cheeks one more time but she caught his hand mid-way. She didn't want what happened earlier to repeat itself and she was more than glad to feel her hands regain mobility. He caught her warning glare.

She hated his display of affections towards her, she felt it was a waste of his time.

He closed his eyes and opened them, nodding in agreement to her wish.

He looked back at her for the last time as he stood by the exit of the room before closing the door behind him.

He cared for her and wanted to show her that there were other emotions like love and kindness but she knew it was impossible, hell, her name held the impossible, never to feel or dream of understanding what an emotion felt like.

She never even had a heart to begin with talk less of being capable of experiencing emotions.It was a foreign word and that wasn't going to change anytime soon.

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