The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 2

Christian opened the door slowly and carefully, so as not to wake the inhabitant but his little mission was defeated as with the first peek through the small opening he managed to create into the room was of a certain dark haired vampire staring out into the open through the only window which was situated in the room.

He decided to walk in, caring less as the door creaked louder when it opened. Neither the sound of the door opening nor his presence made Kevida turn from her position, her feet unmoving from the bare cold floor.

Eerie silence hung tightly in the room as the only sounds present were those of unending whispers of the wind and Christian's boots against the floor.

A few steps and his legs were right in front of the bed with a ruffled cover and bedsheet, showing signs of someone's previous presence. A deep breath was taken in as he slowly bent down to place her clothes on the bed, before positioning himself to face her.

"I see you're finally recovered." Her long nails tapping away on the wooden frame of the fragile window she stood in front of became the most recent sound in the room. She remained silent, only prompting him to do what was on his mind.

He walked in her direction until the calm rising and falling of his chest were the only thing standing between him and her back. The silence continued as Kevida refused to move an inch.

He took a few moments to admire her physique under the thin white shirt she wore which only passed her stomach by a few inches, stopping in between her knees and waist.

Taking the initiative, he wrapped his arms round her body as he would have to a stuffed animal, only Kevida was the opposite. Most parts of her body could hardly be said to have flesh, she had less flesh than a freshly skinned hunt, although her structure was enviable but to a limit.

He squeezed her gently, resting his head on her shoulders as he inhaled her scent of sandalwood, mint and a hinge of blood.

"What are you doing here by the window?" Kevida finally moved her once dormant hand which lay by her sides all the while he hugged her and finally put them to use but to his displeasure.

She dragged his arms apart and off her body, facing him with a hardened stern. His bright eyes met her dark and stormy ones, he felt rejected but he was used to the feeling, the sadness that always crept into his heart every time she flatly and blatantly ignored his sweetness.

It was disheartening but he knew exactly what he was bargaining for the second he decided to fall for the woman standing before him but he was determined, that was the only thing keeping him sane, determination.

Kevida broke their gaze as her eyes landed on the black clothing sitted on the bed where she formerly lay. His gaze followed hers.

"Ania was able to get the blood stain and sew the cuts gotten from your attacker's blade, I'll be in the living room waiting for you to change with Sir Vickel and Ania, it's right down the hallway." Christian explained, heading for the door.

"And who's that?" She asked, causing him to halt in the middle of the room, a chill ran down Christian's back as he realised his mistake, he was unsure what Kevida was going to do with the man but he was sure it was nothing pleasant.

He had initially planned on scaring the man away but Sir Vickel was stubborn, not only did he not believe the tales about Kevida but insisted on staying firm in his house, without an intention on leaving, and that was the problem, Kevida was no fake horror story.

Christian slowly turned, his lips looking less chapped. He was dressed more decently than yesterday, his hair combed beautifully to the side and his face a whole lot brighter.

"He's the kind man who allowed two strangers with wary expressions and a half dead woman hanging lifelessly on their shoulders in the middle of a heavy snow storm into his home and showered them with nothing but hospitality."

He answered and then almost immediately disappeared outside the room with the door shut behind him, hoping she caught the glint of plea that laid heavily in his eyes.

Kevida strode to her bed, picked up the leather armour she described as clothes and put them on. The place where Christian had explained Ania had sewn could only be noticed from the inside.

The sharp pain in her veins, shot through not so lightly as she struggled to put on her black boots. She was hungry and her thirst for blood only increased by the minute.

Kevida walked out of the room feeling even more relieved as she took in a sharp breath, a certain iron-pigmented liquid coursing through her mind.

Christian was certainly right, as she found herself in the mediocre living room a few strides down the hallway. The walls of the house were almost bare, apart from some significant decorations like the head of a moose on the wall and a tiger skin for a mat which was lying on the floor in the middle of the room.

A man who Kevida suspected was the earlier mentioned generous and hospitable man stood up abruptly as soon as he caught sight of Kevida walk into the living room.

Kevida studied his appearance from his black-gray hair to his dark-brown eyes to his gravely tanned skin. He took her left hand and placed a light kiss on it before speaking.

"You must be the infamous Kevida, Sir Vickel at your service." His large smile plastered on his face could not be missed as his yellow teeth showed through them. He stood up, straightening his back.

"I believe I'm hardly infamous and you are the famous Sir Vickel who allowed two strangers with wary expressions and a half dead woman hanging lifelessly on their shoulders in the middle of a heavy snow storm into his home and showered them with nothing but hospitality" Kevida finally spoke, repeating Christian's exact words not bothering to return the smile, her face the same position as Christian had witnessed earlier.

"You must be hungry, I have barely seen you eaten anything since the day you've arrived, now that I think of it, I highly doubt even as much as a drop of water has touched your mouth"

Sir Vickel's eyebrows were knitted together in confusion as he tried to understand how a human being could go almost two weeks without food or water but quickly pushed the thought back.

"Never mind that, your sister is in the kitchen right now, we will eat shortly, I'll be back, I'll just take a look at what's going on in there."

"My sister?"

"Yes, the lovely girl with long brown hair, forgive me my Lady but she barely looks like you."

"Ania is anything but my sister, Sir Vickel, I have no family."

"Oh, I'm very sorry my lady." He said apologetically.

"You don't need to say that, Sir Vickel." She assured him.

"In that case, I'll be right back." Sir Vickel smiled at Kevida before turning to the direction of the kitchen.

The chill that Christian had felt when he had mentioned Sir Vickel in front of Kevida revisited him as Kevida caught hold of Sir Vickel's hand, stopping him from leaving.

Christian adjusted on the large brown sofa he was sitted on, there was no amount of time he could have spent in Kevida's company that could have prepared him for the event that was about to take place.

"You are not wrong about one thing Sir Vickel, I am hungry, very hungry." Kevida's eyes intent on the hopeless man's neck as she gazed hungrily. Sir Vickel became more confused as he felt the intensity of her hold increase.

"I understand that Lady Kevida, I'll be back in a bit, I just merely want to fetch the food." He replied, more politely than nervously as Christian had anticipated. Sir Vickel tried to release himself from Kevida's grasp but failed miserably as it proved impossible.

"But you see Mr Vickel..." Kevida started, her gaze more intense. "My definition of food is quite different from yours."

"And how is that Lady Kevida? " Fear rising with every word as he spoke.

"Why don't we find out together." Kevida said, her words sounding more like a known fact than a question.

Her fangs ripped out and into Sir Vickel's neck, his struggles were futile as she held him still in one position by his shoulders. A few ounces of blood and his struggles reduced and then his heartbeat followed.

Household antiques, both plates and cups came crashing on the ground as Ania's trembling hands lost all power to function properly. Her light golden-brown eyes stuck on Kevida and the new dead body on the floor.

Kevida wiped the small traces of blood lined from the corners of her mouth to her lower jaw. Her lips curling to a wicked smile as she turns to meet Ania's shocked expression.

She truly felt sorry for the girl. It was only so sad and foolish that she attached herself to someone that would only turn to her long-pending meal in a matter of weeks.

"Hello Ania, Long time no see... Or not." Kevida stood up and kicked the body over.

The lifeless form laid at Christian's foot, eyes wide open, more likely of shock. Christian bent down to close the eyes of the once lively Sir Vickel, he was just as hurt as Ania but he knew what the kind man's purpose was the moment they walked through the door.

Kevida turned away from Ania and faced the door. "We leave for Hubis today." She ordered. Christian stood up almost immediately.

"We can't, the storm is too harsh, why don't we wait a few days for it to die down, we could freeze to..... "

"We leave now." Kevida opened the door to prevent further protest from Christian.

A fresh wave of wind mixed with snow swept across Kevida's face, sending her hair flying in the opposite direction of where she was headed. Unfortunately for the bad weather and its fury, she was unfazed.

Spotting a pair of horses and and an open carriage attached to them, she decided to head in that direction.

Christian had no chance to comply with Kevida's command. He looked at Ania whose eyes were still trained on the owner of the soon to be empty house, unless the corpse of the owner was counted.

Taking note of how freezing it was outside, he rushed to grab two coats owned by Sir Vickel from his room. He hurriedly placed one of the coats on top of Ania's shoulders before putting on the other.

Ania was still in shock but was forced to snap out of it by the fear of what would happen if she didn't act fast. She fitted her arms into the warmth of the thick woolen fabric.

Christian led Ania out of the house and into the carriage, to be sitted beside Kevida who had helped herself into it seconds ago. Ania shifted to the other end of the carriage, as far away from Kevida as her fragile body could carry her, her hands clamped together, each seeking the heat of the other.

Christian got on the coach man's seat, taking the position of one as he whipped the horses and maneuvered them in the small path that led to the forest.

The most of the ride was full of silence as Christian rode, Kevida kept silent, staring into the forest, Ania, forced to remain silent, afraid if she dared open her mouth or lift her head, the possibility of catching a terrible cold would be high.

This caught Christian's attention and when he felt he couldn't hold it in anymore, he pulled the carriage to a stop, earning the attention of Kevida.

"Why do we stop Christian, is there a road block?" She asked stretching her neck, eager to find the cause of the cause of the sudden halt.

"No Your Majesty but there is something I must bring to your attention."

"And what is it that cannot wait Christian?" Christian got down from his seat and walked up to Ania's side.

"I believe we cannot go any further, if we do, I'm afraid Ania could die from hypothermia." Kevida snapped her head in both their directions, trying hard to conceal her anger.

"You can't be serious Christian, you stopped the carriage because of some unjust fear of a slave witch's death." Failing miserably, Kevida raised her voice.

Anger equally burned in him, he opened the door of the carriage, dragged Ania out and to Kevida's side. He held out Ania's trembling hands to Kevida. Ania kept her eyes on the floor as Kevida glanced at her.

"Look, we can't continue, even if you don't care about her, she sure as hell can't cast spells with fingers bitten off by frost bite." He tried to reason with Kevida.

Kevida got down from the carriage, taking

a warning inhale facing Christian, she squatted, ripping the down side of Ania's coat, she stood up and held both Ania's hands out, wrapping the piece of cloth around both hands. Without a word she got back on the carriage and faced the path that lied ahead of them.

Christian suppressed a smile as he led Ania back onto the carriage and jogged to the coach man's seat, continuing their journey.

Hours had passed until they finally stopped in a wide open space, away from the forest. The harsh wind had now become still and the snow merely fell, but the decreased temperature remained constant.

The three finally got down, turning to the direction of the open space. Christian helped Ania untie the cloth wrapped around her hands. She felt her warm hands again as she rubbed them together.

"I suggest you get on with it witch, I haven't got all day." Kevida voiced, her eyes intent on the open space, prior to where her voice was directed.

Ania stepped forward and held her arms wide out. "Craxis la vetrè mos."

Hubis stood in front of them in all its glory, tall and magnificent. Towers structured at every corner of the huge castle. The large iron gates opened, guards and servants trooping out.

"Home sweet home." A smirk danced playfully on Kevida's lips as soon as the words left her mouth. It was indeed her first and only home and it was not leaving anytime soon.

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