The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 3

Ania shuddered as she felt the freezing wind against her pale skin, her breath uneven. Every exhale filled with the fumes of the winter snow, like exhaling gas. Her hands trembled. Rubbing them together was merely a two-seconds comfort.

Christian looked back at Ania, realizing she had been left behind and quickly rushed over to the freezing figure. From behind, he placed his hands on her shoulder, bringing his body closer to hers as he shielded her from the merciless snowy wind, supporting her weak body frame in the process.

As a hunter, his body was well adapted to any harsh weather condition but unfortunately for Ania, witches only had their magic as their source of protection.

Servants and guards trooped out of the castle and had formed a straight line on both sides of the castle entrance, their heads bowed. Two men stood at the entrance, their forms barely comparable.

One, her high advisor, his eyes slightly slanted, his face, prominent with wrinkles, his silver hair dropping down the sides of his face in loose waves, barely hidden under the blood-red hat tipped with a yellow feather, his beards bore the same colour as his hair but grown to a precisely short length. His back straightened and expression, a sinister yet moderately fair one.

And beside the aging advisor stood the Captain of the guards. His dark brown hair slicked backwards with not a loose strand in sight showing heavily his defined jaw line and pretty face.

His fair white skin, rich in colour giving light to his cold deep green eyes which were focused and overbearing. His physique was mouth watering and disturbingly attractive, nevertheless, Kevida considered him to be nothing more than an acquaintance present for her imperious reign.

After all he was merely her second right hand man and chief commander for security and nothing more in her eyes. He was given the position of captain during King Aestrek's rule and she felt she needn't bother herself of such a trivial matter as relieving him of his position or even better, sending him to an early grave, considering Hunters age the same as vampires.

Kevida stopped in front of the two men, as they acknowledged her. They both bowed their heads, speaking simultaneously.

"Your Majesty." They raised their heads, facing her. Kevida's eyes were trained forward, unwavering, till she felt the absence of the two supernaturals she had left for Hubis with.

Kevida turned to look back, her eyes grew darker as she saw how close Christian and Ania were. She turned fully, waiting impatiently as they approached.

"Trudging when around me will not be tolerated witch, I do not advice you get on my bad side this early in the day." She eyed Ania intently before whipping around.

"Come witch, I do not employ time wasting" She pronounced, she was immediately accompanied by guards, servants and her high advisor. Ania uncomfortably wiggled her way out of Christian's snug arms and into the open.

The doors of the castle had been closed, so she felt less cold but it was anything but hot.

She briskly walked as fast as her thin legs could carry her to Kevida's side, after making her way through the herd of people that walked with Kevida.

The room was large, the ceiling was incredibly high, with beautiful carved decorations of baby angels with an arrow, like Cupid. The walls painted light cream, in contrast to the black marble-stoned floor.

In between was a small round table, scattered with different spell books, but one stood out, it was large and had the most bizzare language that only Kevida could decrypt. No one was allowed into the room unless Kevida was present.

Kevida walked to the other end of the room where a large doorway stood and opened it, inviting a fresh batch of dry cold wind , like a swarm of bees, buzzing into the large room.

The large torches hung on the walls flickered as the unendearing wind threatened to blow them out. Pages turned involuntarily, giving a spine-chilling vibe to the dim-lit room.

Kevida advanced towards Ania, grabbed her by the arm from beside Christian where she stood and onto the wide veranda.

Finally she let go of the witch as if she was filth but not before pushing her forward. "Cloak us." Her voice brewed darker.

Ania's cold hands felt numb to her, she barely had energy to stand but did she really have a choice? Most of her energy had been used to draw the Lanvin from Kevida's body, she couldn't let her die, it was one of the perks Kevida had from the curse she had put on her.

A forceful bile rose up in her throat as she felt herself long for warmth, kindness, love. Something she had never received ever since she had been brought to Hubis about two years ago, when Kevida decided to take her away from her family, the only people on earth who could treat her better.

The loathe she felt towards the dark-souled monster standing behind her was as wide as sea. Warm salty liquid ran down her cheeks as she felt herself give into all the pain and torture she had bottled up. It was too much for an eighteen year old to bear, Kevida made it seem she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, all she longed for was home.

"Craxis la vetrè mos" She chanted with her very last strength before collapsing to the ground. Kevida turned a blind eye to the young witch, leaving the room with quickened and fuming steps.

Christian rushed to her side, holding her fragile frame and supporting her as she stood up.

"Are you okay?" Christian asked as he helped her steady herself.

"Yes, I'm fine" She replied as she pulled herself out of the comfort of his warm embrace, bringing herself into the coldness of the open once again.

Christian looked into her gloomy hazel brown eyes and then to her bleeding nose. The dark-red liquid, sliding out of her nostrils, stopping in between her philtrum.

Noticing Christian's eyes focused on her, Ania brought her hand up to her nose. As she felt the thick liquid at the tip of her fingers, she knew the reason for Christian's acute attention towards her.

"Guards!" Two men in uniform appeared in front of them. "Take her to her room and fetch her warm clothes and fresh food."

Her expression held a 'thank you' as she was led out of the room. Christian looked back at Ania as she exited the room and then his eyes locked with Hunter's.

Kevida stormed the halls of Hubis, ignoring everyone and everything that passed, her boots clanging not so lightly on the concrete floor. After a few turns she was right where she wanted to be. The two guards at the entrance of her chamber bowed as they watched her approach.

"Leave, I do not want to be disturbed."

Kevida's appearance alone scared them to the bone, her threatening voice hung high in the air as they scampered in the same direction. Feeling the relief of privacy, opened the doors of her room with the two iron handles and closed them shut.

She could not understand how a witch could be so weak and frail, with Christian always running to her side. She could kill her but she didn't want to.... Not yet.

She never trusted anyone and didn't want a new witch who could easily betray her and flee. Well of course the witch and accompanied with her family will die, courtesy of the spell she had also cast on Ania but that was not her only leverage. Nobody dared cross her but then again people could be very stupid.

After taking a bath prepared by servants not too long ago, Kevida came into her room and placed a short robe around her naked body, she had it on her halfway when the doors flung open.

"I thought I told you I do not want to be disturbed." Christians stopped, frozen in his tracks, stunned.

Her hair, attached to her body like glue, her skin gleamed as drops of water slid across it. His dark concentrated eyes raked her nude body with lust, her breasts were small and plump, her skin as clear as crystals, void of scars, contrary to what you would have ever thought, then again she was a vampire.

He strode towards her, desire evident with every step. When finally in front of her, his hand consciously found its way to the side of her face, stroking her cheeks ever so lightly. Want was what they both felt, growing larger by the second. Christian's eyes stopped at her plum pink lips.


He took one more leap forward. Their breaths rhymed and coordinated into an harmonic sync. Christian lunged forward, claiming her lips with hers. Each party fought hard for dominance, each kiss giving rise to a swarm of unsatiable hunger, their bodies burning with ignited passion.

Kevida's hands found its way to Christian's chest, clawing away the white cotton shirt that hugged his body loosely. The ripping sound pulled them apart but immediately it was off, the sparks were set back on.

Kevida's robe fell to the bed as the back of her knees hit it, she surrendered completely to him as they both fell on the bed. She always had everything in her life under control but he was an exception and she hated that, but the feeling that he gave her neutralized all her hate.

Each contact his lips made her shudder with need, no man had ever made her feel that way, only he could do that to her. His kisses trailed down from her lips to her neck. She could feel him on her aching member, every movement more torturing than the last. He kissed her neck and moved down to her breasts which he teased, sucking and teasing playfully.

Soft moans escapes her lips as he proceeded and settled in between her thighs, nibbling and licking the aching flesh that lied there.

Kevida's eyes grew with hunger as she watched Christian take off his pants, she took in the full image of the bare man kneeling in front of her.

Her breaths quickened as he found himself into her, thrusting hard and fast. The room was filled with Kevida's cries as she moaned his name numerous times with every pound. Few thrusts were launched as they both felt themselves hitting climax.

Kevida watched the beautiful man that laid beside her curiously, her eyes trailing his impeccable features. Hunters and Vampires were designed the same way, they were made to be attractive, appealing, irresistible. Those were the words that one could describe Christian with.

She wondered why he was so nice to her, he had always stood by her, even at her worst, he remained loyal. She had never grown to trust anybody and she wasn't going to start now.

How could she want to care? He was with her at his own risk, she made it clear to him what their relationship meant to her... Nothing.

He was making her want to feel, feel things, things she had buried a very long time ago. She couldn't let him in, she couldn't let him thaw the ice around her frozen heart.

She slowly and carefully disentangled herself out of his soft grasp, taking her robe along with her as she got off the bed. She walked straight to her wardrobe which she opened.

Her eyes scanned the full wardrobe, which mostly consisted of black leather leggings, tunics and shirts. She grabbed a pair from the row of leather leggings and a black long sleeve with short lacing at the back.

She left the room as quietly as possible, leaving Christian and went straight to the throne room. The doors were opened by guards as she arrived and closed behind her as she entered.

"Your Majesty." Everyone in the room chorused. Kevida sat vainly on her throne before turning to Sir Vrendore who was now beside her as usual.

"So, what did I miss?" Kevida sarcastically announced, facing Sir Vrendore. He dared not look her in the eye, nobody terrified him than her, she was his punishment, one that he was doomed to endure until the end of his life as her high advisor.

She could smell the nervousness off him, he only had such expression when he knew she was going to kill someone which was almost all the time.

"Your Majesty."

He began in a nervously mono-clipped tone, but was cut off as Hunter stood in the middle of the room bowing to her. Knowing how frightened Sir Vrendore was, he interceded for him.

"Your Majesty" Kevida's attention was diverted by Hunter.

"Yes Captain, I am listening." She ushered him to go on, raising a brow.

"I believe it would be better if you saw for yourself" Hunter turned to the door. "Let him in."

Kevida inhaled sharply as the scent hit her nostrils, causing all her senses to go haywire and her vampiric instincts on full alert.

She never thought it would be possible, how could it be? Could her senses be deceiving her? She knew sooner or later she was going to see him but she hadn't expected it to be so soon.

The resounding sound of iron on the floor resonated through the room, as the prisoner was ushered into the room by guards.

Her senses were not playing her, it was her mortal enemy in the flesh, bound by chains and soaked in his own blood, resulting from torture. She recognized those marks anywhere and from the looks of it, it had been going on for a while.

His skin lacked color and looked dried, his lips chapped, his hair was however in considerably good condition, it's dark brown color was the only thing that looked consistent, the rest, much couldn't be said about them.

The corner of Kevida's lips curved upward, for the image created in front of her eyes were simply unbelievable yet so real.

The Froughst held his head up high, looking straight into Kevida's eyes fearlessly with his sharp hazel green ones, his expression reeking of pride. A stare-down began between them.

"Your Majesty, we found him lurking around the grounds of Hubis, it seemed as if he had found us which is......."

"Impossible?" Kevida said in a sure tone rather than a questioning one, interrupting Sir Vrendore without diverting her gaze.

"Have you extracted any form of information from him?" Kevida asked, this time directing her question to Hunter.

"I'm afraid that has been proven to be difficult, he is tight-lipped your Majesty, he claims he would not speak unless it was to you." Kevida turned back to face the middle-aged man standing in the middle of the room.

"What do I owe this pleasure....Dacren?"

The defiant prisoner raised his eyebrow at Kevida. Hunter racked his brain as he tried to figure out where he had heard the name from.

"Is that what you really want to ask me?"

One of the guards boot collided with the man's back not-so-lightly as soon as the word left his mouth, causing him to stumble forward.

"You will answer Her Majesty when she asks a question of you, do you understand?" In less than a second Kevida was in front of the clueless guard, grabbing his left hand, she twisted it to the back, kneed the back of his knee, letting them drop to the ground.

He growled in discomfort as he felt her apply more force. She spoke, her lips against his right ear. If it was not so awkward and uncomfortable, it could be considered a seductive position.

"Now that is no way to treat the Lord of the Froughst Coven, now is it?" Hunter's eyes widened as he suddenly remembered where he had heard the name. The room became filled with murmurs and whispers of servants, guards and even advisors.

Kevida let go of the man and left for Lord Dacren. "It's nice to see you again my Lord but I'm wildly curious, what brings you to Hubis and please do help yourself out of those chains, you look ridiculous." Lord Dacren's hands glowed a soft yellow as the chains vanished in thin air.

The urge to lunge forward and rip the Lord's throat rose to an unmeasurable amount in between Kevida's boiling blood.

Seeing him in front of her was an immerse miracle, she had been waiting for this particular moment for fifty years.

The Froughst's were her worst enemy, her only rival, the only people in the supernatural world that were a threat to her, that had the power to stop her reign.

She hated threats, they were designed to be eliminated... by her, they were just too powerful to be kept alive and she knew this golden opportunity was only going to come once in a lifetime and she was not going to miss it.

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