The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 4

Dacren flashed a sharp but subtle smile at Kevida, he could read behind those beaming eyes of hers, she was just itching to hurt him.

"I ask again Lord Dacren, what do you seek here that made you crawl out of the hole you have been in, after fifty years of hiding."

Kevida's tone rose to a dangerous pitch. The tension in the room was beyond blood-curdling as both rivals peered into each other's eyes before the silence was finally broken.

"You know very well why I am here Kevida. You have staked a claim over all witches, vampires, wolves and even hunters, the very creatures created to hunt people like you all in the name of your possession of the Nadeal seal, designed jointly by the four elders of each supernatural being. There are actually two reasons and each one is an option from which you definitely have to choose. One, I put an end to your life right here and right now to prevent further disasters or Two, you accept my proposal."

Hunter and the rest of the guards in the room drew out their sword, all pointed at Lord Dacren, but he didn't flinch. He came here with a purpose and wasn't going to leave without fulfilling it.

The smirk on Kevida's face were sharply turned to a full-teethed smile and then a threatening cackle, she signaled for all swords raised to dropped and her gesture was obeyed.

"And what is this proposal you speak of Lord Dacren?"

"A treaty, a peace treaty, one that ensures the safety of all supernatural beings, especially witches, we have come to know the secret behind your, how do you say it? vampire with witch powers, it is no more a secret that you suck witches dry of their powers and leave their bodies devoid of a soul."

The murmurs in the room once again picked up as gasps and oh's escaped from shocked mouths.

Kevida's bright face merged hardly into an aggravated frown, there had been rumors about her dastardly method of obtaining magic but no one knew the truth, the truth wasn't going to change anything except her victims being more cautious of her, and that provoked her.

As he lifted his arms in the air, with his palms wide open, Lord Dacren conjured the peace treaty. Flames tore through the air, as if in reverse, a paper appeared, floating before the Lord.

Handed over to Kevida, in a matter of seconds it was nothing but shreds, dancing lightly in the air and settling on the tiled floor. Lord Dacren had stepped on her last nerve, it was time for her to step on all of his.

"Very well then Kevida, you leave me no choice." The words barely escaped Lord Dacren's mouth as Kevida used a spell of her own.

"Da cir vè na mot asto na" Kevida's left hand was raised slightly as she held Lord Dacren against the wall, holding him in place. He laughed whole heartedly at her weak attempt, flaring the anger in Kevida.

"You know who I am, yet you use such puny spells to hold me, have you no fear, you are a meagre vampire who is hungry for nothing but power, you may have acquired it but we both know you barely glazed this iceberg." Lord Dacren appraised.

Kevida cocked her head towards Hunter. "Bring in the witch." He exited the room at her command.

"You'll pay for this Kevida, that I promise you." The doors opened to reveal the witch and the hunter.

"Don't count your count your chickens before they hatch Lord Dacren" Ania's steps were quick, with her head bowed, she strode to Kevida's side

"Se motr la hef yrev." Freeing himself from Kevida's spell, Lord Dacren's eyes settled on Ania's, familiarity cloaked him like a coat as he watched her.

"You're right I cannot hold you for long."

Kevida turned to Ania whose eyes were still glued to the floor, and in that moment the feeling of familiarity disappeared like a smoke blending into the tensioned air.

"Ania is the one who is going to kill you, I would have gladly done it but as you know, I do not possess such power." Ania's heart raced against her ribcage on hearing Kevida's words.

She had been made to hurt people but never had Kevida made her kill. The thought of the stranger dying by her hands terrified her but it was even worse as she could not do a thing to stop it.

Two years were enough to know the kind of monster Kevida was, once she set her mind to something, no one could change her mind unless it benefited her not even Christian was capable of that kind of miracle.

"How could a mere witch kill me Kevida? Is this some sort of joke?" Lord Dacren did not know Kevida to be the one to make jokes but what she had just claimed was indeed proposterous to him.

He was a Froughst and a Lord. He was the Lord to the most powerful witch coven the supernatural had ever seen since the extinction of the Hodren coven. To him, Kevida knew nothing of what she spoke of.

"I can't have you loose while I tell this very interesting story." None of what Kevida said made sense but the fact that Kevida was able to cast a spell Lord Dacren could not break out of stunned everyone.

It was beyond incredible as to the strength the vampire possessed. Lord Dacren stood upright with his both hands locked to his sides.

Kevida strolled to him, they were about the same height which made it easier for her to gape into his daring emerald irises. A harsh growl vibrated in Lord Dacren's throat as Kevida ran her index finger across his face.

"Forgive me my Lord but the tale I am about to tell could possibly provoke you into doing some rather impolite things, safety first."

"Have the witch excuse us." As to Kevida's command, Ania was led out of the throne room.

Kevida stepped, not away from him but to go around him and so she started the very interested story, staring at the white ceiling as if recalling a memory.

"Once upon a time, there lived a very powerful coven, the most powerful the world had ever seen, they were a formidable force, wielding great powers and in that coven lived a Lord and his family.

That Lord had a sister, the prettiest in the coven as they claimed."

Kevida teased. Lord Dacren's patience was wearing thin, he knew exactly who she was referring to and how the story was going to end.

"Unfortunately for them on that fateful day, there came a full moon, you know that time of the month where all wolves cannot control themselves and set out into the forest or wherever they can, with an insatiable thirst for blood and killing everything that was not a wolf on sight, blah blah blah, you know what I mean.

Even more importantly, the Lord's sister was heavily pregnant, I presume the Lord did all he could to protect his family but sometimes your all is not enough."

Lord Dacren's face drained of color. He was irking with rage but not even his rage could not unbind him from whatever spell she had cast. Her magic was not strong but the spell was.

"Somehow the very naive Termette, a name I was forced to learn after that day, somehow ended up under the Ecrlish bridge in the Ecrlish forest however the reason is still unknown to me up till date."

In less than a second Lord Dacren snapped free of her hold and his hands caught her by the neck, slamming her against the wall, evoking tiny cracks spread through the wall on which he had Kevida pinned.

"You do not know what you speak of vampire so I suggest you shut your mouth before I help you shut it.... Forever. My sister was the bravest person I had ever known, unlike you who cowers behind the walls of Hubis, fending off its protection like an unwanted guest." The cracks on the wall expanded as Lord Dacren tightened his hold.

Kevida's face held no expression or emotions whereas Lord Dacren's were lit with anger, it was not the first time she was dealing with a strong supernatural. With her head held in place, her eyes trailed to Hunter.

"The witch now!" Her voice was strained but demanding. Ania eyes widened, her pupils dilating as she watched the scene before her.

"The Clivora spell" Kevida voiced under her constricted lungs. Ania was confused as to what she was to do. If she ignored, Kevida could die and she would be free.

"The oath." Kevida reminded Ania, on seeing her hesitation. Her glare sending daggers Ania's way.

"Cra lore vet toi nem ma traso Cra lore vet toi nem ma traso Cra lore vet toi nem ma traso." Ania chanted.

Lord Dacren let go of Kevida, holding his head in between his hands, he let out a loud yell.

It was a marvelous sight, her enemy on his knees and unable to move, the day couldn't have gone any better. Lord Dacren tried to cast a spell once again but it proved difficult. It was then he realised he had been truly bound.

"Thank you Ania, you may leave for now, I shall call you back in a moment, after all, you have to finish what you started." A mischievous grin was sent to Ania by Kevida as she watched her exit the room.

"Who is she?" Lord Dacren queried, purely directed at Kevida. A smirk danced playfully at the corner of her mouth yet again.

"Now we are getting somewhere, as I was saying, I just happened to be passing Eclrish bridge that day when and on full alert of course when I heard two heart beats, one was very faint and the other was too small to be a rampaging wolf.

Then something caught my eye. Something blue, it was so shiny it reflected on the watery rocks under the poorly run with water bridge and so I jumped down to check it out.

Believe me when I say I was wildly surprised to see a pregnant woman, badly injured, her body slashed and brutally bruised by claws of a wild beast.

There was no doubt a wolf had left her for dead, hell, she was barely hanging on to the thread of life. Following my instinct, I grabbed a stone to slit her throat, it wasn't that hard, she was literally banging at death's door....."

"You bloody monster, you killed her." Lord Dacren bawled.

"As much as I would like to take the credit for that Lord Dacren, I just cannot. Just like every Froughst, I could smell her, her blood made it easier, instead of killing her, I decided to help her.

A brilliant idea struck me, if I killed her, the baby in her womb would most likely not survive and since it was a Froughst too, what good would that be? I could have a Froughst on my side, probably raise the puny little creature and make it do my bidding.

Lady Termette was in no condition to go into labour so instead of her throat, I tore her womb open and grabbed the baby, she was already in a lot of pain so she probably barely felt a thing. It was a miracle she was still alive after the whole thing but that did not last long.

The wounds were deep and she had lost a lot of blood, she begged me to take care of her child and gave me a pear-shaped sapphire ring, it was a beautiful one at that, at first I thought of keeping it but I was not really into jewelry and handed it over to her child instead on her sixteenth birthday."

"I obviously could not have raised the girl so I simply asked a family I met on my way back to Hubis to do it for me in exchange for a lot of silver which they agreed and eighteen years later, here we are."

He glared at Kevida questionably, millions of questions racing through his mind but only one surpassed the others, why? How could someone be so cruel to steal a child and raise them up in a foster home only to be given back to her as a slave.

"Now that you know how a witch like her could kill a lord like you, let's get down to business now, shall we?" Kevida flashed a bittersweet smile or Lord Dacren.

"You slithery snakey vampire, you killed my sister and used my niece to carry out your evil works, I promise you Kevida, this will not go unpunished, I will..... " Lord Dacren warned between grinded teeth but Kevida cut him off.

"You will what? As far as I am concerned you are a dead man and I would love nothing more than to help your entire coven join you, especially that wife of yours, what was her name again?" Kevida asked rhetorically.

"Ah, yes, Dezel, that is her name or should I say was." Lord Dacren's gritted his teeth. "By the time I am done with her."

Kevida left him no choice but to imagine several ways to kill her. Although it was not his way of doing things, as a ruler, he never believed in violence or killing without a reason but this woman set all his principles of reasoning and modesty ablaze.

Kevida squatted in front of Lord Dacren, making sure their eyes were leveled, she took his jaw into her hands and held it firm.

"I will never let you get anywhere near my family." He spat.

"You're right but you see, I have a very effective way of extracting information from people, bring in the witch." Kevida ordered. Ania was brought to stand behind Kevida.

Lord Dacren caught sight of the Sapphire ring Kevida had aforementioned on Ania's bony slender fingers. It was exactly like the one his sister had. This was not a false story, he could tell that by looking into Ania's eyes, she looked so much like her mother.

The familiarity warmed him at the same time terrified him. He would not be able to tell her, he was not there for her and now he was going to die by her.

Ania was confused, stuck between two brick walls closing in, who would she save. She didn't even realize when the words had left her mouth until it was too late.

"I refuse." Kevida slowly turned her head sideways.

"What did you just say?" The words were soft, almost like a whisper, yet was heard throughout the room. Everyone could feel the goosebumps forming on their skin, it held so much authority, power and iciness.

Kevida got up from her squatting position, she whipped around, although shocked by the witch's sudden confidence or stupidity as she would see it, it did not stop her.

Kevida dropped her arms on Ania's shoulders, it was the first warning, the second was in her tone and the third, in her actions.

"Ania, remember the memory stealing spell I taught you?" It was not meant to be a question but rather an order.

"I... I..." Ania felt the words at the top of her tongue but they never made it out.

"Good, now you're going use it on Lord Dacren here and you're going to look for a woman about my height, very slender and thin, light impeccable skin, and most importantly, blazing orange hair, you cannot miss it." With a smug expression thrown Lord Dacren's way, she gave Ania a push. The very push needed to end the stranger's life.

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