The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 5

A few seconds had passed and Ania hadn't moved a muscle.

"Well get on with it, what are you waiting for girl?" The icy voice couldn't be missed throughout the room but Kevida decided she needed a different kind of push than the one she gave earlier.

"I will not hesitate to turn that little cottage of yours to a slaughter house if you do not make a decision and my information is not retrieved in thirty seconds." As expected, Ania took a step forward and then another and then another until she was in front of the Lord.

"It's okay." Lord Dacren bore a soft look towards her. Ania shook her head in disagreement as she drew in a strong sniff, wiping the tears she had been holding back from her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, she will kill them. "

"Ten seconds." Kevida warned.

Ania placed her index and middle fingers from both hands on Lord Dacren's temple.

"Acio metr ria na des von ne tome" The spell has been set into motion as both the Lord's eyes and Ania's roll to the back of their head.

Ania's face squeezes as she goes deep into his memories but only sees flashes, he was blocking her from the main ones and she could feel it, her efforts were proving futile.

"I can't I can't I can't find them, he's keeping me out!"

"Go deeper Ania, he can't hold you off for that long." Kevida tells her.

The flashes become less blurry and clearer as she pushes the spell. Lord Dacren lets out a long and loud shout as Ania seeks full entrance into his mind.

"I can't I can't go any deeper, if I do, he'll die." Kevida ignores Ania's concern, disregarding it as the thoughts of a naive girl.

"Good, you'll save us both the time and energy of killing him."


"Do you want to save your family or not?" Ania battled with herself, how was she supposed to choose, could she save a stranger at the cost of her family's life?

"Vet ma tien tha ven mos." Blood seeped out Lord Dacren's ears, eyes and nose as Ania breaks the very seal he had put his life on the line to protect.

A line of blood trails down Ania's nose as the location was revealed to her.

"Baclihian hill, I see a cave, on the hill but it's... It's hidden, it's hidden behind a glamor.. I.." Her voice is caught in her throat as she feels herself slowly drift, something else taking over.

Ania slumps to the ground, releasing a lifeless Lord from her spell. Hunter rushes over to Ania to check her pulse. He looks up at Kevida.

"She's still alive but she seems to have internal bleeding." Hunter informs Kevida, his eyes on Ania's bleeding nostrils.

"As expected, of course she's not dead, she was the one performing the spell, not receiving it and the Lord?" Hunter turns to the unmoving body across Ania, his eyes wide and still rolled back. He placed his hand on the man's philtrum to check for any signs of breathing but his breath was as still as his body.

"He's gone Your Majesty" Kevida glared at the body that lay at her feet, she could hear Ania's faint heartbeat, she could sense how weak Ania was.

Kevida knelt down in front of where the witch lay, draws up her sleeves, bringing her wrist to her mouth, a light crunched sound was made as Kevida bit down into her flesh. She held Ania by the neck, bringing her closer to herself and placing her wrists by the young witch's lips.

A moan escaped from Ania's throat as the red-liquid seeped in through the corners of her mouth, drawing her back to life.

Ania takes a handful of Kevida's hand as she drinks in the cure, gulping down wholly as if her life depended on it, maybe it really did, at that moment she did not care, all she wanted was to live, even if she had to suck it in from the hand of the person who put her in the deathly position.

She had something to live for, she couldn't give up yet.

Ania slowly let go of Kevida's hand, sitting up with the support of her arms. Kevida retracts her hand and stands up, straightening her stance and rolling her sleeves down.

"Take the witch to rest and as for him..."

Kevida eyed Lord Dacren's body before stopping a few metres in front of him, she kicked his body over so he was lying on his back.

"Tut Tut Tut, you hid the coven where I would have never thought of looking, defying the kingdom's laws, but you weren't that smart coming to sign a treaty alone, you thought I couldn't kill you and you were right, I didn't." Kevida's lips curved into a dark smile. Getting up she turned back to Hunter.

"As for him, I want his body burnt, we can't have anyone trying something as treacherous as a resurrection spell now can we?" Hunter bowed and signaled for the other guards to carry out her order.

Kevida walked to her throne and sat in it with all pride, she had won a tremendous victory today, she had what she wanted exactly where she wanted them.

"We leave for Cavernalt tomorrow." Sir Vrendore focused his gaze on Kevida.

"But your majesty, isn't that... Isn't that a forbidden kingdom for all Supernatural."

"Exactly Sir Vrendore, have you not heard the saying the most dangerous place is the safest. I do commend Lord Dacren, I would have never thought of looking there, a magic free Kingdom, I don't even dare trespass them, he is just full of surprises isn't he?"

Sir Vrendore gulped down as he remembered the penalty for trespassing Cavernalt if you were a supernatural and here Kevida was about to break the very law.


"Your Majesty, what if Ania mistook what she saw, Cavernalt is....."

"Oh she knew what she saw, I know he hid them there. It is either the king deliberately hid them or they are powerful to sneak past the border without being noticed. We leave tomorrow and no death penalty enforced by the old man is going to stop me from executing those law breakers."

"Yes your Majesty." Hunter bowed before exiting the throne room.

Christian is startled as he sees a dead body been carried by the guards and then Hunter. He stops in front of the Captain.

"What is happening?" Christian asked

"Follow me, I have to speak with you."

Together, they both ventured into the dark forgotten parts of Hubis, stopping at the small Iron gates of an abandoned garden, Christian halts.

"Why do you bring me to such place Hunter?" Christian asked as his eyes roamed the dead leaves crunching under their feet.

Wilted plants and flowers scattered across the ground, chilly wind grazing over their forms occasionally.

The memories of how lively and vibrant the garden once was invades Christian's mind. With a ground frown formed on his face he peers into his old friend's eyes.

"Because I believe it is time we finally have a talk, from one hunter to the other." Christian's body goes rigid and tense, he knew exactly what Hunter was referring to.

"Alright then, who was that being dragged out of the throne room, was he.......?"

"Dead? Yes, Ania killed him." Christian's face washes with shock.

"Who was he?" Hunter let's out a longer than usual exhale and then stared directly into Christian's fazed eyes.

"The Lord Dacren of the Froughst." Christian scrunched his face in confusion.

"I don't get it, how is that possible? Are they not supposed to be in hiding, how did Kevida find him?"

"She didn't, Christian, he found her." Updating Christian on all that had transpired in the throne room did little to calm his shock.

"She really did all that?" Hunter nods.

"That is why I brought you here, she's not going to stop at the Froughst, you know what she seeks and if she finds it....." Hunter pauses.

"There's no way she could get it, it is impossible, many have tried and failed Hunter, it is nothing more than just a myth, I highly doubt even Kevida could find such a lost treasure." Hunter shook his head disapprovingly and in anger.

"You don't get it do you or is your love for that vampire blinding you. Becoming a vampire with witch powers was a myth, killing the Lord of the Froughst was a myth, Finding the hideout of the Froughst was a myth....."

He paused as he struggled with the words.

"Killing King Aestrek was a myth, no one even thought that was possible or that he could ever leave for the underworld but that woman stabbed him in the back quite literally and killed him right in front of my eyes, our eyes, Christian, the man who raised her. If she could do that, it only proves she has no sympathy nor compassion towards anything or anyone. With that book in her hands and that seal, I believe she could do anything, don't you understand.... we are all in grave danger."

Hunter lashed out the feelings he had been holding onto for years, he was always so serious, so calm and overlooking but Kevida had drawn the last straw and he wasn't going to relent.

"Hunter relax, we are going to find a way, I just need a little more time to get through to her. I...... "

"The hell you do, I have given you time again and again but all you have been doing is fucking her, following her orders like the puppet you have become. I am starting to doubt you Christian, I have reasons to believe you are under her spell." Christian maintains a cool expression all the while Hunter was fuming with anger.

Christian replies in a soft mannered tone. "You have every right to be angry with me Hunter and I also have thought about it, no I am not under a love spell, I presume you are not telling me all this for nothing, what is your plan?" Hunter's furied face lightens and moves closer to Christian.


"Craxis la vetrè mos" A slight rumble resonates throughout the castle as Ania voices the teleportation spell. Walking out of the veranda with her head down, Ania stops right outside the door and closes it.

"Sir Vrendore." Kevida calls out. The wise-looking old man, makes himself available beside her hastily.

"Yes your majesty?" Kevida trains her eyes on Ania.

"Leave us, I would like to have a little chat with dear Ania here." Ania's head shot up to face a beaming Kevida. She knew nothing good could come out this so-called 'chat' she claimed she wanted to have with her.

Ania gasped as the sound of the large doors hitting against the frame echoed through the dark room.

In two long strides, Kevida was in front of her, causing fear to consume her. She was never really strong and Kevida never missed an opportunity to point out her weaknesses.

"My dear sweet Ania." Kevida teased, placing her index finger on Ania's jaw and raising it up to look into her hazel brown eyes with her icy blue ones.

"I am wildly curious as to what you uncovered in the Lord's mind?" Ania avoided Kevida's cold gaze, returning her eyes to the floor, where she felt it should be.

"My my, You can't even look me in the eye, I wonder what secrets you have locked behind those cowardly eyes of yours, this innocence soft face of yours says otherwise but I beg to differ." Kevida brushes her cheeks lightly with her other hand, with a stone-cold expression. Something wasn't right but Ania just couldn't put her finger on it.

Ania stayed quiet, hoping Kevida just grazes past her and leaves. But then again when has her hopes ever come true.

As if on cue, a large knock is heard on the door. Ania released a breath she did not know she was holding as Kevida's focus turned from her to the doors.

"You may come in." A guard holding a woman with a sack over her head, carrying a child tightly in her arms walks inside.

The child is enfolded in a blanket and held by the woman closely and tightly in a protective manner.

The guard pushes the woman forward, takes a bow and removes his helmet. Scattered locks of thick brown hair falls on sides of his face.

"Did you do what I asked of you, about the hunters?" Kevida asked the guard.

"Yes your majesty, Captain Hunter and Master Christian are not aware of your order."

The very beings created to wipe any vampire who went off the rails away from the face of the earth, people like her, was now under her command, but he was not a trusted servant, and she never liked surprises, that was why she was taking care of the one behind her.

Kevida nods to the guard and the bag on the woman's head was immediately removed.

A few seconds was all it took for the woman to figure out what was happening. She froze as the realization hit her. There was only one person who could hold her captive and take her to Ania. Her head slowly turned to Kevida's direction and their eyes met.

"Mother." Ania whispered under her raspy breath.

Kevida speeds to the woman's side, draws out her sword and holds it by the woman's neck. Ania sucks in a long breath and Kevida returns a playful smirk.

"Let's get started now shall we?"

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