The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 7

Her horse galloped swiftly as they rode through the rough wind, her dark hair, swaying backwards in waves as cool air combed through it.

Kevida dug her heels into her stallion, slowing the pace at which they rode, before she finally held the reins tightly, the beast neighed wildly, raising its front hooves high in the air and then dropping them to the ground.

Alighting her horse, Kevida drops the reins, strokes the side of her black stallion before marching towards the other side of the hill.

"Why are we stopping? We are only halfway through the hill." Christian impatiently questioned as he too plopped down his animal, followed by the others.

Kevida gave no answer as she studied the wall before her, analyzing from a distance with her eyes the engraved carvings.

Christian walked up to Kevida, leaving the others to watch in silence as she sought what was unknown to them.

Unpractically, he reached out his hand to touch the the wall. A ripple effect escalated and Christian was thrusted into the air, towards his doom. A mature scream erupted from his throat, his heart accelerating by a thousand fold as he found himself on the other side of gravity.

What goes up must surely come down.

Kevida's eyes enlarged as she watched Christian thrown off the hill. Acting on first instinct, she mindlessly spoke the words.


The soldiers rushed to the other side of the road where they had watched Christian fall.

Kevida exhaled an exasperated breath she had not realised she was holding, as she saw his terrified figure floating up in the air.

If he was going to die, she was to make sure it was not a silly error committed by him, she had a plan and no triggered force field would prevent her from carrying it out.

"You can put me down now." Christian yelled over the bustling wind, as he looked down the cliff, where he could have possibly met his ancestors a few seconds back, all the bottled up adrenaline, hitting his nerves all at once as the fear kicked in.

"I don't know about that, you look pretty comfortable right where you are." Kevida teased, swaying her hands in all possible directions and with it, the frightened Hunter, a smile danced on her lips as she toyed with him, savoring the hilarious situation.

The rest of the men who watched in amazement, coughed out suppressed laughter. Catching the sound of their failed titters, Kevida conceded how delightful the show she put on was.

"Your Majesty?" Kevida snapped out of the joyful mood she had driven herself into, her wide smile disappearing into pressed thin line. She swung him one more time in the air and onto the stone-hard road.

He lands with a big 'oomph' as his body collided with the wall and then ground.

Christian got up with the help of the others, dusting the almost non-existent dirt off his sleeves. He sent an arched eyebrow Kevida's way, she rolled her eyes and resumed her inspection.

"Guess I will have to be more careful. The cave must be hidden behind the wall."

Christian stated straightening the tunic he wore on top his long sleeve shirt.

Kevida glared at him, she never mentioned a cave to him, nor did she say what exactly there were looking for but she let it slide. She had other things to worry about, it was only a matter of time.

"Step aside." Christian backed away, allowing her to take the lead. Kevida stretched her hand forth.

"Zetmas." The glamour faded to reveal the cave. Kevida stepped in and the rest followed.

The deeper they went, the more quiet it became, only the sounds of their boots against the rocky ground could be heard throughout the hollow cave. They came to a halt on realizing the three paths that stood before them.

"Perhaps we should split up." Christian suggested. The others seemed to agree with him, nodding their head in unison. Without much being said, they acted on their own volition, splitting into equal groups.

"What do you think you are doing you fools?" The question rolled off her tongue in fury, stopping all in their tracks.

Kevida pointed to the path on her left, where Christian and three others had decided to take.

"That leads to a pit of hungry wolves that will not hesitate to tear you limb from limb the minute you fall." She then turned to the other four heading to the path on her right.

"That leads to a room filled with Lanvin and wolf's bane and if that does not kill you then the poisoned flowers will. Either way, you die... " She directed her words back at Christian.

"In case you have not noticed, we are a little short staffed." Kevida reminded, her words pulsing with controlled anger.

"That's only because you decided to pick only ten men. Forgive me for being so blunt Your Majesty but how are we supposed to fight a whole Froughst Coven if we are already outnumbered." Kevida glared harshly at Christian but he only glared back.

He hadn't forgotten what had happened earlier and neither had she. Tension sparked between them and they weren't the only ones feeling it.

She scoffed.

"This way." Kevida said, leading them into the path in front of her. The information she had gotten by entering into Ania's head had panned out and they found themselves in a large space, pillars made of white granite laced with hinges of gold, running through it in a spiral were inbuilt in the almost-seeming palace.

Two large staircases ran down to the floor where there were to form an oval curved shaped, with golden railings and a long red carpet on the white marble steps.

Surrounding the large room lied various exits all looking the same, what made them significant was the design over each semi circular wall, they were pitch black, as dark as the paths that lied ahead of them, partly murky and unseen.

Hung at every exit was a torch and over their heads were chandeliers, equally enforced with fire. The place was incredibly lit with both candles and torches from what could be seen as the first floor of the magically-created cave house there were standing in.

It did not seem as though the Froughst were hiding but rather, they were relishing in comfort. It was not as big as Hubis but it was much more magnificent.

All were marveled and immediately captivated by the breathtaking sight that was before them except Kevida, the fact that she had caught a glimpse of what she was coming for was not the only reason she wasn't enthralled like the others but simply also because she had a pending mission.

"I want a thorough search to be conducted, turn every cupboard, wardrobe, desk, chair, tear down the place if you like, whatsoever pleases you, I don't care and I might even reward you if you manage to catch a Froughst but there is one place you should not go through." She warned pointing at the the dark exits, they acknowledged her order and fled to different parts of the beautiful cave.

Kevida obviously knew the moment she walked in that there was no one present to be captured. The Froughst abode was large but with her heightened sense of hearing, she could tell no one was left behind and as expected, the place was empty.

It had been only a few minutes of searching from door to door, room to room that one of the men stumbled upon something.

Two large hard-wooden doors lied in between the curved staircases, hidden by a large cream curtain. They were the largest doors he had seen throughout the search.

He pulled at the handle but it didn't budge, he tried again this time harder but the unresponsive door remained dormant.

"What is going on here?" Kevida asked as she made her way towards him.

"Your Majesty, it appears this door has been spelled shut, It just won't open." The guard informed her as he tried forcing it open by slamming his body against it.

She knew what he was saying, considering the fact that he was a vampire, at supernatural strength, the door should have been burst open and sprawled on the floor inward with splinters untidily decorated around it by now.

The others had now gathered, seeing as it was the only place untouched after they had not-so-lightly ransacked what was once a home to the Froughst.

"Step aside." She told the puzzled man, taking his position as he stepped back.

Kevida held her hand out as she whispered some words, the doors flew open almost immediately. Kevida stepped in, her eyes skimmed the uninhabited room, taking full note of her surroundings, a large wooden desk filled with arranged papers stood at the other end of the room, behind it was a bookshelf that was spread from the beginning of the opposite side as of where she stood to the end. The shelves, actively stacked with an array of books on display.

At extraordinary speed, Kevida searched and tore apart what Christian had presumed to be Lord Dacren's study. It was not in a vicious way as he had thought she would do, seeing how much she hated him but in a manner as if she was looking for something she had lost, desperately scrolling through the pages of every book she could claw at.

"No, no, it's... It's supposed to be here, I saw it, I...." Kevida dropped the very last book on the floor, her face drawn into an enraged frown. She kicked a pile of books under her feet, livid with frustration.

She couldn't find it, she had wasted all her precious time for nothing, she had hoped to achieve a tasked goal but failed, she had hoped it was all worth it but it turned out to be a pointless journey.

Kevida looked below her, gazing over the mess she had made, still completely unaware of the stunned eleven, watching her in confusion from the door.

Something colourful caught her eye, she bent down, squatting to pick the piece of paper between one of the many books she had searched through abruptly.

She held the drawing in her hands, it was obviously that of a little child, the people were drawn with mono-lines, a vast ocean was in the background with a man, a woman and a child, standing on the sand, smiling happily, what caught Kevida's attention was the colour of the child's hair, it looked exactly as the mother's, it was bright orange, that only meant....

Kevida slowly tilted her head sideways as her ears picked up footsteps, ones that were not part of the eleven that watched her intently.

"They are still here." Kevida admitted coldly.

"Your Majesty." Christian took a step as he started to make his way to Kevida but was caught off guard when she was suddenly not where she was standing not less than a second ago.

Eagerly, they all snapped their gazes in her direction.

Kevida lightly snarled as she caught a familiar marmalade-golden locks on sight.

The woman held a hostile look as she and a couple others emerged from one of the shadowy exits she had warned her men not to go through.

"It is nice to see you again Kevida." The woman remarked as she came to a stop, her voice holding the sweetened tone of a siren, quite contrary to the hatred her eyes bled with.

"The pleasure is all mine...."

".... Dezel." Kevida flashed a full-teeth smile, showing off a set of her pearl white teeth. Her mission was just about to be accomplished. There was no stopping her now.

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