The Legend Of Kevida

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Chapter 8

"Where are taking us?" Ania struggled against the guard that held her arms tightly as he led them outside of Hubis through a back passage way away from sight and into the forest.

He finally came to a stop a few miles away from the castle. In front of them stood a brown horse. He thrusted Ania forward, keeping a tight hold on her non-biological mother. A soft gasp escaped Ania's lips as she stumbled forward, almost tripping over her own feet.

She looked back at him, her eyes trained with anger.

"For your betrayal, you shall be punished nevertheless witch, a verdict has been admonished and I hereby sentence Isobel of Ecrlindor to death." A slicing sound reververated as the guard withdrew a sword from his sheath.

"Noooo!!!" Ania yelled as she watched in horror the sharp silver blade aim for the harmless woman's heart.

A cracking hair-raising sound vibrated through the air. Ania's eyes widened as she realised where the sound had originated from.

The guard's hand looked like it had been separated from his arm, bent in an

abnormal manner, followed by the crack were his immediate screams as his legs followed the irregular form as his hand, letting go of the whimpering woman, he held his leg in agony as he fell to the ground and the final snap was heard from his neck, silencing him....


Ania knew it had not been her, or perhaps it was some spirit that had helped them. She was so dazed by the dead body in front of her that she had not realised the people walking up to her.

"Are you okay?" The piercing green eyes and orange hair said it all. She was standing face to face with her long lost cousin. The young innocent face rigged with worry told Ania the girl was definitely younger than her. It took a few seconds before the words were registered in Ania's brain.

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine." She replied hastily.

Peering into the girl's hazel-green eyes, just like her father's. A surge of guilt ran through Ania's racing blood, as the reality of her being the reason why the kind-hearted girl was never going to see her father again sunk in. By the way she treated her, she wondered if she had any knowledge of how her father's death came about.

Ania's eyes trailed to Isobel and the child clutched in her arms.

"Don't worry they are safe, as from now on you are all safe." The girl assured her. A minute smile formed on Ania's lips.

"I'm Princess Penta-nisha of the Froughst, but you could call me Nisha, it's nice to meet you Ania, mother has told me a lot about you." A large smile formed on the girl's face as she shined with grace, grasping Ania's hands in hers.

"Yo.. You.. Your mother told you about me?" Ania asked in an inconsistent voice. The girl flashed a larger smile than before, showing off her crystal-white teeth.

"Yes, she did, we have time to get to know each other but right now, we have to get to Hubis." The girl admitted.

Ania muscles tensed involuntarily as she heard the name. She had vowed the moment she stepped out of the devilish castle never to return. Kevida had set her free and that was what she was going to enjoy for the rest of her life, her freedom.

"But why?" Ania questioned backing away from Nisha, furrowing her eyebrows.

"It's okay Ania, Kevida would have gone by now, leaving the castle completely unguarded."

"That's not true, she still has loyal guards and soldiers, they will not spare us if caught." Ania reasoned arguably.

Nisha opposed her fear and confusion with a warm and comforting smile but Ania was far from being comforted, the uneasy feeling stirred in the pit of her stomach once more.

"You seem to forget that we are from the Froughst Coven, we are powerful enough to wipe out everyone in that entire Castle, a few guards should be nothing compared to the power we wield Ania, it is time you put behind that fear instilled by that vampire and grow a mind of your own, do not forget, you are one of us now, I will not let anything happen to you, I promise."

Nisha took Ania's hand in hers, looking into her mocha hazel brown eyes with a reassuring gaze.

There was something in the way she spoke those words that made Ania want to believe her, want to believe she was going to be fine, safe from danger and away from the heartless vampire, but she knew better, she knew Kevida, especially now that she knew about their plan to kill her, she was not just going to back down and let them kill her, she was going to act and Ania knew whatever she was planning was not going to end well for anyone, it never did.


Dezel's eyes burned with rage as she glared intensely at the woman before her. Kevida's sharp blue eyes were nothing compared to the fiery gaze Dezel's cocoa irises held.

"Looking for this?" Kevida's eyes whisked violently to the scroll held up in Dezel's hands.

Kevida held up her head high, her eyes were narrowing as she watched the very thing that she had come for burst into a crisp of flames in the woman's hand. Dezel threw it up in the air as it finally disappeared into red blazing ashes.

"I see your husband's death has put you on edge, I do sincerely apologize for his death,

for it was highly necessary, he withheld and information I seeked, yours however..."

There was a second of eerie silence that followed Kevida's mono-clipped sentence.

"..... I will unapologetically carry out."

The calm and chill voice in which she talked about was incredibly astounding, she talked about taking a life as if it were like eating a piece of cake. Then again, with the amount of lives she had ended, it was definitely easier.

"I'm afraid your latter words hold no truth in them Kevida, considering your praised integrity, I expected better from you, there is only one out of the two of us that is leaving this place alive, and believe me when I say it is not you."

"You should not be too quick to decide fate Dezel, you are very mistaken to think I came here unaware of your ambush, your husband's niece was more than willing to tell me your little secret." Christian looked at Kevida with confusion.

"Ania?" Christian voiced in a tone that could only be heard by him. He made his way to Kevida's side.

"What are you talking about?" He whispered in her ear. Kevida's eyes flickered in his direction for a second before darting back to Dezel, ignoring his question.

"It doesn't matter, you are outnumbered anyways, even if you brought an army which is quite contrary to what you have here, I would still beat you nonetheless."

Kevida looked behind Dezel, taking a quick note of their numbers. They were forty-three of them in total, all reeling from the excitement of taking down the vampire Queen.

"Kill them all, not a soul should be spared but leave the vampire, she's mine."


"Ania" Nisha beckoned as she tried to stop her cousin from running into the forcefield around the castle. Ania whipped around but it was too late, she had already collided with the invincible wall. A small grunt erupted from her throat as she felt herself walk into the ward.

Nisha rushed up to Ania's side. "Are you hurt?"

"No I'm fine, looks like she didn't leave the castle unguarded after all." Ania remarked, proving wrong to Nisha's earlier words.

"And couldn't we have brought people alongside us for protection or something, it seems pretty unwise for us to go in alone, Hubis is not a place to break into alone."

Ania said,confessing her worried thoughts.

"It is and that is why we need to go alone, having people with us will make it harder to sneak in, I've got this covered, don't you trust me?" Nisha looked at Ania for some reassurance, which she got but along with it came some other features.

"I do, I just....."

Nisha didn't allow Ania to finish before cutting her off. "Then move back, I've got a forcefield to break." Ania took a few steps backward, giving Nisha enough space.

Nisha raised her hands towards the force field. "Fetra se mon to vetron kerd." The forcefield dissolved almost immediately, leaving the castle bare.

They snuck into Hubis through the back passage way Ania had remembered to be the one used by the guard to escort her and Isobel from the castle.

They walked through the empty hallways with calculated and decisive steps, trying as much as possible to avoid drawing any attention.

The halls however were less quiet, Ania had supposed that was only because Kevida was not around. She never knew what the castle was like without Kevida, considering Kevida always took her along on most trips and even if she didn't, she was locked in her room.

A spine-chilling feeling ran down Ania's throat, settling in the pit of her stomach. It was the exact opposite of having butterflies in your stomach, the only similarity was that the intensity of both feelings were constant.

"Do you even know....... Humph.... " Ania grunted as Nisha grabbed her, covered her mouth with her hand and thrusted her into the closest hallway. Ania's breathing rhymed with Nisha's, with her back against her soft chest.

Ania desisted struggling, her cocoa orbs enlarging as she watched a batch of guards passed by noisily. Her breath hitched as she felt herself and Nisha being pulled back by something.

They both land on the floor, almost on top each other. The sound of a door clicking shut awakened Ania's five senses, snapping her into full alert mode.

She starts to get up on her fours, her eyes slowly rising from the tiled floor to a pair of black boots, with a person standing in them, as she looks up further, she realizes his uniform.

Her heartbeat spiked.

What if they were caught? That would mean she would be back to being Kevida's slave. This was not what she was bargaining for when she......

Her breath is caught in her throat as his deep green eyes enter her vision, followed by his smoldering hard features, his arm crossed against his chest.

"What do you two think you are doing?" Hunter watched intently the two girls stood. Ania bowed her head as she felt Hunter's intense gaze.

"We don't have time for your questions, my mother sent me here on a mission, she is merely here as a guide, since the telepathic link had been cut off, I'm guessing it was as a result of the ward set up by Kevida, you must be Hunter, I am Princess Penta-nisha of the Froughst coven but you can call me Nisha." Nisha maintained a stern look, similar to that of Hunter's.

"I apologize for the Interference, I had no idea she was going to set up a ward around the castle."

"It does not matter now, we only have a few hours until she comes back, if she comes back, may I know where this spell room my mother speaks of is?" Nisha asked getting straight to the point.

"Even if I showed you, it would make no difference, it is protected by a spell, no one enters without the she-devil." Hunter remarked.

"I have my ways, just get me there first." A determined smile formed over Nisha's facial features.

A few turns and two floors upward later, they were right in front of the spell room.

The face of a fierce lion carved on the outside of the door. The handle were simple large silver rings attached to the doors. As described by Hunter, the door was locked with a spell.

With a few words, the doors of the spell room swung open. It was just the same as Ania had left it earlier, still dimly lit with an inexplicable chill settling in it. There were huge shelves on the left side of the room and drawers beside them, Ania's eyes land on the stature of a crow situated at the upper side of one of the walls. It always creeped her out.

"This is as far as I get, the rest is up to you, I will be standing here to watch the door." As the two girls took a step into the forbidden room, Hunter shut it close.

Nisha was the first to act, searching through the drawers and shelves, bending down throughout her searches on the lower drawers.

"What exactly are we looking for?" Ania asked.

"Anything that could help us bring Kevida down, although mother is almost certain today is her last day on this earth but she knows how cunning the vampire is and fears if they cannot take care of her there, we should be able to find something here that will." Nisha answered, standing up, her eyes settle on the table in the middle of the room.

Just like a magnet, Nisha felt a pull, one she could not understand, the pages of the big black book flew open, eerie sounds filled the room as pages flipped open.

Nisha felt it alluring, at the same time the curiosity within her eating away the self control she had. She finally stopped when she felt she could go no further, the table stopping her by the stomach.

On realizing the shift in the room, Ania's eyes darted to Nisha.

"Noooo!" It was too late, she had already reached out to the book, satisfying the growing itch inside of her.

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