The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Eleven.

His warmth was suffocating, it surrounded my whole body; making me burn up. His face inches away from mine, his breath fanned across my face. Smelling his minty fresh breath, but I couldn’t dare to meet his eyes and he knew that. Pinching my chin with his pointer finger and his thumb, guiding me to look up at him. Locking my bright green eyes to his stormy gray ones. You can see his eyes roaming over my face, Daniel’s lifted arm blocking my way so I am unable to move. My heart pounding rapidly into my ribcage. As he pressed his chest against mine. Pinning me further against the wall. Both my arms laid flat against the wall.

I did not want to move a muscle afraid that if I did our lips would accidentally touch. Many thoughts ran through my mind, kissing my best friend was not one of them. But soon I started to compare him to Alexander. There were no sparks when Daniel touched me, there was no joy from being in his embrace. It was pure panic. I did not long for his lips to be in mine, if Alexander was here I would have wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him to lock our lips. Daniel was soft and gentle; I loved it when Alexander pulled me into him possessively, kissing, showing me that I was his for that moment. That he had waited long enough to kiss me.

My mind started thinking about ways that I can get out of this situation without him getting angry. Without having to tell him that I did not feel the spark of romance like I did with Alexander. I just did not want him to become a beast in front of me, but also I can’t lose my best friend either. To say the least, I was panicking.

I am positive that he can feel my heart ready to jump out of my chest. As our forehead touched, I was mentally preparing for the kiss. Yet, praying that a disaster would happen just to prevent this kiss.

“You fucken bitch open the door right now.” Isadora’s voice boomed throughout my bedroom. The banging out the door brought me out of the trace that Daniel had put me in.

“Get out of here.” I pushed Daniel out the door, locking it behind me. Letting out a puff of air, that I was holding since he had pinned me against the wall.

I did not have time to think back to what had just happened. I ran upstairs, I had to take a couple of deep breaths, trying to steady my heart. I swung the door open revealing Isadora, looking pissed, Raymond behind her a smirk marked his face. My forehead wrinkled in confusion. I seem calm on the outside, but on the inside I was a complete mess, hoping that Daniel left without getting caught.

“Where is he? Raymond said you brought a guy in. Where the fuck is he?” Isadora frantically started looking around my room.

“What guy?” Confusion laced in my voice.

“Don’t play dumb, doll, I saw him,” Raymond said, pulling a strand of my hair. Twirling in around his finger.

“There is no guy in here. I was asleep when you started knocking on the door.” Moving away from the creep of a boyfriend that Isadora has. Mentally shivering in disgust.

“Raymond, what the fuck. Why the hell did you wake me up? This idiot is telling the truth, there is no guy here.” Isadora said as she finished searching every single inch of my room.

Raymond was right, there was a guy here, and I thank him and Isadora for banging on my door. Although my stepmother will be angry in the morning I could have been more grateful. I will take that anger, this will be the only time that I would be grateful to them. They had stopped a kiss between Daniel and me. A kiss that might have saved our friendship.

They both left my room Isadora angry at Raymond for waking her up for something stupid. Closing the door after them, I started pacing in my room trying to get the anxiety out of my body. How am I going to be able to see him tomorrow? I did not have a clue how to react. Lately, I have been a mess, I usually come up with a solution, but this. Everything has messed me up to the point I cannot even see them after something major happens.

What about Daniel? How is he going to react? Will he think that I wanted to kiss him because I just stood there like an idiot, not knowing what to do. Did he get the idea that I wanted us to be something?

Oh god, there was no point in sleeping now.

Hours passed and I was not able to regain my sleep, all I did the rest of the night was stare into the ceiling. Hoping that I am able to map out a solution that Daniel dragged me in. Of course, he was jealous. He has asked me to be his girlfriend for several years now. But I didn’t accept, now Alexander comes along and within two days I am craving his lips. His touch. It is not like I do not love Daniel, I do. I love him to pieces, he has always been there for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. Is the fact that I cannot look at him more than just a brother. I’ve tried to love him more than a brother, it’s just not the same.

The alarm went off, alerting me that it was time to get up. I dragged my body to make my ‘family’ breakfast, so I could get to school. But I did not want to go to school. How can I possibly see Daniel? I was not even able to see him while I pushed him out the door, and did not bother texting him afterward to make sure that he was not caught. Walking on my way to school I got a bright idea, and I am praying that she will come along.

When I got to school I was looking for Adrastea, I only have her for a class in the morning, but it’s the one right before we head out for lunch. My plan seems to have failed, I did not find her before classes, I guess staying in school it is. We are here for a couple of days, Thursday will be our last day, then I do not have to see his face for a week.

Blasting my music and reading will be the way that I am going to ignore him for today. He knows very well that I do not like to be disturbed while I am reading, especially when I have my earphones on. Dodging the students I made it to class listening to ‘sign of times.’ by Harry Styles. A song that Daniel would sing to me whenever I had my mental breakdown. For every death anniversary, I have from my parents. He knew these words fit perfectly with what I am going through. Daniel is the best, and I almost feel bad, and hate myself that I cannot love him the way he wants me to.

Students trying to make their way to class, I was about to enter mine when I saw Daniel, Grayson, Trey, Mikey, and Ben talking to Alexander, Janus, and Zaiden. My thick brow shot up, what are they all doing together? Curiosity took over me, what can they possibly be talking about, I thought they hated each other. But it did not look like a normal conversation; it looked like it was a heated argument, but they were all whispering.

I forced myself to get into the class, I cannot get in the middle of these things. I’ve learned way too many things in the past three weeks, it only leads me to overthink. One by one all of the guys came into the classroom, looking as they wanted to punch each other. All of their eyes went to me as if they knew I was looking at them. I soon hid my head into my book.

The teacher came in to tell us that we have a free period that we can do whatever we want but to keep it down. After that, the teacher left the room leaving the students to go crazy. That is when someone started poking my cheek. My mind automatically went to Janus or Grayson. They both love to bother me. But with every poke speaks erupted throughout my body.

“Love,” Alexander said, pulling my earphone jamming it into his ear.

“Queen, nice. I saw them when I was younger.” How young I wanted to ask, but I bit my lip.

He pulled the chair closer, bobbing his head to the music. I can feel his soft warmth next to me. Waves of electricity went through my body every now and then as he touched me, while he danced. He danced carelessly while every single girl had his eyes on him. Rummers will start soon, all of them that he is sitting next to Samantha’s weird sister. Or maybe they will add to their story. We just have to wait. But I couldn’t care, I pretended to read, reading the same sentence over and over again. Reading the same page since yesterday.

“Why didn’t you return any of my calls?” Alexander asked as the music died down.

“Whenever you would call I was busy.” I simply replied.

“Then, why didn’t you call afterward?” He probed me.

“I forgot,” I simply couldn’t just tell him the real reason I couldn’t talk to him.

It was not only because I had lost my shit when it came to my eyes, but also Samantha was on me like a vulture ever since she found out that Alexander kissed me. She had believed me at first, but then all of the boys started talking. Making bets to see if they were able to sleep with me before, Alexander did.

“You forgot?” He questioned.

Please bell ring, it is distorting me that I am lying to him. I hate lying; with Samantha and Isadora is something else. I don’t know what it is about Alexander that I feel heavy in my chest every time I lie. Not only that I can feel Daniel’s angry stare on the back of my neck. The staring on my right side became intense as if he was trying to read my mind. But I left it blank and pretended that he was not there and started reading my book.

Soon after the bell rang, so I was able to escape. But what is there to escape from. They are going to be here whenever I decide to come back. There is no way of running away. I just need to confront them. Walking out of the classroom I felt someone pulling me to a different direction. Daniel was pulling outside, maybe to our place we went whenever we needed to talk. Before we got far, I had been slammed against the wall, where only a couple of students lingered. It happened all too fast.

Daniel’s lips were on mine.

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