The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Twelve.

Panic filled my body, but I wasn’t able to move, my breathing had become non-existent. I felt his wet lips move against my frozen ones. A growl erupted from him as if he wanted me to respond to the kiss. Pressing me against his hot body, I can feel his heart beating as if he had just run a marathon. The kiss became more aggressive and wet. I had not kissed him back. I couldn’t. All I wanted was to yell at him, to push him away. I wanted to tell him who the hell he thought he was. But I couldn’t. My brain did not cooperate with me. Several times I tried lifting my arms between us, but they felt like spaghetti that had been taken out of boiling water. I did not have to push him off me, instead, he was yanked away from me. I looked around. There was no one, but Alexander, Daniel, and I.

Where did he come from? Alexander slammed Daniel’s body on the concrete, picking him up like he was a rag doll. Punching him in the face over and over, taking the advantage that Danny was on the floor without any air in his lungs. Daniel fought back as soon as he regained the air that was knocked out of him, his eyes glowed red. Landing some punches on Alexander’s beautiful face. Rolling over each other trying to dominate the fight. Alexander’s eyes glowed a snow blue, as he tried so hard not to kill Daniel. Both tried to restrain themselves from doing anything inhuman. I just stood there watching two different beasts fighting. Two beasts that have had a rivalry for years now. If I don’t snap out of it and do something there is going to be more than two beasts fighting. It is going to become a war between vampires and werewolves. A surge of power went through my body as I stood inches away from them.

“Both of you, stop this right now!” I exasperated. Power vibrated over me and into the ground.

There was so much authority and power in my voice that it did not take a lot for them to stop. When they both looked at me their eye color had gone back to normal. But their faces looked as if they had seen a ghost. I didn’t even know where that power or confidence had come from. I stood there angry at both of them, angry at Daniel for thinking that he could kiss me. Angry at Alexander for leaving bruises on my best friend’s face. Although he did stop an unwanted kiss.

“You! What the fuck went through your head that you were able to kiss me? You know very well how I feel about you.” Adrenaline going through my blood, made me slap him on the back of his head. Causing Alexander to laugh.

Through Alexander’s laughter, Daniel looked as if I had run over his favorite kitten. I knew it was going to hurt him, but there is no way to tell him without getting sad or angry. He did not bother looking up at me, will he talk to me later? The question is if he is going to talk to me ever. I hurt his feelings and now I am humiliating him next to his rival, the guy that he hates and the one I have kissed.

“You! What makes you think I will be happy at you too for coming in like a caveman picking a fight.” Pushing him, but he did not move a single inch. A smirk rested on his handsome face.

Both of them had bruises, Daniel had it on his jaw and Alexander had one under his eye. Cuts covering both their lips, blood dripping from their nose, which is already drying up. You can tell that they were getting impatient, they were ready to get out of my face before they revealed themselves. Before they start healing right in front of me.

“Get out of my face and do not bother talking to me for the rest of the day. Better yet for the remainder of the week.” I needed to settle my mind. For the past three weeks, it has been nothing but crazy. I just need to get a distraction. I need Adrastea’s bad influence and get me out of this school. Even if it’s just for the day, an hour even. But I have not seen her, I would have to wait until lunch.

My second class started over ten minutes ago there is no reason I should go in now. The teacher will not be there, and they do not take attendance so I guess I can skip it. I will just go to the bleachers and try and get some reading done. Or I can do a little research on my phone. Anything that can get my mind off the kiss. The kiss that my mind keeps on comparing to the one that Alexander had given me. Of course, they were not going to be the same, why did I expect them to be?

“You dropped this.” Alexander’s voice came out of nowhere making me jump in my spot.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone?” I said as I examined his face. All of the bruises were gone, the cut from his lip had disappeared, the blood from his nose was cleaned. Apparently, they have fast healing abilities, so it said so in the books. I do not understand why they hated each other if they had so many similarities.

“You did, but I was here just to return this.” He held out my book that had fallen when Daniel pulled me but was soon forgotten when he surprised me with a kiss. Suspiciously taking the book from his hands I started to walk away.

“I am sorry, I punched that peasant. He deserved it by touching what is mine.” Alexander’s voice came out displeased laced with dominance.

“Who said I was yours?” Placing my hand on my hip, very intrigued by what he had just said.

“It’s not important, but you are mine Ayla Moon.” His eyes sparkled like diamonds underneath the bright light.

My whole body shivered as he said that, as if it was responding to him and he knew it. At an inhuman speed, he was in front of me. Creasing my cheek made my legs weaken. Holding me by my waist I wanted to melt in his touch. His thumb drawing small circles as we looked into our eyes. Joy danced in his eyes as he held me, my heart pounding at a different rhythm from last night. I was nervous but excited. I wanted his lips on mine. My body craved his touch. He knew what effect he had on me, it was like he knew I couldn’t be mad at him for too long. That means I need to forgive Daniel as well.

“You are mine, and I am not planning on sharing you with anybody. If it means that I will have to become a murder then so be it.” He said coming out more of a whisper.

“Why?” That was all I can muster to say.

The position that we were in felt so intimate, so real. Alexander wants me. He is claiming me as his. Our forehead touched making my body explode in excitement. I was in his warm embrace. It was nothing like being hugged by Daniel. Daniel huge felt secure, but Alexander was as if I belonged there. Even though I am already with him, I still needed more. I was on cloud nine, but I was soon brought down when the image of my angry stepsister came to mind. She was head over heels with Alexander. She thinks that he is playing hard to get because he wants something more than sex with her.

“No, I can’t, you are forbidden, I cannot be seen with you.” Samantha will kill me if anybody sees us. She had claimed him as his and that is how it is going to be.

“By who? That idiot you call your friend?” Clearly referring to Danny. The beautiful crystal blue eyes full of joy no longer existed. They were full of fire and anger.

“No, not Daniel, Samantha.” That was all I said before walking away.

My body pleading for me to go back into his arms, I had to ignore it. Forcing myself to look forward and not look back. There was no need, he had gone after me. Instead of pulling me back into his embrace, he started walking next to me. Deep down I was hoping he pulled me into him one more time. Every time I am in his arms I feel like I am at home, it is crazy right. I have known him for only a month.

“What do you mean Samantha? Isn’t she, your step-sister? Why is she forbidding you to go out with me? She is a peasant and cannot do such a thing.” The anger had diminished, his eyes glazed as if he was having a conversation with someone. Lasting for a couple of seconds before bringing his attention back to me.

“Yes she is, and because she thinks she has some kind of hold on you, all because you agreed to ‘study’ with her.” Ever since she has not stopped talking about her Alexander, and how they are both so in love. Saying that they are happy in their relationship, how she would always call her when he was away. Things that I know she had invented.

“I was there because of you, when I found out that you were not going to join us for dinner, I tried a million excuses to get out. I do not know how you deal with that woman.” Pulling me down to sit with him underneath a tree next to the bleachers.

Talking with him was easy, we started talking about everything and anything. Anybody that would hear us talking would probably think that we have known each other for a while now. He was so easy to talk to and very funny when he wanted to. He was another person that I can be myself with. There was no drama talk, there was no flirting. It was just us sitting in the grass goofing around just like friends do. Without even knowing it Alexander had been the one that had taken my mind off things.

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