The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirteen.

There is only so much stress that a body can take and I can tell that mine is going to hit its peak. Daniel and Alexander continued arguing during the day, after school, they got into a fight that got them suspended for the rest of the week. Which seems stupid, there are only two days before we were out for Thanksgiving break. To make matters even worse, one of Samantha’s friends saw Alexander and I sitting next to each other in the first period. She told her how we skipped the second period, and even notified her that he had walked me to third period, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

You can imagine the whole drama that I had to deal with at home as well, slaps were coming left and right. Yelling, lots of yelling. Letting me know that Alexander was hers and as long as I live under their roof I should never go near Alexander, or there will be dire consequences. Beating me up was not enough, impossible missions had to be done in the middle of the night, yet I surprise even myself how I even get them done. Although I had done my punishment right pain was still inflicted, Ray even joined sometimes. All of the broken ribs, from the kicking, the scratches to the face, and bruises as well; would leave me crawling back to my room howling in pain. But as soon as the door closed, my body knew it was time to heal when. The following day they would ask what had happened to them, I would tell them that I had to hide them with a lot of makeup. I still had school.

The past three days were horrible. Tonight is the night that Isadora and Samantha will be leaving for the week. Leaving me alone for an entire week, I only have to do a list of chores that can be done the day before they come back.

“You know the rules Ayla, do not give us another reason to punish you,” Isadora said as I placed the suitcases on the boot of the car.

“First, the front door always and I mean always stays locked. You are not allowed to use it. You have your own door. Do the cleaning and do not eat so much of our food.” She continued as she revised the list of chores she will leave behind.

“You better not go anywhere near MY boyfriend, if you do I will find out,” Samantha threatens, poking me with her finger in the chest.

They went on about things I couldn’t do for about twenty minutes, honestly, I just ignored them. How possibly can they find out, they never call to check up on me. I know they will be arriving back Sunday night so we can go back to school. After another few minutes of talking my ear off, they drove off to the airport.

After they left I did not do much, only cleaned up the mess that Samantha left, and went up to my room. Still doing research trying to find anything that can be similar to me, but it did not take very long for me to be at peace. It was soon ruined with a knock at my door, and by the way, the knock was playing out I knew it was Danny. He had finally given up his tantrum and came to talk to me.

“Hello Daniel, welcome in.” Of course, he came through my personal door, I have grown used to it. Especially because you cannot see where the door was located.

“You seem chipper,” He said walking past me.

“Of course, the she-devils are out,” Taking a seat on the desk.

“You know why I am here. Ayla, you know I have been in love with you since the day we met. I have been by your side no matter what. I have seen how Samantha and Isadora destroy your spirit, I’ve been the one that picks up those broken pieces. My shoulder was always here for when you needed to cry. All I want to know if you love me?” He seemed sad, but his eyes showed determination.

“Danny, you know I love you to pieces, and I love how you are always there for me, how you picked up the pieces and helped me glued myself together. Because of you, I grew stronger. But I am sorry I cannot love you the same way you do.” Hurt flashed in his eyes, which made my heart sink into my stomach. It doesn’t matter how much I say this to me, I will always hurt him.

“Is it because of him?” Gripping the side of the bed, his knuckles turned white. Trying to control his anger.

“No, it is not because of Alexander. You knew this, how many times do we have to talk about this. I cannot see you this way. I love you I do but you are like a brother to me. You know I am not right for you, I know you do. There is someone out there and she is waiting to be yours.” I tried reasoning with him.

I’ve always loved Daniel, I do, and I have forced myself to like him the way he loves me. But I will say it a million times I cannot. It seems wrong, and I know he knows that too. He knows that there is a perfect girl out there for him, and he will meet her at the perfect time. Daniel already knows that. The pride and stubbornness are not letting him see that we are not right for each other. How is he for sure that he is truly in love with me if he has not tried to love someone else?

“Bullshit this is about him!” Red shined in his eyes, his wolf self is ready to come out with rage.

“No, I’ve tried to love you that way! We are not right for each other and you know it. And yes maybe I like Alexander the way you wish I can love you, but it just feels different. You wouldn’t know because you have never given yourself a chance to love someone else. How the fuck do know you truly love me? Have you loved someone else?” My anger was bubbling, not as much as his.

Without a word at an inhuman speed, he ran out the back door, leaving a trail of shreds behind. I quickly locked the door and went after him. I know I had gone too far, I pushed his buttons and now I have unleashed the beast. Chasing down the path of torn clothes hoping I can find Daniel. The sky was getting dark, but I did not care. I needed to find Danny and fix this mess once and for all. I cannot lose him too.

“Danny!” I yelled he couldn’t have gone that far.

All of a sudden a loud growl vibrated throughout the woods, shaking the trees, making the birds fly away in fright. A growl that did not belong to Daniel, it couldn’t have been Daniel. It was almost murderous. Out of the shadows, a creature came out in all four legs, slowly like when a lion was after its prey. The creature was lengthy and thin, it smelled like death. Standing up into two-horse type legs over towering me a full five feet. Stretching the decaying black skin, leaving some spots to only see the bare white bones. The large creature let a low evil growl, its bright orange eyes lit up within the hollow skull. Its head was the shape of a gazelle, but the horns were super thin but mimicked a randier or moose.

This is a creature that I had not seen or read about, maybe I have, but did not pay so much attention. Black hair adorned the top of his head, it falls back into his extremely large skinny human-like hands. Making the floor tremble beneath me; making me fall to the ground. The creature let out a screech, almost as if it was trying to intimidate me. Who am I to lie? I am a little scared. But I couldn’t let this creature know, that is what they wanted. Keeping eye contact I slowly made my way up, causing it to growl. Taking a few steps back being stopped by the tree, trying to create a distance. Maybe just maybe I can get out of this one.

The creature started charging at me. I closed my eyes preparing for the attack that never came; instead, a loud thud and a crashing of the tree reverberated throughout the woods. If any woodland creatures lingered they were now gone. A large muscular back was in front of me blocking me from that thing. Both of them growled before charging towards each other, that is when I saw his crystal blue eyes. He looked at me for a brief second before trying to behead the large rotting creature that clearly towers over him as well.

“Hide!” He yelled as he twisted the arm from the tall creature. Something pulled me by my shirt, making me fall in my bottoms, a shirtless Daniel appeared in front of me.

“Stay here.” Was all he said as he ran to join the fight. All three of them were moving so fast that if a human was here with us would not be able to see a thing. Daniel grabbed the creature by the arm exposing his chest. Just when Alexander was going to slam his fist into his chest, the black creature moved his head stabbing Alexander with one of his antlers.

“Alexander!” I yelled running from the hiding spot that Daniel had placed me in.

But I served as a distraction, the creature turned to look at me, causing Alexander. to cry out in pain. Hissing he used all of his strength to break the antler. The creature howled in pain, not thinking twice Alexander punched through his chest pulling a blue, frozen heart, making the creature drop lifeless. Throwing the cold non-beating heart, they set in on fire. We all stood in a circle, as the heart burned and sizzled, letting the fire die down leaving only a pile of ash. The creature became ash as well, a gust of wind came blowing the dust away.

Without a word Alexander started limping away, I gave Daniel some pleading eyes to which he only nodded. Placing Alexander’s arm around my shoulders, I let him guide me to where he wanted to go. Every so often I would look back making sure Daniel was still following us, making sure that he does not need my help as well. By the looks of it, it seems that he has already healed.

Before we knew it we were entering a large house, a beautiful white home too big for this small town. I did not have time to take in the beautiful home, I quickly greeted Janus, rushing him off to bring me a first aid kit. He did not like the idea of letting Daniel in, but Alexander must have whispered something to him. Daniel and Zaiden helped me to carefully lay him on his bed. While I was setting up everything I heard Daniel, Alexander arguing.

“She can’t do it, as soon as she pulls that thing out you will start healing,” Daniel said, to his luck Zaiden and Janus agreed.

“It is too soon she cannot know,” Zaiden added he seemed worried. But Alexander stayed quiet. He was just looking at me.

“I will do it,” Janus said, moving me from my spot as I prepared myself to clean his wound.

“I’ve got it, thank you, I’ve taken out something similar to this before.” Pushing him out of my way.

“Xander, do something.” Did they really think they were whispering? Should I tell them that I know?

I just stood there watching them how they were arguing about me as if I was not in that room, Alexander just rolled his eyes extending his arm out for me. Pushing them out of my way they looked like little kids that were about to enter a haunted house. The whispering continued and just had enough of it.

“I know okay!” I yelled at all of them. “Now shut up, and let me help Alexander heal.”

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