The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Fourteen.

Simuntainacly every single eye in the room turned to look at me, they looked at me as if I had grown an extra arm over my head. Eyes open wide their mouth is the shape of an o. Frozen with hands in the air, just like a movie when you hit the pause button. The room had become so quiet that if you dropped a grain of rice you might hear it. Where the hell is Adrastea when you need her? She has been missing for the past two days, and I need her here. Maybe she would have helped me control these boys.

“You know what?” Daniel acted suspiciously, yet surprised.

“I know what all of you are, and do not play dumb, now let me heal him then we can get to talking.” Grabbing the gloves I slid them over my hands.

Out of the four boys in the room, not a single one of them moved. Alexander being a vampire, I really did not need any major things to clean his wound. Just by touching the broken antler, you can tell that his body is already healing around it. I just set a couple of towels around it, to prevent a lot of blood oozing out and staining anything around him. But because the antler has gone through him with his black shirt, leaving pieces of clothing inside the wound. I had to cut it off once again. This time is different, back then I was able to blush like a mad lady in love, now I can’t. I was all alone, this time there is an extra pair of eyes looking at me, so I have to try my best and not blush.

Letting my hair fall over my face, I slowly started cutting his shirt off. Automatically my cheeks started to heat up especially when Alexander tucked my hair behind my ear. Looking at me with so much admiration, made my cheeks flare up even more. Making him smile, as he still held me by my face I can hear Daniel growling like a dog in the corner of the room. But I ignored him, removing the pieces of cloth around the antler I prepared myself to pull it out while applying pressure so it could heal quickly.

“This might hurt.” Letting Alexander know. Without further warning, I mentally counted to three yanking out the antler from Alexander. A growl of pain erupted from Alexander. Handing it over to Janus, I started to apply pressure

“You could have warned me, love.” Alexander continued hissing in pain.

“Sorry, the last time I had done this, you had passed out, and I am no doctor.” Giving him the most innocent smile I can muster up. Just as he sat up meeting me only inches away from my face, causing Daniel to growl once more.

“I will forgive you, just because you are cute,” bringing out a giggle. “All of you get out,” Alexander said. I had placed his large hand over the now crimson towel, I started walking out with the rest of the guys before he stopped me. “No, not you.”

Once everybody had left the room, and we were left alone behind closed doors. No words needed to be said, Alexander pulled me into his muscular body and slammed his lips against mine, making a moan escape. A low growl rumbled through Alexander’s body, pulling me impossibly closer to him. Digging my nails into his bareback, begging for more of his intoxicating lips. Oxygen did not seem to be important, all I wanted was his soft lips. Nibbling my lower lip, asking for entrance which I gladly gave him. Our tongues danced around each other, but I did not know what I was doing. He has been my first kiss and I hope I am not disappointing him.

Without breaking the kiss he slowly guided me back to his bed, my back hit the soft mattress. Wrapping my legs around his waist, his large hand grabbed my leg pressing me against him. With every touch my skin felt alive, leaving sparks behind as he trailed and ran his fingers over my jeans. His lips left mine as he started leaving a trail of kisses over my jawline, into my neck, causing me to moan. I wish I could have suppressed it. Letting out a second animal type of growl he started nibbling down my neck, arching my back; exposing my neck more.

“Ayla!” Adrastea burst through the door, making me hide under Alexander.

“Oops!” That was all she said before she walked out giggling.

“Jesus, she can be a hassle sometimes.” Alexander let me know. I do not think he knows I have been hanging out with her.

“I love her, she makes my life more fun.” Giving him a peck on the lip before I pushed him off me.

“Wait, you know her?” Alexander asked while we went down the stairs.

“YAY! You get to stay over for the party!” Alya jumped on me as soon as I entered the living room.

Party? I have never been to a party, why are they planning a party this late?


After only a couple of hours, Adrastea had managed to invite the majority of the school, including Grayson, and the whole werewolves pack. Throughout the party planning, I did very little talking with the guys, I found out that Daniel is not only a werewolf, but something called alpha, and Grayson was a beta. This means that Daniel was in charge of a whole group or pack that is what they call themselves, of werewolves, and Grayson was like his second in command. If anything was to happen to Daniel that is when Grayson takes over.

Vampires, well I had known that Alexander and Adrastea were royalty, Alexander was to take over the throne pretty soon. Janus and Zaiden are like Alexander’s bodyguards, they are there to protect him at any cost, but Alexander views them more like brothers than his protection. They have even made jokes that they are doing a poor job, knowing that he has gotten himself hurt twice and they were nowhere in sight.

But the talk was over when Stea made everybody get ready for the party, forcing Janus to be a bouncer. Adrastea dragged me to her room, to help me get ready for the party. A party I did not want to attend, but somehow the boys convinced me. All I wanted was just to go home, but that is another thing that I cannot do. Apparently, if I were to go home the creature that they call a Wendigo, is going to hunt me down. For the past few days, the vampires and werewolf have been tracking the Wendigos, it seems that there is an army of them. And they are all headed my way. It might have something to do with me, and what I am. Ever Since Alexander saw me that night I helped him with the hunters, he started doing some research on his own, but he had no luck.

“Ayla, stop moving,” Adrastea has been trying to put makeup on me for the past ten minutes, after spending an hour in my hair.

“Sorry, I have never done this.” The whole going to a party is new to me. This will be the first party that I will attend, my classmates have never sent me an invitation. And if I was invited, it was to Daniel parties, Isadora would never let me attend them. She would always come out with an excuse as to why I couldn’t go.

“I know like you have never kissed anybody, but yet again you and my brother were dry humping each other.” Causing her to giggle, but making me blush.

Remembering the kiss gave me butterflies in the stomach, and made my lower region soak my panties. Twisting my legs trying to contain the arousal. This kiss was different from the first one, the first kiss was tough and dominant. This one was soft passionate, even when he trailed my body, he left a warm, tiny explosion throughout my body with each kiss. The way he held me, preventing me from running away, but at the same time as if I was a fragile doll.

“All done. Put this on, and we will be ready to head down.” Ayla pushed me towards her e-suit. I quickly put on the black dress, but it was small. It hugged my body in the right places, accentuating my curves. I did not know I had this body. It was always hidden under large t-shirts and jeans.

“Well look at you, who knew you were that hot, underneath those clothes?” She said fanning herself. “Let’s go!” wrapping her arms around mine. Dragging me downstairs. I did not have time to protest the dress.

Teenagers cluttered the house, the once cleaned house, now smelling like sweat and cheap perfume. Bodies rubbing and grinding against each other, can be seen from the dance floor. Broken bottles and red cups adorned the floor, tables of people playing some party game. Adrastea led me to the kitchen serving me something in the cup.

“Drink up!” She yelled over the loud music.

Light pink liquor danced around my cup as I inspected it. How will I take it? This will be my first time drinking, and downing down the alcohol that burned my throat. Adrastea poured another drink, we both drank it before heading to the dance floor. The alcohol started to work in my body. For the first time in a long time, I let my body free, dancing to the rhythm of the music. Unfamiliar people started to dance around us, just making this experience much better. After ten minutes the alcohol had taken control of my body when out of nowhere I felt two large hands land on my hips. The sparks ignited through my body letting me know that Alexander was the one behind me. Guiding my hips, synchronizing to his dance moves. We danced for a few minutes. Drunk Adrastea was now dancing with a super drunk Janus, they were both laughing and having the time of their lives. It would be the first time that they are not arguing. They would make a cute couple.

“Let’s get out of here.” Alexander started pulling me away from the sweaty group.

Guiding me to what I assume to be his bedroom, I noticed my surroundings. Daniel was shoving his tongue into some random blond, Grayson was flirting with a cute brunette. The rest of the pack had found the pool, even though it is twenty degrees outside they seem unfaced. They are not the only ones that have gone crazy, many teenagers are drunk, playing along with games. Most of them tried to get Alexander to play spin the bottle with them, he refused all of them. I could have sworn that the way to his room was long, or it could have been the whole group of teenagers that made it hard to head upstairs.

Although we had to go through a lot of groups of people, Alexander never let go of my hand. Even though I was a little drunk my head swam with questions that I wanted to ask my new friends. Can the supernatural get drunk? It had seemed like Adrastea was dancing and joking around with Janus, when she usually wants to pull off his head. When we entered the dark room we locked the door behind us, pressing me to the door Alexander’s plumped lips were on mine for the second time tonight. He ran his hands along my leg, lifting me up wrapping my legs around his waist. Pressing me against, even more, I tighten my legs around him afraid that to lose this moment. I was not that drunk, I know what I am doing, and I know what I want to do. As he held me from my butt, the dress rode up exposing my black underwear.

“You look very beautiful,” Alexander growled as he trailed kisses along my neck.

Stopping where the neck and the shoulder meet, he starts nibbling. My heart started to race, wanting more of him. Running my fingers through his hair I held him in the same spot. After landing a couple of kisses, I felt his sharp fangs dig into my skin.

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