The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Fifteen.

My body has never felt more alive, as he dug his sharp fangs into my neck, it was as if he injected drugs into my whole body. It felt like I had gone to another dimension. At first, all I could think about was the pain, but a rapid-fire started to spread along my entire body. The pull towards Alexander intensified ten times more. Goosebumps lingered over my body. His faint heartbeat vibrated inside my body, the desire he felt towards me ran through my veins. Causing me to moan, rolling my head back hitting it on the door that I was still up against. My legs are still tightly wrapped around his waist, making sure that he knew how much I wanted him as well. Savoring the moment.

A loud bang vibrated through the door as if somebody threw something at it or slammed against it. It wouldn’t have been a surprise, the house was full of drunk and horny teenagers. Alexander quickly pulled away looking in shock and regret as he looked at my neck. Did he regret what we were doing?

“Shit, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. What a fucken idiot I am.” He said, quickly pulling me off of him. Pacing around the room tugging on his hair.

“It’s okay,” I tried to calm him down. I tried walking towards him but my legs gave out. I was too weak. Before I hit the floor Alexander took me into his warm arms.

“No, you do not know what I have done.” His eyes filled with worry, but I truly didn’t care that he had bitten me, that he drank from me.

What had he done? All he did was feed from me, right? What more could he have possibly done? He carefully placed me in his bed, as if I was fragile.

“What is wrong?” His facial features had not changed, he looked worried.

Distant, his eyes roamed my whole face, but I still was not able to comprehend why was he so worried? We have made out several times now, every time we were alone he would press me against the nearest thing and would kiss me. A kiss that left me wanting more. His eyes looked deeply into my soul, there was something else. They showed remorse and regret. My heartfelt heavy in my chest, my breathing became heavy. He doesn’t want me the same way I want him. I can see it in his eyes.

How could I have been so stupid? A guy comes around and I get all flustered and hot when I am around. He kissed me and I automatically think he likes me the same way I like him. Daniel was right. I should have stayed with him. He has the only one that has truly loved me, but Daniel is not for me. We both know that. Well, a lesson learned. Do not assume that every guy will like you the way you do. Only God knows what they truly want you for. I was dumb enough to assume that all men are like Daniel and his pack. They were raised to love, and respect women. Well, some.

“It is not what you are thinking, Ayla, my love. I have done you wrong by biting you.” Alexander said as if he had read the thoughts that have been going through my mind.

“Wrong in what way?” I was still confused as ever.

“You see, vampires have this thing called a Kindred Soul. A Kindred Soul, it is a soul mate for us vampires. We use the word Kindred Soul because although they have not become of age, from the very moment your eyes meet, you know you belong together. I knew the night I saw you looking like a cute wet dog. From the very same moment, I felt like I have known you for years now. And I know that you feel the same way. The pull between us has increased just by biting you, and I am sorry. I was selfish and I knew I needed you.” Alexander held me from my cheeks, never letting me look away.

So I am his Kindred Soul, I am still a little confused about the whole deal, but I am the person that was chosen to spend the rest of his immortal life next to mine. Me a mare human, I think, I am here to spend the rest of my non-amusing life next to a vampire. Oh but not any vampire, a royal vampire. Am I required to become royal if I am his Kindred Soul, would I have to rule next to him when the time comes? How am I supposed to be royal? I can barely settle my own life, how am I expected to lead all the supernatural?

“I know it is a lot to take in, my love, this is all new. But trust me you will get used to it. You will never grow bored. There is always something new and happening around us. Like you. I thought I had seen it all, but then I met you. You have brought so much thrill and happiness into my life. Especially now that the big secret is over, I get to hold you in my arms.” My head rested in his head as we laid down in his soft large bed.

His arms were tight around me, if the way he held me at the school was intimate, this had taken it to a whole other level. Word did not have to be used, I knew he understood that I am trying to process everything. My eyes started to feel heavy, although the party was still raging downstairs I fell into a deep sleep, with Alexander’s arms around me.


Alexander’s P.O.V.

As I held her I could feel her warm, soft body against my chest. Her heartbeat slow and steady, as she breathed softly in a deep sleep. I knew she was tired. I had taken a bit more blood than I should have, if they wouldn’t have knocked on the door, I do not know if I would have been able to stop. Her blood was so addicting, she was addicting, and I cannot wait to make her mine. She has not become of age yet, so I would have to wait in making her mine. Our connection is strong, but we need to consume our love, when we do the pull will intensify even more. We would become inseparable, I would not be able to rule Garmoniya without her.

Believe me, I am ecstatic that I have found her. Father is already preparing a backup wife which I am forced to marry, in order for me to take over my realm. I have yet to notify my parents that I have found my soul. The only thing that has been in my mind is to protect her. To kiss her, and maybe even fall in love. I looked down to admire her beauty.

Her long black hair covered her beautiful pale face as she snuggled closer to my chest. The music was loud enough to cause the entire house to vibrate, by now all of the mortal teenagers must be drunk out of their minds. My eyes started to feel heavy, as my body was growing more tired, marking her had taken a lot of my energy as well. But I was afraid if I closed my eyes she would no longer be here. That the passionate kisses we shared were all a lie. Is it possible to fall in love this fast? The night I met her was like a movie, full of action and drama. I must admit, it might be love at first sight.

A soft knock came from my door, getting out of the bed without waking her up was easy. She was out cold, and I am to blame. Marking her without verbal consent was bad. I just had lost all control. Looking at her one last time before opening the door.

“Have you seen Ayla?” A worried Adrastea asked for her newfound best friend. Who would have thought they would become sisters overnight.

“She is here with me, she is sleeping.” Opening the door a little more so she can see my beautiful soul sleeping soundly on my bed.

“Well, we need you to come with us, we have a major problem.” Adrastea looked once more towards my soul, before walking away.

Standing by the door I hesitated to follow her, I do not want to leave Ayla alone. But I had to, this could be important and it can involve her. When I got downstairs, the party was over; some of the mess had been taken care of. Teenagers were sent home, and I had a group of vampires and werewolves waiting for me in the living room. All ten eyes looked straight at me as they heard my heavy boots crushed the wood underneath me. I can hear the wolves heart racing, not so much from the run they made from their pack location. It seemed to be of fear.

Of what?

Zaiden looked as if he was trying to come up with a plan on the spot. Janus seemed to be angry that the wolves were here. He is going to have to get used to the idea that his new queen is going to be around them whether we like it or not. I was not too fond of the plan, but I have learned to look the other way, besides he did help me kill the wendigo that had attacked my kindred soul today. Not that I needed it, but it was a nice gesture.

Everyone seems to be within their thoughts, yet looking at me. A whole lot of emotions running through their face. Whatever they need to tell me can’t be good, just by the looks of their face. It is enough that we know that the Wendigos are trying to kill Ayla.

“What the hell is going on?” I finally spoke. They all snapped out of their trance.

“They are getting closer, they were only a couple of miles away from my pack,” Daniel said.

What the hell has them so shaken up?


“The hunters.” Daniel simply said.

Well shit, what the hell I am going to do now?

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