The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Sixteen.

Wherever I was it was too bright, at the end of the trail where I stood alone surrounded by the bright light. Two very beautiful women stood in front of me. A bright halo surrounded them which made it impossible for me to see them. Their facial features were barely recognizable. You could barely make out the joy that danced within their eyes, it was as if they were happy to see me. It’s the same look that a mother gives their daughter when they know, they’re going up to be a beautiful young woman. It was strange how I felt towards them, it was as if magnetic energy was pulling me towards them. And I wanted to be embraced in their arms.

Both of them were tall and beautiful. The one on the right had long straight black hair, while the one on the left had beautiful long wavy blond hair. Both had fair skin as white as snow. The color of their eyes is unnoticeable, the light around them made it impossible to make out any of their features. Beautiful satin dresses adored their slim physic, matching the color of their hair.

“Come my child.” The woman wearing the satin black dress said. Extending her hand towards me.

Without hesitation my body slowly started to move towards them; it was as if I didn’t have a say. Deep down I knew they would not harm me. I felt at peace with them. Calm. After all, it is a dream. Right? It sure did not feel like one.

“You need to unify them, my love, you need to bring them together. But beware of those who try to harm you. Not everybody is happy that we created you. You are our greatest creation ever, you were here to thrive and make everybody fall to your feet. You have not become of age, so you are not to your full potential. So far, you have become more powerful than we could have imagined.” The beautiful, blond woman said. Her voice came out like an angels' voice.

“Creation? What are you talking about, I wasn’t created, I was born like any other human. I think. By what do you mean that I have not become of age? What will I become? Does this have to do with the eye color change? What do you mean that I will have everybody at my feet? Why aren’t you guys saying anything?” I asked frustrated, that not even them will respond to me what I am.

“All in time, all in time, my child, this gift we gave you will set you free soon, do not give up.” Both of them said at once, before disappearing right in front of me. Leaving me in the dark.

All in time, it kept ringing in my head. Not understanding what they have just told me. They didn't respond to any of my questions, all they gave me was innuendos, but it only made me more confused. What can I possibly be? I am pretty sure that I am something that the mundanes do not even know. Something that causes such confusion within the supernatural realm. To the extent that these creatures called wendigos are trying to take me out of this world.

As I tossed and turned in the bed I stretched my arms and searched for Alexander, but he was nowhere to be found. I had woken up in a dark room where he had left me in his soft bed. It was still pretty early the bedside table marked six a.m. The music from last night no longer was playing. The house was pretty quiet, except for the chattering and the arguing that was happening downstairs. Getting up from the bed I noticed I was still wearing the same outfit from last night. My hair must be a mess, I entered his bathroom to clean myself a bit. My bloody neck was the first thing that caught my attention. The blood had dried up, just thinking about what had happened last night made my cheeks go bright red. He had marked me. He marked me as his. Inspecting my neck and I removed the blood, there was no evidence that he had marked me. The protrusion that his fangs had done last night must have healed overnight.

A loud crash took me out of my world, making me head downstairs. The werewolves and vampires were sitting in the living room area. The glass center table shattered, but they all shared one thing in common. They look worried. It was painted across their faces. By the looks of it, it seems that none of them had gotten any sleep since the party. Dark bags adored their well-crafted faces. Had no one gone to bed? Maybe I should be asking myself at what time did the party end? All of them were still wearing the same clothes that they had at the party. The living room was spotless clean, red cups adorned the floor from the hallway, and the entrance to the house. I looked back to my group of friends and I made eye contact with Daniel; everything around us vanished.

War with the humans surrounded us, we were separated by a large house on fire. Guns and knives pointed to what I assume were Daniel’s pack members. Daniel was distracting the humans, fighting them, protecting his pack. As I teleported every single one of his pack members hiding away from the human hunters. Risking his life and fighting every human that would come near to where we are hiding. I felt the energy leaving my body making it weaker with each teleportation. The last one to save was Daniel. Nose dripped from my nose, and that when I knew. I knew I had only enough energy to save only one of us. Without hesitation, I looked at Daniel, and he gave me his famous puppy pleading eyes.

Knowing what was going to happen next, I heard him yelling at me, pleading for me to go with him. Yelling at me that we both can be safe, as I transported him, materializing in front of me. My whole body caved in, dropping to the ground, letting the darkness take over me.

I sprung up from the bed, sweat covered my body, my chest rising as if I had gone for a run. Taking in my surroundings I was back in Alexander’s room, all of my everybody surrounded the bed. They looked at me, but it seemed like they were seeing right through me. Everybody looks sad, but I have not seen one face. Quickly turning to the side I noticed that Alexander was lying unconscious next to me.

“What happened?” My voice was groggy and raw. Most of my friends were by my side within seconds, analyzing me, examining me. Making sure there is nothing wrong with me.

“How are you feeling?” Zander asked.

“Sore, but I am fine. What happened?” Asking for the second time, nobody looked at me.

“Do you not remember?” Grayson asked.

“I just remember locking eyes with Daniel, and everything went dark.” Trying to remember.

“So, Alexander fainted out of nowhere?” Janus asked furiously.

“Calm down man, she does not have anything to do with this.” Zander pulled Janus away from me, afraid that Janus might do something.

“No! She is the reason that our future king is in that bed unconscious. Only God knows what this freak has done.” Janus tried to make his way towards me but moved away.

A thousand types of emotion surrounding my body, but the biggest one yet is fear. Not afraid that Janus wanted to hurt me physically. No, I was afraid that I might have hurt Alexander. Afraid that I will lose my friends. What type of creature am I? I inflict not only disgust to the humans, but to the supernatural people too. One of the beautiful women described whatever is going out with me as a gift, but it didn’t feel like a gift. It was more like a curse, but this time this curse cannot be broken. Not even by true love.

“You do not know what you are talking about,” Adrastea said. Putting herself in front of me as a shield. Ready to fight Janus if necessary.

Insults started to pile up, tears started to fill my eyes. Adrastea tried to get Janus to stop but it was no use. Looking at a place Alexander all I could do was run. My barefoot paddling the cold pavement, trying to move as fast as I can. I couldn’t take any more insults that were coming out of Janus’ mouth. My name can be heard, as they call out to me to stop. But they are vampires; they could have stopped me if they wanted to. Somehow I managed to get to my house within a couple of minutes, my body was wet, from the small amount of rain falling outside, my legs were full of mud. Along with the dress that Adrastea loaned me. My body collapsed, drained, trying to hold my tears. Deep down I knew he did not mean it, but something must have happened while I was unconscious.

“Don’t you ever run out like that you could have gotten hurt,” Adrastea said kneeling in front of me, but I could not look at her. I did not know if she felt the same way.

Maybe she ran after me to make sure I will be alone so she can continue the insults that Janus started. She was here to drag me back to her mansion to somehow fix what I had fucked up. When she placed her hand on my shoulder all of those thoughts disappeared. She was here for me, but I still couldn’t make myself meet her gaze. How did I let my mind cloud with such foolish thoughts she had been the only one that defended me.

She placed her hand underneath my chin forcing me to look at her, she looked sad. Her black hair is wet as well, the dress she had worn last night is clinging to her skin drenched in the cold rain. All it took for her to give me a nod, I wrapped my arms around her as I started to sob. As she whispered over and over again that everything will be alright, and that the idiot did not mean it. But it did not make me feel better, I somehow hurt Alexander and I do not know-how. More importantly, I did not know how to fix it.

How can I fix the world around me?

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