The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Seventeen.

Hours have gone by and neither of us dared to speak, all we did was stare at the cup of hot chocolate in front of us lost within our own thoughts. The rain seems to be getting heavier outside the house. Thunder roared marking the house vibrate, but neither one of us was bothered by it. There are times that you wonder if what other people say is true.

For so long I have been called a freak, and I am starting to wonder if it is true. My eyes change color, apparently, they turn a bright purple. Whatever cut, burn, or beatings that I have gotten my body heals as if nothing ever happens. The connection to a vampire is not healthy, as well as the connection that I have with my werewolf best friend.

Today I experienced a vision with my best friends, and I do not think that normal humans would be capable of such things. My life was a mess as a human, now? Now my world has been turned upside down since the day I met Alexander under that stormy night. That night he was running away or hiding from something. Only if I knew what.

“You know he really didn’t mean it right?” Adrastea said, placing her empty cup in the sink.

“Who?” I played it dumb.

“Janus, you know he did not mean it. He just feels like he is screwing up his job. Ever since we came to this realm Alexander seems to be getting himself in these kinds of situations, and my father is not too fond of it.” She said as she sat right in front of me.

“To me, it seems like he meant every single word.” The hate in his eyes still haunted me. The anger in his voice brought tears to my eyes. I do not know if I would be able to face him.

“He didn’t trust me. He didn’t mean it.” She grabbed my hands, squeezing them with reassurance. “Janus is only angry at himself, angry that we have been here walking around with the humans, and my brother is constantly getting injured. Angry because he is not doing the job he was hired for. Very well. You see, Janus is to prevent anything bad from happening to my brother and so far. Well, so far he is not doing good. Alexander is constantly in danger, all because he is protecting you. Because you are his soul. I am not saying it is a bad thing, I would love that someone would do the thing Xander does with you. It is in our nature. And I know that you will protect him too.” As she explained she seemed sad and lost in her thoughts.

“It still hurts, he should be in my shoes. My whole life I have been called a freak, useless. A burden, and when he said it. When he said those words to me, it felt as if they were real. Hearing those words from my stepmother and sister is different; they never loved me, but him. Someone I believed to be my friend, someone I grew to trust and love like a brother; it is just…” Hot tears rolled down my face.

“I know he did, he is just angry and possibly a little jealous. He will come around, do not worry.” Giving me a tight hug.

Adrastea always knew what to say, but this time I do not think it will make me feel better. A friend hurt me and told me the things that I had confided in him, and he threw it at my face. Yet, nobody did anything. The only one that is here trying to console me is Adrastea. Where is Daniel? He had been the one that promised that no matter what he would be there for me. Father was right, you cannot trust everybody there is no such thing as someone that will keep their promises. We are all fools to believe that promises were not meant to break.

Those two women lied to me, I have been cursed since the day that they created me. My whole body shakes in rage. Glass shards flew around us, Adrastea ducked behind the counter yelling at me to calm down. Slowly crawling making her way towards me, trying to get hurt. The whole kitchen became a giant disaster. Where had this rage come from?

Alexander stood in the doorway in shock. All of my other friends surrounded me. My feet planted on the ground wind swirled all over the room. Light ignited from my fingertips, spreading throughout my body. Just like those two women, but I was not able to stop. The fire started to spread throughout my body, but it was not the same type of fire that I had felt with Alexander. This fire burned, excruciating pain ran through my body, causing me to fall to my knees. Howling in pain.

“Ayla! You have to stop!” Daniel’s voice can barely be heard through the storm inside my house.

“I can’t, I do not know what is happening.” Glass, paper, leaves, wood, chairs, and tables were swirling around me. My group of friends stood outside of the swirl. I was in the middle of the chaos and there was no way out of it. My friends yelled at me to stop, to take control of my power. But they cannot understand that I do not know how, they do know that I am not the one that is controlling this.

Cries of wendigos can be heard from afar. They also felt the power leaving my body and they are on their way to kill me. How the hell was I able to understand them?

“My love, calm down, I am here for you!” Alexander yelled through the wind and thunder. Along with items crashing against each other.

“If you do not stop this madness those rotten creatures will come for you,” Janus yelled. I was not too sure if he was trying help, or he hoped they would come and get me.

“Why do you care? Wouldn’t it be easier for you? I wouldn’t impose anymore, and you would be able to protect Alexander how you desire.” Throwing his harsh words from earlier.

My body filled with rage once more and the storm grew more powerful, to the point that the storm that surrounded me made it impossible for me to see any of my friends. Arguing between my friends can barely be made out. Goans and angry moans can be heard as the wendigos are coming closer. I’ve destroyed the house, my stepmother will not be pleased about it. She left me for only a night, and I have already trashed the house. My body grew weaker making me drop to my knees, The storm around me started to slow down as I remembered who I was; warm arms surrounded me making me let my full guard down. Making the storm stop all of the sudden.

“Grayson, Daniel, distract the wendigos and divert them from her scent. Zander, Janus clean up this mess, make it look as if it was an accident. Adrastea, take her home and get her cleaned up. I will meet you there in a bit.” Alexander started shouting orders.

She slowly pulled me away from Alexander, so delicately as if I was a porcelain doll about to shatter under pressure. Blood dripped throughout my body due to the glass shards flying around. Within a blink of the eye, we are already walking into the beautiful while mansion of theirs. My body was so weak that I do not know where Adrastea has the energy or the strength to get up the stairs but she did and did not seem to have a problem with it.

Hot water ran all over my body; steam fogging up the mirror. Water droplets were forming on the wall. Adrastea cleaning off all of the glass that had gotten stuck in my skin. Blood swirled down the drain, but I no longer had wounds. Whatever I am, I have the ability to heal within seconds, and I should be thankful for that. Sitting in the white bathtub, naked as the water ran over me; I replayed the storm of trash and part of my house that I had created. All because I was angry. Angry that I could have hurt someone, but after the stunt I did I was surprised that no one got hurt but me.

Alexander risked his life to come and save me, he saved me from myself. That very moment it felt as if he was my kryptonite, he had weakened me. Somehow I do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. In the end, I am glad he stopped me.

A distinct animal growl vibrated throughout the small town, and I knew who it was.

“They want to kill me.” My voice is barely audible, but enough for my vampire friend to hear.

“Who?” Worry and confusion flashed across her face.

“The wendigos. I heard them. They want me dead.” Staring at the white wall in front of me.

Adrastea did not have anything to say, by the glaze over her eyes I knew she was mind linking someone. She slowly dressed me, after I assured her that I was fine. Yet, she did not listen. Adrastea lingered around the room but left as soon as Alexander walked into the room. I could bring myself to look at him. I was ashamed for what had happened and for what I had done. I just sat by the bay window looking at how the gray clouds poured water over the dying grass.

His heavy boots can be hard as he made his way towards me, I stopped breathing completely. Not knowing what was going to happen next. But we all needed to face what had happened today. Not only from the vision but what I had caused in my stepmother’s house.

“You know, you put yourself in danger. They want to kill you and they want to do it as soon as possible.” He did not need to mention who. I knew the wendigos wanted to kill me, we still do not know the reason they want me dead. “ I could have lost you today.” He sat in front of me. Placing a loose strand behind my ear. Cupping my face.

“I know, and I am sorry. It is just that everything is so confusing. It is too much to take in all of the sudden. I was trying to prepare myself, but it is too much.” Hot tears rolled down my face. Before new ones can roll down his large warm hand wipes them away.

Giving me a tender kiss on my lip, making me whimper at the sparks that erupted. It will be something that I will never get used to. Worry with adoration can be seen in his crystal blue eyes.

“You do not have to be sorry, it is hard finding all of this out. And it is a little harder knowing that there are creatures that are trying to kill you. But they won’t be getting anywhere near you. I promise you that.” Hugging me tightly. All of my negative thoughts had just blown off.

I was back home, I was in his arms and I felt safe.

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