The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Eighteen.

Nightfall has rolled around; I was still in Alexander’s embrace. The house was extremely quiet, and that is what I needed. I needed a few moments with my thoughts. There were too many events that had happened in just a couple of hours and I didn’t know how to handle it. Especially because I saw Alexander laying next to me motionless. I’ve been wrapped around my own problems, that I do not know how Daniel felt or Alexander.

“Have you feed?” Looking through my eyelashes making Alexander groan.

“Not since last night, but I am fine. We royals don’t have to feed on human blood every day.” Kissing my head again. “And don’t look at me like that, it drives me crazy.” Causing me to smile. Giving him a small kiss.

We strained silent for a couple of minutes before the bedroom door flung wide open. Revealing a very sweaty shirtless Daniel. Alexander quickly moved in front of me, preventing me from seeing my best friend. Causing me to giggle at his action. He looked over his shoulder giving me a most handsome smile that can make me melt like chocolate on a hot day.

I've said it once Daniel is handsome and well-built but he is not my type. Soon I will have to let Alexander know of that.

“They are getting closer, day by day. And it is not only my pack they are after. They seem to think you and your family are rogues. They are keeping a close eye on you guys. Daniel said between pants, as he was still breathing heavily.

“ We need to find a better location for you guys, and I am not helping you because we are friends. I am doing it because my soul, somehow, is fond of you guys, and she doesn’t want you hurt. But those hunters are not going to stop until they get what they want. Leave it to the wolves to make the humans angry enough to kill them.” Alexander gave him a snarky remark.

“Hunters? Does this have to do with the vision he had?” Looking at Daniel hoping, I can get some answers.

“What vision?” Alexander asked as Danny only nodded at my directions.

So, the people that I had seen in the vision are human, human hunters. They will get to them. But are they the same group of people that I had seen during that night? The night that I had saved Alexander. They wanted him dead. Did they know about the supernatural?

“Ayla and I had a vision, showing us that there will be a war with the humans before both of you passed out.”

“You passed out at the same time I did? Could it have been because of the bite?” Trying to clear my mind.

“Bite?” Daniel growled.

His eyes turned coal black, his canines extending slowly changing the best he is. Ready to pounce at Alexander has his nails curl into a fist. Yet, Alexander did not seem worried; an evil smirk adorns his face, a cocky one. Still looking handsome, as he crossed his arms switching between legs. Like always Alexander stood there while he waited for Daniel to do the first move. Soon after Daniel tackled Alexander, breaking anything and everything that was on their way. Why do I find myself in this situation?

“Both of you stop it!” I shouted, and automatically they both jumped away from each other. Just like last time. Could that be because of what I am?

With the whole racket that they have caused, I had not noticed that we had an audience Janus, Zander, and Adrastea was at the doorway enjoying the short fight among the guys. Adrastea and Zander were laughing and joking around how they looked like puppies that I have tired. That whenever I say stop they will. Janus on the other hand would not meet my eyes, and it was better that way. I do not know if I am still ready to talk to him.

“Come on let’s order something to eat! I am starving.” Adrastea pulled me out of the room, looking back at Alexander nervous by what she had meant. All he did was send me a wink causing me to blush and look down.

“Do… Do you guys eat like normal food?” I was afraid to hear the answer. I knew they were vampires but I am not sure I am entirely comfortable knowing that they will be drinking blood in front of me. Do they get it fresh from a human? Do they do animal blood? Or do they get it in bags from like a blood bank?

“Calm down, I can only imagine what is going through that head of yours.” She laughed, flicking my head. “We do eat normal food, we do not actually just drink blood…”

“We need solid food to sustain life, just like you guys. Blood is like water to humans.” Zander added cutting off Adrastea.

“It is time that you guys answer all of my questions.” Hoping they will agree.

“Where do I begin?” Alexander said hugging me from behind, causing Adrastea to gag as she ordered pizza.

As we ate Alexander did the most talking, mostly because he wouldn’t let anybody talk. He would just talk over them and carry on the conversation. But I found out that vampires and werewolves were actually created by some goddess. Not by a curse cast by a witch of the devil-like people of the books make it seem. Vampires were created by a goddess that they address as the Evernight Goddess, she created the vampires from a human that was able to see demons. The first vampire’s name was Balthazar. He was created under the red blood moon. He was created to protect humankind from demons or any creature that tries to harm the human race. A small price was to pay, he needs to drink blood in order to be strong and help the less fortunate.

After many years of protecting the human race, Balthazar fell in love with a human girl. But couldn’t give in to his feelings because he did not know better. The Evernight Goddess saw his pain, yet he was so hardworking and obedient that she created the kindred souls for the vampires. That is when he was able to give in to his feeling knowing that the girl he had fallen in love with was his kindred soul. But what the Evernight goddess did not know; is by making Balthazar his soul it only made him stronger. Enough that Balthazar went out to create new vampires to create a kingdom to be able to protect the vampires and the human race without being caught.

Daniel explained how the werewolf was created. Werewolves were created by a goddess as well. To say the least, they were not really created, it was meant to be a course. The Moonlight Goddess was the one that created the werewolves after two brothers fell deeply in love with her. War started between them fighting over who loved her the most. She told them if they wanted to act like wild animals, well wild animals they will become. Cursing them to become a giant wolf under the blue moon. After years went by she saw how lonesome they were because she decided to grant them the gift of finding their soulmate. Someone perfect for each other.

As the years went by the vampires created a realm, a safe haven for the creatures out in the world to be protected by humans. Balthazar still ruled the land and allowed the wolves to create one large pack leaving an Alpha and a beta to control the wolves. In a tragic accident, Alpha Jona lost his mate. He became angry and bitter until one day he met Sofia. Little did he know that Sofia was king Balthazar’s kindred soul. But that didn’t stop her, he fell in love with her and wanted to make her his.

War, among the wolf and vampires, started the day that Jona decided to kidnap Sofia. It did not take a long time after king Balthazar brought an army of vampires together to rescue his queen. After rescuing his soul, and winning the battle against wolves he banished them from their safe haven to fend for themselves. Ever since the wolves have separated into small groups called packs so they wouldn’t draw attention to themselves and lived among humans. Hiding from the hunters for years now.

“There aren’t really a lot of demons coming to earth, our main focus is the wendigos that like to indulge in human flesh, and sometimes they like to mimic them, just for fun,” Zander added.

“But why are they after me?” Voicing my question out loud.

“We do not know yet, but we will protect you,” Janus said. Still not looking at me directly in the eyes.

“I don’t think so,” I whispered enough for them to hear. “But what about the hunters? Daniel and I saw a vision about the war with the hunters.” Changing the subject.

“We were just fighting them.” Daniel quickly said I had a feeling he really didn’t want to tell them what had happened.

Alexander squinted his eyes at Daniel not sure to believe him.

“For now I need to talk to my father about a future temporary alliance with the wolves. But my main priority and concern are keeping you safe from the wendigos. And find out the reason they want you dead. It is weird seeing them in packs. They usually do not like the company.” Alexander notified everybody, before leaving me alone in a room where everybody started whispering plans and ideas. As a group, we have a problem, but I myself have problems on my own. I still do not know what I am.

And I need to find out soon.

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