The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Nineteen.

For the rest of the thanksgiving break, I had to stay with Alexander and his family. Not that I minded I loved how close we have become. Janus eventually apologized, and Alexander would let Daniel and Grayson visit every once in a while. But couldn’t stay long; they were too busy distracting the hunters. Driving them away from the pack. Alexander and Janus kept busy, trying to drive away, the wendigos from my scent. Leaving Zaiden and Adrastea to keep me entertained, or answering most of my questions. Well, the ones that had to do with the vampires. They were not the biggest fans of the werewolves. Any questions I had about werewolf Danny was more than excited to answer.

When it was time to go home Alexander drove me. To my surprise, the house had been fixed, as if nothing had happened. I’m positive it had to do with the guys, but I am grateful they did it. It will have my stepmother off my back. Samantha and Isadora will be arriving tomorrow, Adrastea will be staying with me throughout the night just like we did during the week. Alexander grew distant after the night of the party. He still would hug me every once in a while, but it didn’t feel the same. Somehow that is far from my problems, going back to school, and having to deal with the she-devils at home. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

What I had dreaded the most, arrived way too quickly. It was as if a week did not happen. The yelling between Isadora and Ray had gotten worse by the hour, yet so frustrating. Samantha had been yammering about how Alexander did not text her once throughout the break. To say the least, they were all in a foul mood, and I know that they will be taking it out on me.

It’s December, my birthday is only a few days away. Soon I will be turning eighteen. And I am afraid, afraid of what I will become. The two ladies have come to visit me in my dreams again, but they kept on repeating the same things. I haven’t let anyone know about these dreams. All they say is that when the time is right, I shall know. My powers will be at full capacity when I turn eighteen. Looking at my reflection in the mirror. Fear was all I can read, I am afraid; I almost destroyed the house. What else can I do?


If I wanted to end my life today would be a good day, school was horrible. Not only Isadora and Samantha in a bad mood but so is the entire school. Maybe they were mad that the break was over, or there must have been something in the air that made them all angry. I cannot wait for Adrastea to come back, she is the only one that can make me laugh, other than Janus. But the situation there has not been the same since he had snapped at me. Walking the halls with Zaiden by my side gave me a brilliant idea. I wanted him to help me protect myself. He was the head guard from Zaiden, he can teach me a few things.

“Zaiden,″ I questioned looking at the ground, pushing through the crowd to leave school.

“Yes, princess?” Zaiden has been calling me princess ever since the day I had revealed that I knew what he was. Just because Alexander is the prince and I am his kindred soul makes me a princess.

“Don’t call me that please,” I begged. Giving him the best puppy eyes only causing him to chuckle. “Can you teach me how to fight? I do not want to rely on you guys forever. I will be turning eighteen on Friday, and I will be moving out. And before you start no. I will get my own place.” We were in his car already.

“I am not sure princess, I do not think Alexander will like that idea.” Turning on the ignition while pulling out of the school parking lot.

“Well, it is not up to him. You will teach me and we will keep it a secret.” Without any further fight, he agreed as he drove me home.

Every day after school he will meet me in a cabin in the woods, he will teach me how to protect myself how he was taught. Today will be our first day of training, it took a lot of convincing. We drove for about fifteen minutes, only seeing trees for miles on. I was starting to doze off but woke up as soon as Zaiden started driving on the gravel, signaling that we are nearing the cabin.

The car came to a sudden halt, a rustic, old cabin was in front of us. Zaiden got out of the car, no words needed to be said. I followed him inside, the cabin was small, yet it looked cozy. It had a small living room with a single leather couch that was placed right in front of the fireplace. Two applewood tables were placed to the sides; two lamps were on top of them to give a little bit of light. There were two rooms that I had not seen, one I can assume is the kitchen and the other one is a bedroom.

Zaiden went to a nearby closet taking out a large black bag, the laid back zander was gone, his face only read authority.

“Choose your weapon,” Zaiden said, opening the large bag revealing all kinds of weapons. The ones that caught my eyes were two identical daggers with an amethyst stone-encrusted to them.

I quickly placed them in my boots, but that was not the only thing that caught my eye. It was an amazing sword with the same stones along with the handle. As I lifted it up, as if it weighed nothing. If I had a mirror in front of me I could feel my eyes shining like a kid on Christmas.

“These were meant to be for you,” Zaiden said, placing the bag back into the closet.

“What? How were they meant for me?” I asked. But somehow what he had said made sense.

“I was created by the Evernight Goddess, but I was created with a purpose. It did not matter what type of soul mate you had chosen, I was made to protect you. To help you become the greatest. To bring you to your full potential, but this needs to stay within us.” Zaiden was here to help me, he was here to show me the way.

“Wait, so you know what I am?” I do not know if I was excited or mad. He might have known what I was a long time ago and he did not have the courage to tell me.

“I was only following rules, seeing that your birthday is this Friday they allowed me to tell you. They told me that the day you come and ask for my help, I was to agree. Somehow you did it sooner than they anticipated. You are an eager one princess.” Chuckling to himself. As he helped me strap my sword around my waist.

“Please tell me what I am, and please stop calling me princess.” I plead.

“You are not only a princess because you chose to be Alexander’s Kindred Soul, but because you are the daughter of those two goddesses you have been visiting within your dreams. The Evernight and the Moonlight Goddess are your mothers. They created you, so that makes you a goddess. They had decided to call you The Goddess of Beasts. You can control every supernatural being in this world, and in our realm, just by the power of your voice. Along with other super-abilities that we have to wait for when you become of age this Friday.” Zaiden explained letting me fall onto the couch.

I am the Goddess of Beasts? Why would they create me? How can I be a goddess if I had lived a normal life as a human being, well most of it? Everything started to go all wild and weird when Alexander had arrived in this town. But was this all fate? Was I meant to be out that stormy night, or was I meant to help Alexander? He did say that I was able to choose my mate. How did I choose Alexander? Did my body automatically know?

“I know it is all too much to take in, but I will explain everything little at a time. Your mother didn’t know you were this powerful. We cannot explain how your powers are starting to show although you are only seventeen. Right now we need to train, then we talk.” He offered me his hand as I stood up from the couch. He was right, if he was really meant to guide me I should trust him. He had been the only one that was defending me. Zaiden was truly my protector.

We practiced for about two hours, Zaniden was tough, but I knew he only wanted me to succeed. Although I had a good time practicing, I did not like facing an angry Isadora. She has punished me, forbidding me forever going out because I was late, but soon she will not have that power over me anymore. I will be eighteen, and she will have to pay back all of the money that she had used that was rightfully mine.

After I let her beat me, I ran up to my room, removing the contacts before standing under the hot water. Washing away the dry blood, and relaxing my muscles. Contemplating what I had learned about myself over the past few hours. Zaiden also gave me his number for anything that I needed. He made it seem as if he was here to be my servant but I will not treat him like such. He will only be my friend, and if I can I will hire him to be my guard for a while until I can take care of myself.

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