The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Two.

Dragging a body, to my room, in the middle of a stormy night; does not put me in a good position. If anybody was around, they will call the cops without hesitation. I look at wooden stairs that lead up to my room. I take a couple of deep breaths, preparing myself.

Using all of my strength to move him from step to step. Pulling him from under his arms, I groan as I try to get him at least two steps up. Looking at the dark hallway; I still have a couple of steps left.

The heavy stranger was still passed out, as I try to get him up as far as I can. With all this work, I know for sure that I will be sore tomorrow. Maybe even sick for being out in the rain for so long. Making, the last few steps up I push open the second door. Dragging, the wounded stranger across my room. Carefully placing him on my bed.

I took off my shoes, so I wouldn’t track any more mud than there already is. Closed the door behind me, I ran to my bathroom to get the first aid kit.

Tossing it on the bed; while I took off the heavy soaked jacket. Stripping him down to his shirt and boxers; blushing the whole time, as I am removing the pieces of clothing. Placing my hair into a messy bun, I pull out a clean scalpel and medical thongs. Putting on my plastic gloves, I start taking out the bullets from his leg. Placing the metal on the tray beside me. He was still losing blood, so I stitched him up as fast as I could. Taping a large gauze to cover up his wound.

Moving to the upper body, I fetch some large scissors that were sitting on my desk, I cut open his shirt. Taking in his toned pale body; made me blush even harder.

Focus, Ayla, focus.

Blood kept oozing out his left side, above his hip bone. Seeing the large object under the dim light I noticed it was a wooden stake. I took a hold of the stake ready, to pull it out.

“One, two, three” I whispered to myself, as I pulled the wooden stake, placing it in the tray with the bullets.

Taking out the piece of cloth, that was in the wound. I disinfected it, stitched him up, and placed a large gauze with medical tape. Covering him up with my black comforter; I made my way to my bathroom; to take a warm shower and get rid of the cold, wet clothes. Not to mention the stranger’s blood on my hands.

Standing under the hot steam, watching the mixture of red blood, and mud, wash down the drain. I let my tensed, cold muscles relax as I started rethinking the events. What would have happened if I didn't help him? Would they have killed him? Why were they after him?

As I lathered my hair with my coconut-scented shampoo, I couldn’t stop thinking about what the stranger had said to me. I frowned in confusion; what confused me the most is when he asked me, what was I. Before he fell to his knees.

What was I?

When I finished with my shower; the words kept repeating themselves over, and over again. I made my way to the room fully dressed; with a damp towel, to clean up the blood and mud he had visible. By the time I was done, I looked at the phone and noticed that it was three in the morning. But, I still wasn't tired. The adrenaline is still going through my body, so I cleaned the mud from my room. When I was done; it was almost four in the morning. I sat in my armchair, got an extra blanket trying to get some sleep. Before I have to wake up at six in the morning, to fix breakfast for, my evil stepmother and sister.


“Ayla! Where the fuck is my breakfast!” Samantha yelled, banging on my door.

I quickly sat up, looked at the nightstand, noticed that it was seven in the morning. I needed to get everything done and leave if I want to make it to school in time. Looking at my bed I saw that the wounded stranger was not there. All of the medical equipment that I had used was gone as well. But, I decided to ignore it for the moment. I ran to the bathroom, changed, brushed my teeth, not worrying about how I looked. I made my way to the kitchen.

I decided to cook bacon and eggs with toast. I was working on the dishes; when my stepmother walked in wearing half of her perfume bottle. Samantha is hot in her toes. My mind was still wondering how did the stranger leave if he was badly wounded.

“Did you find it?” Isadora asked.

“Yes, here you go.” Placing the clean ring in her hand.

“Good you may leave,” Isadora said.

I made my way to my room to gather the things I needed for school. The clock blinked seven-thirty, my ride would be long gone.

Looking at my bed once more, my mind went straight to the stranger. Why did he leave? How did I not hear him? I am a very light sleeper. I should have been able to hear him walking around, cleaning the room.

Or did I imagined everything?

No of course not; I couldn’t have been that delusional. I couldn't have imagined helping a stranger. Helping him escape, cleaning up his wounds. I don’t think I dreamt it was all too real. It had to be.

Picking up my backpack, I noticed the leather jacket. The leather jacket that I had taken off the stranger. It was under my bed, he must have forgotten it. Should I take it with me? No, I need to leave it here, just out of my stepmother and stepsister’s sight.

Hearing the thunder rumble through the walls, I knew I needed to take a thick jacket. To my luck, the jacket; was still soaking from last night’s trip. I decided to put on the stranger's leather jacket; I don’t think I will be seeing him anytime soon. The jacket was huge, but who am I to complain if it was going to cover me from the rain.

Putting on my muddy boots from last night, I took off running towards school. It was no longer raining, but there were puddles from the rain from last night. I stopped to look at the muddy ground there was no footprint. No sign that there were two of us. The heavy rain must have washed them off. Thunder roared, bringing me out of my thoughts. I took off running towards school.

Daniel usually picks me up, but I was running late. Our daily routine is him picking me up at seven in the morning. Several houses down from mine. According to Isadora, I am not allowed to have friends. So, we keep it a secret.

Although, Samantha knows that I hang around a group of boys, and she hasn't said anything to Isadora. Which makes me believe that deep down she is not evil. She just wants her mother's attention.

Being only a couple of minutes away from school the thunder roared one more time. Just my luck, it started to rain. Pushing my legs further I picked up the speed until I saw the school entrance. My hair had gotten soaked, once again but I was fine with it.

“Someone is looking like a wet puppy,” Daniel said out of nowhere.

“Go away.” Hitting, him with my wet hair.

“Didn’t get enough sleep?” Danny asked, putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Whose jacket is that?” He asked lifting the large sleeve.

“No, I did not, my stepmother sent me out to look for her diamond ring last night. In the rain, long story short it was a long night.” Ignoring his other question. “I’ll see you in class. I need to get a few things from my locker.” I left before he could say anything.

The hallway was crowded especially for a Monday. I guess people are forgetting that a vacation is coming up. Most of the people in the town always migrate to warmer locations for the winter holidays. Samantha and Isadora will be going to California for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Me? I get to sleep in and be able to roam the house without having them pestering me.

"My jacket looks better on you than it does on me.” A deep voice said, making me jump, hitting my face against the locker, as I closed it.

“Jesus! Ow. What the...” Jacket? Massaging the right side of my face. I looked up and came face to face with those crystal blue eyes from last night.

“Cat got your tongue?” The gorgeous stranger said, looking fresh. He was like a completely different person to the one I had seen last night.

Wearing a leather jacket; with a dark blue shirt underneath some dark pants and his muddy boots. He did not seem to be in pain. He leans on the locker beside me, looking at me with an amused smile. Making my heart go crazy.

“You... How... How are you here? After last night?” Whispering, so no one can hear me.

“I just took pain meds my parents do not know what happened so they made me come to school.” Giving me a shrug as if the whole situation wasn't a big deal.

“Did you not tell them? I mean you were hurt and lost a lot of blood. If anything you should be in the hospital. When I woke up this morning I thought you might have gone to the hospital.” My head started to hurt, as I tried to figure out what has happened in the last few hours.

“There was no need, I am a whole lot better. Besides, I had a good doctor.” He said, winking at me, sending me over the edge.

“Hey bro, ready to go?” A tall brown-haired guy, with hazel eyes, smacked the stranger on the back making him hiss in pain.

“Idiot,” The stranger growled.

“Shit sorry man I forgot,” Did he tell him but not his parents?

“It is okay, be more careful next time, you big idiot,” Brushing it off, taking deep breaths to ease out the pain.

“Who is this cutie?” The brown-haired guy asked looking at me with a huge smile.

“She was the one who helped me.” He growled at his friend.

Why would he tell his friend, but not his parents? Who am I to butt in.

“Oh, the one that got you naked without a date, nice.” The blue-eyed stranger smacked; the brown-haired boy on the head making me giggle

“I am so sorry, he does not have any manners.” The blue-eyed boy said, chuckling.

“You know I do, not with you. Anyway, I am Janus Anderson, nice to meet you.” The brown-haired guy said, giving me a handshake. “Thank you for taking care of his dumb ass, If it weren’t for you god knows what would have happened to him.” I can tell he is the funny one from the group.

“Ayla, the dumb ass, savior.” Making both, them laugh.

“Alexander, Janus, come on we are going to be late.” A short female with short black hair yelled at them; from the end of the hall.

“See you around, maybe I can get my jacket back,” Alexander said, with his bad-boy smirk.

“Dude, just let her keep it, she saved your life, after all, not many people do that,” Janus said; as they were walking away.

Before they were out of sight, I could have sworn that Alexander sent a wink my way, making my heart do cartwheels. How can he be in pain, yet be so smooth?

“Who are they?” Daniel asked from behind me.

“Jesus! What’s with everyone scaring me today?” Shoving him as I tried calming my heart down.

“Is that his jacket?” He asked, getting angry.

Daniel and I have known each other even before my parent's death. He has always been there for me. He has even offered to live with him, saying that his parents would not mind. He was the one that helped me with the arrangement for when I turned eighteen. I loved him to bits, but his love has not the same as mine. He was romantically in love with me. It didn't matter how many times we discuss the matter. Danny has not given up, mind you. It's been ten years.

Danny was a very good-looking guy with, ashy brown hair, with a tan complexion, which made his stormy gray eyes pop. He worked out like crazy making him have a drool-worthy body, but I cannot seem to love him more than a brother.

“Danny, we are not dating so you do not have to go all beast on me. Yes, the jacket is his. I ran into him last night. My jacket was torn and I was getting wet so he offered me his jacket. If it weren’t for the jacket I would be sick, so calm down.” I lied. I couldn’t tell Daniel that I helped him escape from a group of people that was after him.

“I know, I am sorry I am still working on it.” Rubbing the back of his neck.

“Let’s go to class,” I said as I dragged them to history.

The first part of the day went by painfully slow. I had Alexander and Janus for the first four classes. Daniel and his whole group of friends did not like the attention they received from the female population. Daniel and his friends were known as the ‘hot’ group. I chatted a little bit with both Janus and Alexander. Mostly, telling them what we are doing in each class. Daniel did not like that either. He kept on telling me how he disliked them, and how they are huge playboys. At lunch, I decided to go to the library to try and get some sleep. But Daniel and Grayson had other plans.

“Come on Ay, we need to beat them,” Grayson pulled me by the leather jacket.

“No, I want to sleep. I don’t care who wins. You guys are pathetic.” Trying to break out of his hold.

“That wounds me, my love, we need to win,” Daniel said, pulling my other sleeve.

The whole cafeteria was buzzing over the; three new hot boys and the new hot girl. Yes, even Samantha. She was batting her fake eyelashes every time she would talk to Alexander in Bio. He would mostly ignore her, but now and then; he would hold a conversation of few words. Janus would cough whore under his breath, which made me laugh. I would get in trouble with the teacher, which would make the guys hold their laughter.

“Are you even listening?” Gray asked.

“Nop, not at all. I told you, I needed a nap.” Laying my head on the cold surface of the table.

“Well, I said what the hell do they see in that guy? I doubt he is funnier than me.” He huffed, as he was the big bad wolf.

“I don’t know Gray, Janus, and I was talking in bio. He is really funny. Maybe even funnier than you." Giving him a shrug, while Daniel burst out laughing; he knew me too well.

Grayson had his mouth hung out in shock. I turned to look at the table where the ‘hot’ guys are sitting. And noticed Alexander looking at me. Janus, being his crazy self, I can only assume. Giving him a small wave, a huge smile appeared on his face. He waved Gavin back, before paying attention to his conversation with his friends.

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