The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Twenty.

It is finally Friday, my birthday has finally arrived. I was now eighteen. I’m currently standing in front of the mirror, I saw how my amethyst eyes color is reverting to my emerald green. Somehow I did not feel any different. I looked the same, Zaiden had stayed with me throughout the night in case something happened, but the night was uneventful. As I got ready for the day, I kept a close eye on my phone. Hoping that Alexander would call me or send me a message. He had been really distant even more than throughout the break. If I was truly his kindred soul he would not act like this right? Even more, after he had bitten me marking me as his.

I turned to look at my empty room, all that was left was the old mattress that I would sleep on. Throughout the week Zaiden had helped move my things out and allowed me to live in the cabin where we practiced every day. Yes, Isadora had forbidden me from going out, but I would seek out every time I was done with my chores and locked myself in my bedroom. Today will be different, today I am not going to cook for them, I am not going to clean for them. That story is over now.

You can hear them yelling for me to go downstairs, and make them breakfast; instead, I walked out the door running happily making my way towards Daniel’s car that was parked right in front of the house. A large smile stretched across my face as I saw him standing there holding a little box with a red bow.

“Happy birthday,” He whispered as he gave me a tight hug. “Open it.” handing me the gift looking nervous.

“Danny, you didn’t have to,” I said untying the red bow, to open the box. Revealing the most beautiful ring. It was in the shape of a crescent moon, with an amethyst stone. It was beautiful.

“Do you like it?” He asked as he cleared the throat, but all I could do was nod.

I can’t explain why I was lost in words, it is not like he has never given me a gift, they are all beautiful, but this one. This one represented me. Well, half of what I am.

“I got it because it reminded me of your eyes, we do not know what you are yet but your eyes are beautiful, just like you. And I know that you did not choose me, you rather be with that idiot, but I still love you.” Danny was massaging the back of his neck, a habit he does when he gets nervous.

“Danny, I was not meant to be your mate, Your mate will be here soon. But I love you too. And I love this gift so much thank you.” Sliding the ring unto my middle finger. Jumping into his arms giving him a hug, which he did not return. Instead, he just stood there as if he was in shock.

“Ay, your eyes turned purple when you said that.” That was all Daniel said before getting inside the car.

“What is wrong? Did I do something?” Climbing in after him, giving Grayson a quick wave.

“Nothing, Ayla, it was just a little stranger sorry.” Squeezing my hand in reassurance.

I didn’t know what else to say, I just sat back in my seat and saw the familiar route to school. Everything was going alright, until now. I just stared at my new ring for the rest of the way. As soon as the car parked all of my friends surrounded it with flowers and balloons. This is the first year since my parent’s death that I will be receiving more than one gift, and I do not know how to handle it. My heart was about to explode.

“Happy Birthday!” Everybody yelled causing lingering students to look at us strangely.

“Shh guys!” Laughing as I gave each and every one of them a hug.

I was happy that I am spending my birthday with the people I grew to love although they are different. All but one, Alexander. The bell rang and we all separated like ants. Zaiden, as always walked me to my class, letting me know that training for today will be canceled seeing that it is my birthday. Using the excuse that they want to celebrate as it should. But deep down I knew something was going to turn out wrong. It always has, and today so far it has been too good to be true.

Throughout the day was okay, I can say that it was a good day, after school Adrastea dragged me to the mall to buy a dress, and forced me to get my hair and nails done. This time I was able to pay for some of it, my trust fund had been given to me now. It was close to eight at night when we got done with the whole girls’ day. Adrastea drove us to her house because she said she had something special for her, and that made her stomach into knots. She can get carried away sometimes and I do not know what to expect.

All of the lights were off when we got to her house, which is strange, they always have them on.

“Adrastea, what are you guys up to?” I asked, removing the seat belt.

“Oh come on, let’s just go inside.” Pulling me next to her as we took the steps to the front door.

When she opened the door, once again the whole house was dark, and I knew something must be wrong. I turned to look at Adrastea; she had her signature smirk, which I can only tell there might be trouble at the end of this night.

“Surprise!!” Everybody yelled as soon as Adrastea flipped the light switch, causing me to stare in awe. All of my friends, and even some people at school that I don’t even know. How the hell did they pull this off without me even knowing?

Music started blasting through the house. All of the teenagers cheered and spread out like ants in the rain. Some went to the kitchen I assume to get drinks, others headed straight to the makeshift dance floor in the living room. The rest locked lips with people they didn’t even know and started to dry hump each other. It took a matter of seconds before the entire house started to smell like sweat and alcohol. Realizing that this will be the second party that I will attend, but this party was for me. They had organized this party for my birthday, and I couldn’t have been more grateful. But there will be no drinking on my part. After all, I just turned eighteen and I still do not know if something can happen to me.

I was sitting alone on the sofa watching how all the teenagers from my school got intoxicated. A sudden surge of power went through my body, which scared me. I quickly ran up the stairs, and without even noticing I had gotten into Alexander’s room. It was as if my body acted on its own. The room seemed to be empty, I leaned against the door, closed my eyes, and tried to relax, but it seems that the surge of power is only intensifying. Alexander’s bathroom door suddenly flew open revealing a half-naked Alexander. All he had hanging from his waist was a black fluffy towel.

“Ayla are you alright?” Alexander was in front of me within seconds holding me by the face, studying me.

“Yes, I am fine.” Pulling away before I did something that I will end up regretting. When I looked back at Alexander, he looked troubled. Like he was trying hard holding in something.

“Why aren’t you at the party?” Alexander asked, walking into the closet.

“I am not into parties,” I said before opening the bedroom door. He had made it clear during the past two weeks that he doesn’t really want to be near me.

“Wait! I need to talk to you!” Alexander yelled l before I could get any further away from his room. My body automatically came to a halt and walked back into the room.

“I wanted... Happy birthday, love.” Giving me a tender kiss on my forehead. “I even think that I may love you, but...” My heart wants crazy, making all of the butterflies fly like crazy around my stomach. But suddenly stopped when he said that word. Nothing good can come after that word.

“But?” I pushed knowing that I will not like what I am going to hear. I was already mentally preparing myself.

“But, I can’t make you into my mate, I cannot accept you and make you Queen of Garmoniya. My father will never accept it.” I can hear my heart shatter within. Breaking into a million pieces. The only thing I could think of was hurting him. With all the strength in me, I lifted my hand and slapped him. Turning his face sideways, yet he made no intentions in looking back at me. My eyes filled up with tears, but I will be damned if I let one stray for him.

“You cannot fucken say that, You cannot say that you might be in love with me then just tell me you do not want anything to do with me. What’s going to happen to me, after all, you did bite me. Didn’t you say that you had marked me? Why do that if you are going to leave me.” Pushing him hard, but he did not budge. He was still looking to the side, making me grow in anger.

“By the way, I will make the best Queen there is, but I see that you saved me from that. I wouldn’t want to rule next to you anyway.” Lies those where all lies.

What would I give to rule next to him, all just to be with him. But that didn’t matter anymore, he had broken the last of my heart. My whole body became numb, I moved through the crowd until I was outside. Feeling the cold breeze hit my body I shivered. The loud music can still be heard, I just walked to the wood, just by the edge. A loud yell left my body. Pain ran through my veins. My neck started throbbing in pain, just where he had bitten me. This must be part of his rejection. Must it hurt this bad?

There was no way to know how long I was sitting outside before a loud shriek brought me out of my world. But it was no regular shriek.

A wendigo shriek and it was heading this way.

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