The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Twenty One.

My body automatically moved, shoving people around the party, telling them to leave. Even though they didn’t listen. I needed to find Zaiden. Looking frantically through the crowd I found him eating some girl’s face. They all seemed busy with girls. Pulling Zaiden away hearing the girl yelling foul things to me as I dragged him outside. The hungry groans and yelling that may be from a girl wendigo can be heard. We only had a couple of minutes before they were here.

“They are coming! Help me get them out of here, I will go further into the woods to stop them from coming any closer.” Preparing myself to run into the woods before Zaiden pulled me back.

“Are you fucken crazy? No, I’ve already mind link everybody.” Looking back at the house you can see the angry teenagers leaving, it only took a couple of minutes to clear it out.

Red cups that the teenagers had in hand were thrown across the yard, I made my way back to the back yard, waiting for them to get here. By the sounds of it, there are three creatures coming our way. But they were not the only ones coming this way. Two female wolves came running in my direction, pure fear can be seen on their faces. They were all dirty, and it seemed that they had been hurt, the one with the fiery red air ran behind limping as blood oozed out her leg. The pink-haired girl dragging the poor girl not letting her fall behind.

“Help us!” They yelled. I ran to them, looking to see if they had any more injuries, most of them were minor ones.

“Zaiden, take them to Alexander’s room, I had left my kit there I will help them clean their wounds once we are done here.” Yelling at him as he made our way towards us. “Both of you stay there I will be in as soon as I get rid of these creatures.” They both nodded, fear still took over their face, as Zaiden showed them the way to the room.

Everyone else ignored the crying girls; they all stood behind me ready to fight.

“Ayla, get inside,” Alexander said as he stood in front of me trying to protect me from coming next.

“Why should I listen to you.” That was all I was able to say before all three creatures growled at us.

Zaiden taught me how to glamour my swords, so I am always able to take them everywhere I go. I moved from behind Alexander, stood in front of the ten-foot creatures. Keeping eye contact, I pulled my sword just in time as one charged towards me. I was ready for this. Swinging my swords I ducked down crippling one of the foul-smelling wendigos. The other two charged at me, but Alexander tackled him away from me. Swinging my sword stabbing the third creature making it fall in a large thud. Grunts and growls can be heard from behind me as the rest sprung in action as well. The wendigo that I stabbed got up, then I had remembered, when Alexander and Daniel fought one of these they ripped out his heart.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see Adrastea starting a fire to burn the hearts, just like we had done that day. I took my sword and stabbed him right in the chest pulling out with his heart attached. Throwing the heart at Adrastea, she tossed it to the fire as I saw the rotten creature disintegrate in front of me. Janus and Daniel were fighting one another, they seemed to have everything under control, as Zaiden and Alexander were struggling.

Hiding my sword back, I pulled out my daggers that were attached to my thighs. I took off running using the momentum and the position of the wendigo to claim over him dragging my daggers across his throat. Black goo splashed all over Zaiden, and Alexander’s face. Landing in front of the wendigo as he held his throat. With all the strength I can muster I jammed my hand into his boney, rotting chest and ripped the heart out. Making him fall over, unconscious.

I held his cold heart in my hand, I looked at it and wished that it was on fire. Suddenly, my hand started to glow, melting the heart to ashes.

“What the fuck was that?” Janus asked, noticing that they did take care of the last wendigo.

“Ay, where did that come from?” Zaiden took my hand, which had gone back to normal.

“Where did you learn how to fight like that?” Everybody seemed to be out of breath as they were fighting the wendigos, but I was like nothing. As if I was just standing on the sidelines looking.

“I mean I know we were training, but my training was nowhere near that,” Zaiden looked shocked but in his eyes, they gleamed, pure happiness.

“You were training her, without letting me know?” Alexander sounded irritated.

“I... I don’t know it came as second nature, and I do not need your permission to do anything.” I said walking to the house. While all of my friends were gushing over what I had done.

I made my way to Alexander’s room where I had ordered, to place the girls. Grayson stood by the door, looking like a lost puppy.

“Let me go in by myself, they are scared, and I need to heal them.” I will come down when they are ready.

“I will go with you.” Alexander quickly said.

“No, I need to go in there alone,” I said pulling him away from the door.

“It is my room, and my house so I will do what I say.” I can sense that he is getting angry by the minute, as I am constantly ignoring him, or moving away from him.

“I don’t give a shit if it is your room, I left My equipment there, and I will be going in there alone. And there is nothing that you can do or say.” He is not about to boss me around as if he was something to me.

When I walked past him I hit him with my shoulder, but he did not move from his place. They all looked confused and scared, over the small argument I had with Alexander. I opened the door, both of the girls still looked scared in the corner of the room. They were both crying, shaking in fear. But this couldn’t have been just in fear by the wendigos, somehow I feel there is more to it.

“Are you guys okay?” I whispered, but it still caused them to jump in fear. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you guys. What happened to you guys? What got you so shaken up?” Giving them blankets that Alexander had in a drawer. Pulling my first aid kit along.

“They are all dead, those monsters killed our pack.” The beautiful with the pink hair said.

“The wendigos?” They are the only monsters that I know of.

“No, the hunters. They found our pack and killed them all, we were able to run.” The cute redhead said.

“Let me see your legs,” Moving in between them. “The hunters you say, and the only ones left are you guys? What is the name of your pack?” Trying to get as much information I can.

" We are... We were from the blood rose pack.” The redhead said.

“I have friends from the winter blood pack, and I am positive that they will take you in. What are your names?” Finishing up the wound cleaning, her healing abilities are kicking in. They must have been so scared that they did not pay attention to her wounds.

“You would do that for us?” The girl with the pink hair said. “Will they accept us?”

“They do not have much of a choice, I will make them take you in.” Assuring them.

“My name is Juliet, Juliet Oberon, and I was the daughter of the Alpha in my old pack. And I want to thank you for being so nice.” Giving me a tight hug as I felt her cold wet tears on my shoulder. Poor things only god knows what they had been through tonight. All I had was a broken heart, but them. their whole family, their whole pack was ripped away from them.

“Natasha Diaz, Beta.” That was all she said, I can tell she is a tough one. Good enough to be Grayson’s mate to keep down from the clouds.

“Ayla Moon, I cannot tell you what I am just yet, I might scare you away.” Causing Natasha to stand in front of Juliet.

“How do you know what we are?” She questioned.

“It is my power,” I said, and it was the truth, somehow I was able to distinguish the wolves and vampires now. “Stay here. I need to talk to my friends. I can hear them go crazy down there.” Making them both giggle in agreement.

My heels clicked as I walked downstairs making them grow quiet. I know what they were all waiting for.


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