The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Twenty Two.

All of them waited patiently, waiting for me to provide them the answers. You can barely make out the faint whispers from the girls upstairs. Their hearts pounding loudly, nervous about what I have to say. I looked at Zaiden hoping it is time to tell them what I am. One nod that is all I need, but he looked troubled. Debating whether it is time or not. Whether my mothers will be ready to let out. We just stood there for what felt like centuries, having a mental discussion with each other. I finally got the approval by a very stiff nod.

“What the hell is going on.” Janus was the first one to speak up.

“Girl, where did you learn to move like that?” Adrastea added.

“I do not know, I do not know where to start.” Voicing my thoughts out loud.

“How about, the whole training with Zaiden,” Alexander asked, looking more pissed than when I didn’t let him go with me to the room.

“Well, Zaiden is the only one that knows what I am.” Catching everyone’s attention.

“You knew, and didn’t bother to tell us?” With his inhuman speed pinned Zaiden on the wall.

“Let him go! He does not respond to you! Let him go now!.” My body vibrated in anger, over how Alexander was acting. He has no right to act like that.

“HE was hired to protect me! Of course, he answers to me, and me only.” Alexander was equally enraged like I was. Right now we are playing to see who has the upper hand. But he only caused me to chuckle. Provoking him even further.

Veins popping from his arms as he squeezed Zaiden further into the wall. His face bright red in anger, staring straight into his eyes.

“I won’t say it again. Let. Him. Go.” He slowly removed his hands away from Zaiden’s body.

The rest of my friends looked shocked and scared. I didn’t mean this to get out of hand, is just that Alexander is so infuriating. His eyes started to get blood red, I knew he was losing control, but everybody was looking at me instead of him. They did not see how his fangs extended. All of a sudden Alexander left the house leaving the house tenser, and yet I just stood there looking at them. Contemplating whether I continue this makeshift meeting. It doesn’t feel right to continue, but who knows when he will be back.

“Ay, do you care to explain what the hell is happening? And what was that with Alexander.” Adrastea broke the deadly silence.

“Okay, so Zaiden was sent to be Alexander’s guard because my mothers’ sent him. He was here to actually protect me, to guide me. Apparently, I am something called the Goddess of beasts. I can control everything out there considered a beat to the human eye. Anything supernatural, not only that but according to Zaiden I was created to unite the werewolves with the vampires…”

“Who created you?” Grayson asked.

“The same one that created you guys. I was created by the Evernight Goddess and the Moonlight goddess. I know it is all hard to take in, it was for me. But supposedly today was when I was going to gain all my superpowers, somehow I still do not know what they are yet.” All at once started telling me how cool I was.

There was so much energy in this room, they were all happy, I thought they would have taken it badly. But they kept on talking about how I took down two wendigos without proper training. As I stood there listening to them I plastered a fake smile. It would have been perfect, but there was one thing that kept on tugging my heart hard.


He did not want me, he had rejected what I was even before telling him what I was. But what can I do, apparently I had the choice to choose my mate. And I guess I choose wrong. I could have chosen Daniel and my heart wouldn’t be broken into a million pieces.

The front door opened revealing Alexander, moving to his friends all I can assume was that his friends will fill him in. I must take care of the girls upstairs, in hopes that Daniel will take them in without a fight. Walking upstairs was easy; they were talking among themselves that they really didn’t pay any attention to me. I quickly told the girls to come downstairs with me.

“Daniel, come here please,” I said as we stood at the button of the stairs away from my group. “Danny, this is Juliet, Juliet this is Daniel.” Had I held both of their hands I felt an electrical current.

My friends stared at me as Daniel just stared at each other.

“Ayla, what did you do?” Danny whispered.

“Your eyes glowed an intense purple and since then, these two have not stopped looking at each other, waiting to eat their faces,” Natasha said, making Juliet blush.

Deep down I knew what I had done, but I wanted to be sure. I looked at Zaiden, surprised as I was. All he did was nod. I just created my first mates. I thought about how Juliet and Daniel would look cute. How Danny deserved to be happy, something that I cannot give him, I felt the electrical surge, and I guess I did it. One of my many superpowers. I soon did the same to Natasha and Grayson. It didn’t take them a lot of time to take their new mates to their new pack. Their faces changed, they no longer looked like the sacred girls. They had a huge smile on their faces. Now they have someone to protect them, knowing that they will never let them go.

A single tear fell to my cheeks, I had to look away. I could not be jealous of them. I was the one that brought them together and I should be happy about it.

After begging Zaiden a million times, he finally took me to my new home. Throughout the way, he tried asking me what had happened between Alexander and me, but I kept on changing the subject. He soon caught up, leaving us in peaceful silence. This is my new home. The same cozy cabin that we trained in. Reminding him that my mothers had sent someone to cast a protection spell all over the cabin. And if he still does not feel comfortable I will call him if anything were to happen during the night. You can say it took me over an hour to make him leave.

As I lay there in the bed, my mind drifted to the events of the day. Although I fought the wendigos for the very first time. The thing that kept on playing in my head over and over again were the words that Alexander had said to me. How we fought in front of our friends.

Rolling over I suppressed my whimper in my pillow. Letting all of the tears that I held in fall loose. It was only a matter of minutes before my pillow was drenched in my tears. Making my eyes heavy from all the crying.

Here is to another birthday, that I have cried on.

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