The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Twenty Four.

The sun peeked through the black curtains, my body felt heavy and sore, must have been from what had happened last night. I got out of bed taking in the coldness of the floor; as I made my way to the large window, pulling back the curtains. Letting the room flood with sunlight. Standing under the sun letting my body soak in the warmth; maybe it will help with my muscles. I made my way to the bathroom and got ready for training today. It is the weekend, I normally do not train on the weekends, but I feel it will help me in the end. I needed a distraction.

When I left the house everything was silent, they all must be asleep, or they are still not talking to each other. Somehow I did not feel guilty, they had to know the truth. It’s like they say the truth will always come out.

As part of my training, I decided to run to the cabin to gain condition when it comes to fighting the wendigos. The cabin was only about five miles from the Deimos’ house, but because I can run as fast as a vampire and werewolves I got there in about ten seconds.

“You could have told me you wanted to train today,” Zaiden said, taking off a large bag from his shoulder.

“I kind of wanted to be alone for a while.” Not even bothering to look in his direction, while I set up the punching bag on a tree branch.

“You know that you don’t have to be alone, what Janus said... he is just being an idiot.” But I didn’t respond. Instead, I positioned myself to punch the bag. Zaiden just stood there watching my every move.

I just started to punch the bag as hard as I can. Punch after punch I can feel my anger rising, making me wish I could have stand up to myself when it came to Janus. How I wish I could have confronted Alexander to tell me the truth, as to why he is leaving me. I punched the bag harder, angry at myself which I could have done things differently. Giving a final punch knocking the punching bag from the tree, breaking the chain from the top. My chest felt heavy from the pain Alexander left behind. My body was covered in sweat, my heart was beating fast. I can feel it pounding in my ears.

Yet, I felt empty. Dropping to my knees, tears flowed uncontrollably, making me cry ugly in front of Zaiden. Feeling his large strong arms hug me, not saying a word. My calm tears became uncontrollable sobs. His arms wrapped tighter around me whispering to me that everything was going to be okay.

“He will come around, you will see.” Pulling me up to my feet, never letting me go from his bear hug.

“What if he doesn’t? Am I gonna live with this p..pain?” Covering my face. This was the reason why I wanted to train alone. I knew that at some point I was going to cry.

“He was afraid he didn’t know what you were. I did not know, until a day before you forced me to tell you. He was just looking after you. We do not if King Cedric was going to accept you not knowing what you are. I am sure he didn’t mean it.” Zaiden explained, but it still did not give Alexander the right to just lead me on and then the day of my birthday he just left.

“He told me he might love me, then... then he just told me I was not good for him or anybody in the kingdom,” I explained digging my head in his chest as he still had his arms around me.

We had stayed in the same positions until I was calm enough to walk back to the house. Zaiden tried the whole way to make me laugh. He succeeded a couple of times. By the time we were halfway to the house, I was back to my happy self. Once we got to the house we saw a black SUV parked on the driveway. Zaiden pushed me behind him protectively, but I was not afraid; somehow there was a strange feeling. Before I knew it I pushed Zaiden out of my way laughing at him; taunting him. it was too easy when I pushed him away.

We ran around the SUV several times. As he chased me down the driveway I burst into the door, my hysterical giggles came to a stop when I saw Alexander standing at the end of the stairway.

“God, you’re fast,” Zaiden said before bumping into me, but holding me by the waist to keep me in place. Provoking a growl to come out of Alexander, which made me smirk internally.

“Ayla!.” Adrastea came down the stairs pulling me to the living room where two beautiful older couples sat down talking with Janus.

“Drea, you could have let change and look more presentable,” I yelled whispered signaling to the couple that was now looking at us with a large smile on their face.

“Oh, don’t worry, dear, we know you just came back from training. Adrastea told us all about you and we were very excited to meet you.” Giving them a large smile I turned to look at Adreatea, giving her the look; hoping she did not tell them about me being Alexander’s Kindred soul. But thankfully she moved her head side to side.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, I assume Mr. and Mrs. Deimos.” Extending my hand for a handshake.

“Our manners have gone through the door. No formalities. I am Cedric and this is my Kindred soul Cressida.” Giving me a firm handshake.

Drea pushed me to the couch making me sit next to Alexander and Janus, while I held a conversation with their parents. Giving me the perfect opportunity to get a better look at my Kindred soul, and best friend parents. They all looked alike. All four of them had the same shiny black hair. Adrastea had her father’s dark blue eyes, while Alexander had his mother’s eyes. Those beautiful crystal blue eyes showed nothing but love.

After a couple of minutes, I excused myself so I could take a shower to wash off the sweat. The whole time we were in the living room, and even when I was making my escape, he had his eyes trained on me. I am glad he had not made a scene when I had entered the house. I was not mentally prepared, hell I was not mentally prepared to see him. When I finally wrapped my mind that we will never be together. Yet he shows back and not alone.

It is not like I can complain it is his house, I wish Adrastea would have told me that he was here. That way I could have just stayed in the cabin, I still had a few things there. As I scrubbed the sweat off me, my mind went back to seeing Alexander’s surprised face when I busted through the door. How his eyes went completely black when Zaiden bumped into me, and he held me from the waist to steady me.

Mother was right. He was still into me. But now how can I make him admit that he is still into me. What the hell am I talking about. I am not going to shit, I can not go around hoping he still likes me. Maybe when he is ready he will come. But for now, I will not do a thing. I shook the crazy idea out of my head, turned off the shower, and made my way to the room.

“Holy shit, what are you doing here?” Wrapping the towel tighter so it won’t fall.

“What do you mean, I am in my room after all,” Alexander said lazily, as he read one of the books that I had chosen from their library collection.

“To Adrestea this is my room, she gave it to me because you left.” I tried to muster as much confidence, as I walked by him to get to the closet.

“Well, I am back now, so… I will be staying in my room.” He said. You can hear him shuffling around in the room.

“Okay you can take your room back, I was planning on leaving anyway.” I lied. Well, it was a half-lie. I had the intention of leaving, but now you can say that I made up my mind.

I quickly changed and packed a few clothes in a duffle bag, so I can go and stay in the cabin for at least a week. I figured it is better if I play the adult, knowing Alexander well enough he won’t. He will just keep bickering with me, and I do not have the patience with him. I need to get as far as I can, just being in the same room makes me want to pounce at him and kiss him until he takes me back. But I cannot stoop that low.

He needs to man up and tell me he fucked up, that he did not mean those horrible words to me.

“Are you an idiot? You are not leaving. Aren’t you afraid that the wendigos might be out there ready to attack you? Or better yet try to kill you?” Alexander said as he stood at the entrance of the closet door. Watching me as I packed my bag for the week. I was still not sure how they would be staying, hell I don’t even know if he is going to come back. I am just going to have to rely on Adrastea and Zaiden to let me know.

“You should know I am not afraid of them, and by now you should know that I know how to take care of myself and I do not need anybody to protect me.” Pushing him out of my way with my arm. As I made my way to the bathroom to take out my toiletries.

His eyes were blazing with anger, watching my every move as I arranged my things into my bag. I can tell he is trying to find an excuse so I wouldn’t leave. But he shouldn’t worry about me, he was the one that decided I was not good for him; or the kingdom.

“You are a huge idiot if you think I will let you walk out that door.” He said standing in front of the bedroom door.

“First of all, you have no right to call me an idiot, second of all who are you to tell me what to do? The last time I checked you were the one who let me walk out the door because I was not good enough for you. So move out of my fucken way.” Guilt washed over his face, as he walked and locked himself in the bathroom.

I felt horrible bringing that up but I felt so much anger rising, and I couldn’t control myself. He brought out the worst of me. And I hope it never happens again.

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