The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Twenty Six.

Alexander and his parents had left back to Garmoniya to prepare for Alexander’s birthday. Queen Cressida and King Cedric invited me to the realm to celebrate Alexander’s birthday ball. Of course, Adresteas said yes for me; in her defense, she wanted to show me what a royal goes through, and celebrated. Using the excuse that she wanted me there, giving me her adorable puppy eyes that I have not been able to say no to.

After dinner with the Queen and King, Zaiden had driven me back to the cabin. Leaving right away to pack his bags. We will be leaving tomorrow night, but I didn’t need to pack much. The Queen of Garmoniya and the princess will be taking me shopping for a ball gown. So far my plan of staying away from Alexander is not working. I am currently packing a bag to go celebrate his birthday.

The morning came way too soon, I had not gotten any sleep. I kept tossing and turning, thinking how a lot of things could go wrong. I don’t know if I should go. I am the only one that destroys the wendigos with one move. But so far they have not tried anything for three days. I decided to call Daniel, I knew if I told him I was leaving he will call me in case of anything.

“Hello?” Daniel’s groggy voice boomed through the phone.

“Hi, Danny, I am sorry to wake you up, I just need to talk to you.” Pacing around in my room.

“Is everything okay? Do you need me to go over?” I can hear Juliet’s faint voice asking his mate what was happening.

“No! No, everything is fine. I just wanted to let you know that I am going with Adrasea and the guys to Garmoniya, for Alexander’s birthday ball. But I didn’t feel comfortable leaving you guys you know because of the Wendigos and the hunters. I still don’t know if I should go. I mean what if the wendigos decide to attack when I am gone. What if the hunters decide to attack. You know what, I am not going to go. I can’t. How can I be so stupid to think about leaving…”

“Ayla, breathe, go. We will be alright. Go have fun, the goddess only knows when was the last time you had fun. It is okay. Take your phone, carry it wherever you go. And if something happens I will call you. Okay.” I couldn’t say anything. I was still having a mini panic attack. All I could do was nod my head, but he couldn’t see me. How could I forget that we were talking over the phone?

“Okay, I knew I was able to count on you. Love you guys. I will come back as soon as I can.” I am guessing he had placed me on speaker because everybody chuckled, and bid their goodbyes. Throwing myself on the bed, I decided to rest a little bit before leaving tonight.

I somehow ended up falling asleep, only to awaken a car horn, outside my cabin. The good thing I had my small bag ready, I quickly brushed my teeth before running out to meet Adrastea, Zaiden, and a moody Janus. Zaiden quickly took my bag and placed it on the boot of the car along with their bags.

“I am going on the front with you.” Janus pointed at Zaiden.

“No you are not, I cannot take any more of you shit. Sorry, Drea.” Zaiden pulled me to the passenger seat.

In less than two seconds Adrestea and Janus started fighting, something we grew accustomed to. But the fight was because of me. How can all of a sudden Janus hate me, we were so close. God, he was the one that forced me to sit with them during lunch. Forced me to be with Alexander. Janus was the one that started calling me princess.

“What is your problem huh? What have I done to you? Why do you hate me so much?” Turning to look at him. His eyes wide open, lips slightly apart. Adrastea looked the same for a complete second then changed into an evil smile.

“I mean that I know if I have not done a thing to you. You need to get it through your head. I was not the one who left okay. It was your prince, your future king does not want me. If I have come to accept that, you must too.” His face was still in shock, I know I started yelling at him out of nowhere.

It is just I couldn’t take it anymore. But by the looks of it, I will not be getting an answer. He still looks as if he saw a ghost. Adrastea still had her evil laugh giving me two thumbs up before turning back, watching how we drove past the trees. The ride to Garmoniya was only about two hours in our realm. We would leave the car hidden somewhere in the wood, before walking over to the portal to enter Garmoniya. After entering the realm a carriage will be waiting to take us to the castle.

Throughout the whole car ride, nobody talked, even when we walked through the portal, not a word was said. We were currently sitting on a beautiful black carriage on our way to the palace. Taking the opportunity to take a look at the place where my Kindred Soul grew up. We passed through a beautiful wooded area, we are currently on a bricked road. Model looking people walked through the streets. There are witches, vampires, fairies, all acting just like human beings. Why did human beings create this illusion about these creatures? They are just like anybody. They are laughing, eating, shopping, having fun.

“Ayla, we are here.” Adrastea pulled me out of the carriage, telling me not to worry about my bag.

A saw the most beautiful castle that I have ever seen, even in pictures. It was immense. It was made out of beautiful black brick, oat wood painted black as the large doors open. The yard was beautiful as well the grass-covered in snow, ceramic and concrete sculptures. Everything to keep you gasping. But the inside of the castle is to die for. Matte black walls with red furniture. A black and gold staircase led to I can only assume it to the rooms. People running around with the preparations for Alexander’s ball tomorrow night.

“Ahh. you guys made it.” Queen Cressida, descended from the staircase with a gorgeous royal blue dress. So elegant, she is so beautiful and the king is so lucky to have her.

“Mom of course we made it. You thought I wouldn’t come to my own brother’s birthday party. And ruin it a little.” Adrastea hugged her mother. Earning a smack on her arm.

“You better not do anything stupid, your brother and your father will kill you.” Which made Adrastea shrug, causing all of us to burst into laughter.

“Boys,” Nodding in their direction, causing them to bow at her. “ Ayla, darling! I thought Adrastea was going to drag you here.” Pulling me into an embrace.

“No my Queen, I wouldn’t miss Adrastea pranking everybody now would we.” Winking at Drea’s way.

“We have to keep you, two ladies, apart, she is corrupting you.” King Cedric said coming behind his wife. Giving her a peck on the lips making Adrastea do gagging sounds.

We all kind of stood there talking to each other before a servant showed me to my room to rest for the night, before hitting the shopping boutiques. I quickly changed into my pajamas for the night, when someone knocked on my door. Who could it be, and why are they knocking on my door at one in the morning.

“Coming… Oh, Alexander, what are you doing here?” He stood at my doorway looking tired. His hair was messier than usual.

“My mother told me that you were here, I just wanted to make sure it was true.” Pushing past me, taking a seat on my bed for the next few days.

“Do come in, how can I help you.” Standing only a few feet away from him.

He seemed troubled, he looked up at me then he looked down to his feet, pulling his hair.

“I didn’t know you were going to come.” Alexander finally said.

“Well, I am here, your sister kind of dragged me here. Is that a problem?” Secretly hoping he gives a reason, any reason, so I can plan an escape and go back home. Hell, he might even help me get out of here.

“No, if there is not a problem, I thought you wouldn’t come. You know what is happening with the wendigos and the hunters. Especially because you and I are umm, not together.” Of course, he knew, I had a problem leaving. Can I not, I have placed it upon myself to protect everybody including the humans.

But my main priority is my werewolf family. Although for the past few weeks I have not been able to see them. We did speak over the phone regularly; it was better this way. It avoids getting caught, but somehow the hunters are getting closer every day.

“I don’t see how this is any of your business, but Danny told me it was okay. He will be calling me if anything happens.” I said.

“Oh did he, How come did he encourage you to come here with me?” Alexander’s tired eyes changed, somehow they were shining, and I couldn’t figure out if it was because of happiness or mischief.

“He still believes that you are my kindred soul.” Giving him a shrug, all of a sudden I was pressed against the wall.

Alexander’s eyes were completely black, his body shaking in anger. But I was not scared of him. I knew he would not hurt me. Instead, I gave him a cocky smile, which made matters worse. He ended up pressing me harder against the wall. Although he was angry, pressing me against the wall seemed to calm him down a bit. Instead, he started to breathe heavily.

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