The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Twenty Nine.

My cell phone rang for a solid two seconds. I didn’t have time to answer the phone call before the cell phone turned black. Instead, I somehow heard his voice echo in my head. Help. I am coming, Danny, I am coming. Running back inside, swerving; every so often pushing people out of my way to get to my room. I did not have time to change, I closed my eyes and saw both of my mother’s eyes full of worry.

“A portal! Mothers I need a portal now!” I yelled out. In which they responded with a simple nod. Making vampire people look at me as if I had grown an extra arm.

Their voices echoed in sync, through my head telling me how to use my energy to open the portal. In which I respond with a simple nod. It was going to be my first time attempting to create a portal. We did not have enough time for mistakes. As I ran through the hallway, I attempted to create a portal several times. All of them were unsuccessful.

“Where are you going? I am sorry if you didn’t want to kiss me you could have told me.” Hurt flashed in his eyes. He was only a couple of feet behind me.

“I need to leave. Danny said that he only called if there was a problem. I need to go back to my room to create a portal, I have to go, but I will come back. And if I do something drastic, I will fix it when I come back.” Giving him a quick kiss on his cheek before revealing a bright portal in the middle of my room.

Without hesitation I ran through it, taking a last look behind; I saw a confused Alexander. I soon found myself in the wooded area, fire surrounded the whole area making it hard to look around. After long searching, I spotted Daniel shoving people to hide behind the trees. We need to teleport them to a safe location, but where too?

The kingdom, I can create a portal to the kingdom. I know King Cedric might not be too happy about it, but I need to get them out of here and that is the only place that I can think of. They can put the feud behind them in order to help the children.

“Danny, I will make a portal to the kingdom, guide everybody past those two trees,” I yelled above everybody's yelling. But I am glad that he did not ask further questions.

I ran as fast as I could with the long heavy dress, getting stuck on a tree branch, I didn’t have time to carefully take it off. My shoes getting stuck in the mud, the snow made it harder to run. The war between the hunters has started. The vision that Daniel and I had. It was the hunters and some wolves were fighting in their human form. A large house fire prevented the hunters from seeing me. Guns and knives pointed at innocent werewolves. Children crying, trying to find their mothers. Some dead bodies laid on the cold snow. The snow no longer white, it was a crimson red. Many wolves have lost their life.

Gathering as many wolves as I can pulling them behind me. Running deeper into the woods I started teleporting any wolf that was sent my way. Using my energy just how mother explained. Shoving every wolf down the portal to the kingdom. I have masted the opening of the portal, but I do not know where exactly it will be talking them. The only place I thought of was my room.

My body is growing weaker width every teleportation. All of the hunters ran inside the burning home, hoping they will find wolves to kill. I quickly grabbed the remaining wolves and shoved them back. I knew I didn’t have much energy, but Daniel is the only one left.

“Danny, come you need to go.” Pushing him towards the portal, but he did not budge.

“Let’s go then, I think we go everybody.” Pulling me with him, but the portal was only strong enough to teleport one person.

“Danny, both of us cannot go. The portal is only strong enough to carry one person. You need to go Danny.” Pushing him once more.

“You are not coming? We can figure another way. You can’t be left alone.” My energy became frail, the portal has started to close. I knew I had only had enough energy to teleport him.

Pushing him into the portal, once more. The last thing I saw was his unforgettable puppy eyes. I had to look away before letting go of his hand, as he fell into the portal. I can go the long way around if only I had the energy. Dropping to my knees I prayed that the king will keep them in the kingdom until I find a way to get rid of the hunters. And no I will not be killing them.

All too soon I was greeted with darkness.

Alexander’s POV.

Ayla had started running like a crazy person. I get she might not want to kiss me. She could have said something. I know that she said that I had to work to earn her trust and love back. I am more than okay with that. How hard is it to say don’t- kiss- me? Should I say something to her? Should I follow her to show her that I am here for the long run? My legs started to move without even thinking.

Her phone had started to ring, then suddenly shut off; right after that is when she started to run back inside the castle. Pushing people out of her way, running back to her room. She had said she felt that something wrong was going to happen. While she was running back to her room she had explained that Daniel was only to call her if there was something wrong. Ayla ran fast even in those shoes, when we go to her room there was a portal waiting for her. Without hesitation, she ran through it. Looking back one last time, dropping her crown leaving the echo of the metal falling on the floor.

To say the least, I am still confused, so I decided to stay in her room. Ayla has been gone for a total of thirty minutes. I was still on her bed waiting for her to come back. Right after she left I had let my father know, which led him to kick everybody out of the castle. Everybody is in her room pacing- thinking where she could have gone. We tried calling Daniel and Greyson several times but went straight to voicemail. What the hell could have happened?

Out of nowhere, the same bright light that was in Ayla’s room reappeared, in the middle of the room. I got up ready to hug her, instead, a dirty, scared-looking werewolves came out of the portal. One by one they started to feel up the room. Pressing against each other, there were about fifty full-grown wolves and about ten pups. What the hell happen? I started walking around the room, looking for her. I did not care one bit that she had sent wolves to a realm in which they were once banished. I asked everybody to look for Greyson, Daniel, and Ayla. But I didn’t feel my soul completed. She was not here in the room, sending me into panic mode.

“Alexander!” Daniel voiced boomed over the talking wolves.

“Where is Ayla? What the fuck happened?” Still looking in the crowd, or hoping to see the portal open one last time.

“Hunters they found out our location, they invaded our land, I called Alya hoping she will bring you guys. In hopes, you can help us with the hunters. She started transporting us. But she is out there we need to get back, we need to go get her. She didn’t give me enough time to pull her into the portal with me. What if the hunters kill her? What if the wendigos get to her? Do you know a fast way to get back there?” Daniel said rambling, scared to losing Ayla. Juliet was hanging from his arm trying to calm him down. Tears filled her eyes scared for my Kindred Soul’s life.

“Shit. Father, keep them here until we come back with Ayla, she will know what to do. It is not safe for them to go back to that realm. I will explain later, please trust her. She is a goddess after all.” My dad only gave me a weary smile, patted my back.

“Zaiden, Janus, Daniel, Greyson. You come with me. Adrastea helps mom and dad find a location for our guest.” Getting out of the room, I had time to change. I needed to get her back as soon as possible.

I headed to the garage talking out my fastest car. Zaiden had left his car on the other side, so will be using that one. There is no way in hell that I will be losing her. Not this time.

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