The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Three.

School; was boring, most of the teachers didn't hand out work. Alexander and the new ‘hot’ girl; were in my last four classes. Thank God; I do not share these classes with Daniel. If I was to hear one more time how he disliked the new students; along with Grayson complaining how Janus makes the entire female population laugh. When ‘he is not that funny.’ I will cut my ears off.

If it was only Grayson and Daniel complaining I would be fine with it, but no. It has been my entire group of friends. The entire school population. I am not saying that I haven't said a few things myself, but most of it was just to make my friends angry. The bell rang, signaling we could go home. I threw everything into my backpack and headed to my locker to leave the things I didn't need.

“Hey, Ayla! Need a ride, beautiful?” Janus asked over the loud crowd of students.

“So, this is the infamous Ayla?” A shaggy blond, with dark green eyes, asked before I could respond.

“Infamous? Me? I don’t think so,” Laughing at his choice of words. “And no Janus I am fine thank you.” I placed all of my books into my locker, seeing I only have to write a paper tonight.

“Well, bummer I was looking forward to getting to know you.” The shaggy blond said.

“Ready Ay?” Grayson and Daniel asked from behind me.

“Yeah, one sec,” Closing my locker. “Goodbye Janus see you tomorrow, and you too...” Turning to look at the guys that are leaning near my locker.

“Zayden, nice to meet you, and goodbye,” Zayden said, kissing me on the back of my hand.

Making me blush like a mad man. I have never gotten that type of attention from a guy. Yes, I have male friends but that's all they are, friends.

“Why aren’t all of the guys' gentlemen, and this sweet like him?” I asked all three of my friends.

“Baby, we are gentlemen, we only do it for the girls we like,” Grayson said walking away.

“Why aren’t you like that, Danny?” I asked him following Grayson to the car.

“Because you don’t replicate the same feeling,” Danny said starting up the car.

“Touche.” That was all I said, as he pulled the car out of the school parking lot.

Outside, the cold rain was still falling, the gloomy day couldn’t have been better for hot chocolate, just like the old days with my parents. Not a day goes by that I do not think about my mom and dad. How we would all cuddle in front of the fireplace, and drink a cup of hot chocolate. Things would be a lot different, but would I still be friends with Danny? Would’ve I had this amazing group of friends even though they get on my nerves? Would I have met Alexander the way I did last night?

“We are here Ayla. Wake up earlier, so we can pick you up tomorrow morning.” Danny pulled his jeep exactly three houses away from mine, as always.

The rain started pouring hard when I got out of the car; pulling the leather jacket over my head, I ran the remaining way home. My boots, splashing in every puddle, cleaning off the remaining mud from last night’s adventure. Unlocking the door, I ran upstairs removing my dirty boots before walking onto the hardwood floor, so I wouldn’t get them wet. Taking off the leather jacket I placed it in my recliner to dry. Jumping to my bed, face first, I heard banging on my door that leads to the house.

“Freak, come and make our dinner,” Isadora yelled through the wooden door.

“Coming,” I muttered to myself.

Putting on some clean boots, I slowly made my way towards the kitchen. Isadora is probably in her room dumping more perfume on herself, Samantha somewhere around the house, reading a magazine.

“Make it for three people, I have a guest coming over,” Samantha said as she lounged on the loveseat, reading a magazine.

A guest? It has been her tradition every week or so; she brings a new guy over dinner. Asks if they want to go upstairs and ′study’. They get locked up in their room and the rest, you can probably imagine. Isadora could care less about what Samantha does; the only thing she tells her is to use protection because she does not want a baby running in her house. This whole guy roulette is just a cover-up. A way that she seeks attention from her mother. On several occasions, I have caught Samantha crying. Me, not being able to keep my mouth shut, I asked her what was wrong. She ends up telling me how much she misses her brother and her father, which she has not seen since the divorce. How; her mother does not give the smallest shit about her. The only thing she cares about is her new boyfriend and wasting money.

Once she is done venting she threatens me saying if I were to say a word she will kill me. And proceeded to tell me a million ways that she will make me pay for ‘having a big mouth.’

“I need you to make steak and those potatoes of yours,” Isadora said, coming into the kitchen; grabbing a bottle of water.

“You need to do everything before he comes. I do not want you here by the time he arrives.” Samantha said before taking a seat on the counter still with the magazine on hand.

It was odd for her to ask to do it before her new toy arrives. Usually, I would stay and do the job of a waiter. Refill their drinks, serving second, you name it. Not that I am complaining, but it is weird. Did Isadora know about this? I made their dinner as fast as I could, they would normally eat around seven. It is now five in the afternoon, but the potatoes take about, an hour to make. And my body is moving slower than usual.

The lack of sleep is crawling up, to bite me in the ass. I know for a fact that if I am not done before he arrives, I will be in big trouble. Letting the last steak rest, while I take the potatoes out of the oven. Being the idiot I can be sometimes I took them out without oven mittens. The stinging sensation woke me up. I quickly placed the glass tray over the stove and ran cold water over my bright red hands. Hissing, I let the cold water run a couple of more seconds; before I heard the doorbell. I quickly started plating the food, hissing with everything that came in contact with burned hands.

How could I have been so dumb? How tired was I to take out the stupid potatoes without mittens? I had to pick up the pace so I can get the food on the table and out of their sight.

Finishing up I get myself a plate of potatoes and try to rush off before I am seen by my step sister. But it was too late she had already opened the door, to reveal the guy she had invited for the night. That is when I saw his face.

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