The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirty.

The sunlight was blinding. As I tried to move, I started to regain consciousness. My body felt sore and heavy, from the lack of energy flowing through my body. The smell of smoke lingered in the air. Far away voices, angry voices can be heard.

“This one is alive!” Someone shouted near me. Poking me where the shoulder and neck meet. I danced in the dark once more.

Floating, floating into nothing. Sending me back into the black nothing. Bright light can be seen from afar. I knew I wasn’t dead, I can hear my heart beating, I can hear myself breathing. Something seems to be pulling me towards the light. As I near it I can hear birds chirping, the smell of fresh flowers. I soon find myself standing on what once was a beautiful ball gown. It was all shreds, with burnt pieces. Dirt was glued on to it. My heels are full of mud.

Looking around; I noticed that I am in my mother’s garden. The garden that we use to meet up. I started walking, nowhere in particular, in hopes, I can find one of my mothers. Leaving traces of dried mud behind.

This can be considered paradise, everything is beautiful. Nothing ever dies here, well not that I know of.

“Ayla! Dear, where are you?” Mother Night, came running towards me, engulfing me in a tight hug.

“If you mean my physical body, well I don’t know. I passed out. I used all of my energy teleporting everybody I could. I needed to save everybody.” I said, still hugging my mother tightly.

“My love, your body is not in the place where Daniel last saw you. We fear that the hunters might have gotten you. Or worse the wendigos.” My body started to feel heavy. It only felt heavy when I needed to wake up.

“Tell them to do not worry, that I am okay. I will come back when I can. If I am with the hunter’s we need to find a way to make them forget about us…” I say. I can feel myself waking up.

I can see my mother moving further and further away, I was soon seated in a dark room. The place that I was in was cold, my hand as legs were tied up with rope. The cold hard floor seems to be made out of cement, in the distance you can hear water droplets falling on a puddle of water. A large blindfold prevented me from seeing my surroundings.

“It’s awake!” One of the guards yelled, causing me to jump in the spot.

Before I knew it you can hear a heavy door being opened, footsteps got closer. Yanking me up to my feet, but my legs gave out like jello. But that did not stop them from dragging me out of the cell. The shoes came off one by one, I can feel the dress under me, being used as a mop.

The blindfold was yanked off, causing me to squint from the brightness of the room. I was forcefully sat on a cold metal chair. Hunters stood in front of me disgust written all over their faces. I instantly recognized the old man from the night I helped Alexander. The young boy was nowhere in sight.

“Inject it.” The old man said. Inject me? With what? Confused I just watch the hunter walk towards me with a purple liquid and a needle. But I forced myself to remain calm.

“Father, I got your message. We caught one?” A deep masculine voiced yelled.

“Yes, we did.” The old man stood in front of his son with pride. Knowing that his son was the same boy that was supposed to escort me that night.

“What is she doing here?” The boy my age pointed towards me.

“Lucien, that is the beast we caught.” The old man said with a lot of excitement.

“No, she is a regular human girl, the one we found looking for jewelry like six months ago.” Lucien pointed out. He remembers me.

“That is impossible.” Pushing his son out of the way. Taking a better look at me his face changed. He seemed confused.

“Have you injected her?” Lucien asked.

“Yes, but she seems normal. His eyes haven’t changed like the other one.” The one in charge said.

“That is because she is a human!” Lucien, the leader’s son said.

He walked around me like a vulture. Inspecting me, without a word he signaled the guy behind me. He forcefully grabbed me by the arm and threw me on a hard metal bed. Strapping my legs and arms straight down. Not having the energy to fight back.

“Do you know who I am?” The old man asked.

“No.” My voice was hoarse.

“You surely know who I am.” The old man said, tightening the ropes around my arms.

“What are you doing?” Guys in white coats surrounded, needles in hands.

"We are going to do some little experiments on you. And after you are drugged we are going to talk." The old man said.

"I am Casimir and I will be you're worst nightmare shifter." The old man whispered in my ears, giving me chills all over my body.


Panic ran through my body. I started squirming on the metal bed hoping the ropes would become undone. With one simple hand gesture, all began. All of the men ran towards me, holding me down the quickly injected me with a clear liquid. My heart rate slowed down everything became blurry. Even though I was laying on a hard surface, the room did not stop spinning. What are they doing to me? I tried moving, but my body did not respond. The beautiful black ball gown was cut off leaving it above my knees.

Needle after, needle was injected into me. Knocking me out unconscious.

Alexander’s POV

It has been three days since I last saw her. Three days that we have been looking through the cold forest for her. She is nowhere to be found. She is gone. Not a trace of her was left behind. Daniel had taken us back to the place where he had last seen her, but there was nothing left. The huge packhouse that once stood, is now ashes, running through the wind. I am not going to lie, all of the guys are tired, we all have not been able to sleep. We want to locate our future queen as soon as possible. Praying to the goddess that nothing has happened to her.

Screeches of the wendigos can be heard. Sensing that my kindred soul was here. She was here unprotected. When I looked over I saw Daniel still searching between the trees using his nose, to track her down. But the smoke around us did not make it any easier. Desperation and anger can be read from his face. If I am honest I do not blame him. I know how stubborn she can be. He has explained to me how she didn’t give him a chance to do anything she just pushed him through the portal.

“I think we need to go back,” Janus said.

Although, those were the last words that I wanted to hear. He was right we needed to get back to the house. We needed to rest, we needed to come up with a plan that helps us locate her fast.

“What? No! I am not going anywhere we need to find her. I will never forgive myself. Alexander, tell them. Tell them that we need to continue.” Daniel said discouraged.

“I am sorry Daniel. Janus is right. It has been three days we are all tired. We have not eaten. Let's all go back to the house. Once we get a bit of sleep. We need to come up with a plan. A plan that helps us find my soul.” Somehow Daniel did not fight me.

“If we don’t leave now we can run into hunters. The last thing we want is to be captured by them.” Greyson added. We all nodded and started walking towards the house.

I am not going to give up. I am going to find Alya if it is the last thing I will do.

I will find you Alya I promise.

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