The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirty Two.

The person standing in front of me was someone that I did not recognize. As I stood in front of the mirror I saw myself in bad shape. My face was sunken in, dark bags under my eyes. My emerald green eyes no longer shined. My body looked gross to me, I was full of black bruises and large cuts; that has not healed yet. But I guess it has something to do with the things that they injected me with. We were going to stay here for the night, then we will drive back to Garmoniya so a doctor can take a look at me. I was not too excited, I knew that there were going to be some exams that had to be done. Needles are the last thing I wanted to see.

“Babe?” Alexander asked through the bathroom door with a soft knock.

“Coming.” Pulling Alexander’s long sleeve shirt over my head. The good thing Adrastea left some yoga pants behind.

When I walked out of the room, I saw Alexander looking straight. Staring at the gray wall, thinking. I stood in front of him and he embraced me in a tight hug but was careful enough not to hurt me. I can hear him muffle out his sobbing on my shirt. But no words can be said. All I could do was hug him as tight as I could. Repeating over and over again that I am okay.

“Nothing happened to me, I am safe in your arms,” I whispered, but somehow it seemed as it echoed through the room.

A soft knock came from the door, it was one of the guys signaling that the pizza had gotten here. Just thinking of pizza made my stomach growl causing Alexander to laugh within his sobs. I looked away ashamed, but I was starving. I had eaten only a total of three pieces of bread when I was there. I gave Alexander a moment to compose himself before pulling him towards the dining room.

It was good to see my friends horsing around being guys. Being in that small cage made me want to appreciate everything I have, especially my kindred soul. I know we had our ups and downs, but I can still make him show me how much he loves me. But by being with him. We sat down and I ate in silence, listening to the silly conversation they had. But my mind was busy. I still need to find a place for the werewolves.

I need to find a way to convince my future father-in-law to let the wolves come back to Garmoniya.

“You okay, love?” Alexander said, holding to my left hand.

“Just thinking.” Giving him a soft smile.

“No more thinking, just relax.” Kissing me, on the top of my head, made me sigh with happiness. Without hesitation, I snuggled closer to him, feeling content right now.

Lucien was all thanks to. If it wasn’t for him only the goddess will know. Maybe tonight if I have enough energy I can visit my mothers and tell them that I am safe. That nothing bad happened. Snuggling closer, Alexander wrapped his arms around me making me doze off happily. But my sleep was cut short. I sat up gasping for air, something that has become normal for the past few weeks.

Alexander quickly woke up, sitting with me looking at me with worried eyes.

“What is wrong? Did I hurt you?” His voice was hoarse.

“No, I am fine. Everything is okay.” I said running to the bathroom.

When I looked in the mirror I saw something black falling from my nose. As if it was blood, but it was black. Panic ran through my body. I didn’t know how to react. I turned on the water trying to wash off the black liquid, but it kept running down. Every time I tried wiping it because harder to get rid of it. Within a second, half of my face was black.

The water had started to overflow, the black liquid lingered in the water. My heart started racing when I saw the same black liquid falling from my eyes. Backing up I was slammed against the wall, letting out a large screech.

Gasping for air one more time, I sat in the darkroom. The light of the moon made it easier to look around. I looked around in panic. I noticed that I was in Alexander’s room, his soft snores can be heard. His strong arm was around my waist.

It was only a dream, more like a nightmare.

What could that have meant? Does it have something to do with the various things that they injected me?

Cold sweat ran through my temple. I slowly removed Alexander’s arm from me, careful enough, so I wouldn’t wake him up. Quietly I made my way to the kitchen to grab a glass of cold water. After, four glasses of water I still felt thirsty. Something that had never happened to me. Without even thinking I looked at the roof. My body started moving, standing in front of the room where they held their blood supply. Twisting the door nob slowly hoping the door does not make any noise.

Opening their black fridge I grabbed a packet of blood, pouring it on a white disposable cup. The metallic smell filled my nose, just by the smell I seem to have relaxed and calm down. Bringing the cup to my lips the soft crimson liquid filled my mouth. Moaning with satisfaction. The first couple of sips were enough to satisfy my quench, but it was not water. It was blood.

Disposing of the bag and the cup I made my way back to my room. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep instantly.


Morning came all too soon, right now everybody is getting ready to leave. Packing the very few clothes that were left. Daniel was cooking breakfast for all of us, using all of the reminding food. Janus, Alexander packing their blood supply in coolers and taking it to the car we will be taking. It is a quick trip it will take approximately three hours. They will use an hour driving around the woods, just to make sure no hunters were near us before entering the new realm.

I just sat on the kitchen counter watching Danny cook. None of the guys wanted my help. Of course, I pouted like a three-year-old, but I knew they just care about me.

“Come on at least let me set the table.” Whining for the third time.

“Nope sorry, you have gone through a lot, and you need to rest,” Daniel said with his back towards me.

Rolling my eyes, the rest of the guys came. Laughing, making fun of Janus.

“You are an idiot,” Alexander said patting Janus on the back before making his way towards me.

“I could have asked her out if I wanted to,” Janus said.

“Yeah, but that is not what you did,” Grayson hollered in laughter.

“What happened?” I asked confused looking at all of the guys.

“This cocky bastard thinks he can get whatever girl he wants. A girl was flirting with your man here. Janus tried flirting with her but she fazed him out completely.” Zaiden explained.

Everybody was still making fun of Jaus, the whole three hours were just full of waves of laughter. Making the trip much faster. The carriage did not need to pick us up, instead, Alexander drove all the way to the castle. When we got to the kingdom. Everybody and when I mean everybody, almost the whole kingdom was in the entrance welcoming us back. As he slowly drove to the entrance I noticed that the people around looked mad.

So, this is not as much as a welcome as a riot. The word had gone around that werewolves were inside the castle. Guards held back the angry mob so the gates can close behind us. When we parked at the entrance, I looked back at the shouting supernatural people.

“Ignore them, we will make things right.” Alexander held me by my wais whispering in my ear. I hope he is right. We do need to make things right.

We all were greeted by hugs and some tears. The king rushed us inside, removing us from the angry crowd outside the castle. But Alexander and Adrastea never left my side. Evey so often I would catch her staring at Janus. Was she worried about him?

“You are never leaving my side,” Adrastea said pulling me to sit next to her.

I had not noticed but King Cedric lead us to the conference room. We all sat around it. Waiting for our King to speak.

“How are you feeling Ayla?” Queen Cressida asked.

“I am okay.” Addressing the Queen.

“We are glad to have you back, but you know we have to address the issue with the werewolves.” King Cedric said pointing at my two best friends with their mates.

“I am sorry, I know I shouldn’t have teleported them here without your permission. But I couldn’t think of any other place that is safe for them. I was maybe thinking it would be time to let them live in Garmoniya.” Everybody gasped in the room as if I had done something bad. But when I looked at the King did not look fazed at all. A playful smirk adorned his face.

“Very well if that is what you want, under one condition. You and my son have to get married in two days' time. Becoming our new Queen. Only then you shall restore the peace between our kind with the wolfs.” King Cedric said. Not giving me a chance to respond he just walked away.

Marry Alexander? I know I said I will be with him but marry him. I have to marry him to restore peace. Looking around the room, everybody started to scatter leaving Alexander and me sitting alone at the table.

To bring back peace the price is marriage. There is a lot to think about.

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