The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirty Three.

Alexander and I have not talked about what happened in the conference room, instead, he took me to the royal doctor. We are currently waiting for the doctor to come back with the results. Looking around the white room for the millionth time. Fidgeting with a piece of cotton that was given to me earlier. Legs jumping up and down, biting my lower lip. You might think it is because of the tests they did. Any fear left my mind when King Cedric told me his proposal to unify the wolves and any supernatural under this realm. Do I love Alexander?

Whenever I thought of getting married I figured it was because of love. Not because I needed to become the queen to fulfill my density. Yes, I found my Kindred Soul. I am very much attracted to him. Alexander makes me feel things that no other guy has been able to. But I do not know if I am ready for marriage. Yet again, I am willing to sacrifice.

After all, Alexander and I are meant to be together forever. RIght?

“Ayla, love; you are driving me insane. What is with all the fidgeting?” Alexander said, holding my small hands on his.

“It’s nothing,” I said. Trying to pull away.

“Is it what my father said? Because you have to know that I will never force you to marry me. If it was up to me I would wait, and we do not have to get married. We can find another way to bring them all together.” Alexander said hugging me tightly.

This is the side of Alexander that I loved, he was always so considerate of my feelings. Well, most of the time. He might do stupid things for what he thinks is good for the people. He is still that handsome, sweet, considerate man. How can you not want to spend the rest of your life with him? But I wouldn’t be marrying him because I was deeply in love with him. I would only be marrying him because I want to save my werewolves’ friends.

“How? Your father made it clear, and I know that he won’t back down. I just thought that you and I were going to get married because we are madly in love. Because we cannot be separated by anything. Not because the safety of the werewolves is at stake.” I say pulling away.

“I love you and I would be honored to marry you, and I know that you are not quite there yet. And I understand, I do. After everything, I put you through, but you do not have to do this. Just so you know, if you do decide to marry me and become my queen; I will never stop showing you how much I love you. I meant what I said on my birthday. I was foolish to have let you go. You don’t have to make a decision now. We will talk tonight.” I looked at his crystal blue eyes, and I knew what he just said was the truth. He would not hurt me, we need each other whether we like it or not.

But we did not talk that night, he was too busy trying to find a way out of the proposal. Taking me back to the room I had stayed in before the war with the hunters started. Alexander had brought me back to my room so I could rest. But there was so much going on, that the last thing on my mind was sleep.

I have done everything to relax, I took a long warm shower. That didn’t help. I tried reading a book, from the small pile of books that Alexander brought from back home. It didn’t work either. I am not the one to get bored reading a book, but it happened. I was currently wandering around the hall from what seems to be my future home. When I passed by the TV room, it seems someone was there watching a movie. But because the room was dark, all I could see were two vampires dry humping each other on the large gray lounge chair.

“Are you sure of this?” I was getting ready to walk away when Janus’s husky voice made me stop right on my tracks.

Who was he talking to?

Curiosity showered through my body like a bucket of cold water. Which was so unlike me, I am the one who only likes to mind my business. But I wanted, no I needed to know who he was talking to. I stood by the door lurking in the dark.

“Yes,” A heavy breathing Adrastea answered.

Adrastea and Janus. Janus and Adrastea, they are kissing. How? I thought they hated each other. I just stood there in shock, I forced my legs to move. I wanted to run back to my room and overthink this whole situation. But I couldn’t. There was something that was preventing me from doing so.

Are they just fooling around or do they like each other? Adrastea did look a little worried when we got back. But somehow she was not all that worried because of me. Every so often she would look at Janus and he would look at her too. It was very weird but at the moment I did not pay much attention to it. While I was looking at them something in me clicked.

Only the Goddess knows what came over me. A sinister smirk adorned my face, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Letting my powers run their course through my body. Illuminating its path, reaching Janus and Adreatea on the couch. Without a second thought, I bonded then and one. I created my first Kindred souls. Leaving them gasping, as the shock of electricity ran through their body as they touched. I made my way to the open kitchen, only a few away from the TV room. Looking through the refrigerator.

“Alya!” Adreatea yelled from the Tv, while I took out some carrots to snack on.

“Mhmm?” Chewing on my carrot without care.

“What did you do?” Adrastea said slamming her hand on the countertop. But I was unfazed.

“Are you that angry that you are my Kindred Soul?” A sad, yet angry-looking Janus asked.

“Now is not the time.” Giving him a death glare, causing me to giggle. Which only made matters worse.

I know they like each other, something was preventing them from being together. But what was it?

“ guys are Kindred Souls?” Alexander’s masculine voice echoed from behind them.

Walking into the lighted kitchen his face was twisted in confusion. Adrastea pointed at me like a three-year-old girl when we were caught doing something bad.

“Apparently, we are. Your kindred soul over here thought it would be funny if she matched Janus and me.” I have never seen Adrastea this angry.

“So you are mad that she matched us. Am I not good enough for you?” Oh no, what have I caused?

Maybe it was not the right time to match them, yes it had started as a joke, but if they were not meant to be with each other my powers would have not worked. Does she not like him that much?

“Not now Janus,” Adrastea growled.

“Babe?” Alexander looked at me begging me for answers. I simply shrugged enjoying my carrots, but my head is starting to hurt.

“Don’t act stupid Alya. Why did you do this? Did I make you angry?” Adrastea looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Do you want me to tell you the truth?” I asked.

“Yes!” Everybody yelled.

“Both of you weren’t going to find your Kindred souls. Because it was both of you all along. I was meant to do this. It was me the needed to wake up that bond you guys had. I did not know when was the right time, but then I saw you guys dry humping each other in the TV room. That is when I knew it was time.” As soon as these words came out of my lips. Both Adreata and Janus face when white in fear. While Alexander’s face was red in rage.

“It is not what it sounds like. I truly care for your sister even before the…” But Janus was cut off by Alexander’s beastly growl.

“Why are you using your powers? Did you not just come back from being a guinea pig to those hunters? You should be resting Alya.” Alexander completely ignored Janus and stood right in front of me.

Is intoxicating smell was enough to drive me insane. To wrap my arms around his neck pulling him down into a passionate kiss. But now was not the time

“How many times do I have to tell you that I feel fine?” Defying alexander was always the answer for me.

“Oh, you feel fine?” Mocking me.

“Perfectly fine.” Taking a step forward in defiance.

“Good, because I spoke with my father. There is no way in getting out of his deal, and we will be getting married in two days’ times.” Alexander said stepping even closer. We were merely inches away from a kiss.

“Great.” I am honestly ready to take the role of queen if it means to save my friends.

“Well, I will see you in two days times’. I love you.” Alexander said still trying to mock me.

“I will see you in two days.” Pushing his face away, walking away with a triumphant smile.

I guess I will be marrying my Kindred Soul. and becoming the Queen of Garimoya.

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