The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirty Four.

That night I went back to my room content. For the first time in weeks, I sleep peacefully. I can truly tell you that I was not freaking out that I have to be queen. Not only do I get to save my friends and fulfill the prophecy but I also get to marry my Kindred Soul. It had become to me in the kitchen that I was lucky to have my Kindred, and not only to have but the fact that he loves me means everything to me. I have yet to admit to myself that I also love Alexander. But I will tell him on our special day.

I am currently standing in a room with mirrors surrounding me. Taking measurements for my wedding dress. The Queen and Adreastea sipping on champagne discussing things that still need to be done to the wedding. Tomorrow night is the night when Alexander and I complete our soul bond. It is the night where we will be crowned the new rulers of Garmoiya.

I looked around me with a large smile, everything seemed to be falling into place. I have found a new family. A family that loved me, even if they were vampires or werewolves. Who would have thought, all of this was possible if my evil stepmother had to send me in the pouring rain to get a stupid ring. I would have not met my kindred soul. But now I can say that he owes me his life, and I can hold that over his head for the years to come.

“You look beautiful.” My future mother-in-law gushed.

“Really?” I looked at the mirror in front of me.

Tears filled my eyes knowing this will always be the dress. I know mom would not approve, but I feel like this is who I am. I stared at my large black vintage wedding dress, anxious for what is to come. I couldn’t have chosen a better dress. It was off the shoulders that made the lacing pop out. A trail of amethyst stones ran along with the bodice of the dress. Giving it just the right amount of sparkle. The skirt traveled for miles, it is a very heavy dress but, I guess this is what Queens has to endure.

We stayed at the boutique a couple of hours choosing my bridesmaid dresses. Thank god they all agreed on a beautiful amethyst color. After that, we all had lunch and headed back to the castle to finish the preparation for the wedding coronation.

The day had passed by real quick, I didn’t even have the chance to see Alexander. And per traditions, we are not allowed to see or speak to each other until the wedding tomorrow night. The bedside clock marked two in the morning. But sleep is yet to come. I am not nervous, maybe just too excited. I can help my friends and I can see Alexander for the first time in three days. What does worry me is the fact that we are going to have.

My sleep was cut short when Adreastea, Juliet, and Natasha came running into my room. The Queen followed them with a childish smile on her face. All of my bridesmaids were earring a bathrobe that was similar in color to their dresses they will be wearing tonight. They were all jumping up and down, making me hold on to my bed for dear life.

“That is enough girls, it is time to get ready for your special day.” Queen Cressida said, extending her hand towards me.

“All of you head to the shower and in one hour you all need to be in here for your hair and make-up.” The Queen pushed everybody out of my room.

“Now you, you go ahead take a shower, a maid will be right in after your regular bath you will need to shower in our special elixir that made you shine to be the center of attention.” Pushing me to my adjoining bathroom.

I did not even bother asking questions, I will just go through their tradition, but it sounds like I am going to have a very long and busy day. I started the shower and let the hot water relax my tensed muscles.

After my shower I dried up, but as soon as I tried to change. Two very beautiful servant girls come in moving things around. Filling up the bathtub, pouring, and mixing the elixirs that are meant for royals. The water looked milky with a bit of shimmer.

“What is that?” I asked one of the maids, feeling curiosity.

“This is the bath that all of our royals, Queen, and princess have before any major event. But today you will be the only one looking this great, seeing it is your wedding day.” The younger maid said.

“You will soak for an hour. Then we will come to properly dry you before leaving you in the hands of our professionals to do hair and make-up.” The older maid said. Sinking in the hot bath I let myself relax a second time. I eventually drifted to sleep, visiting my mothers.

Only to be woken up by a sassy vampire who I assume will be doing my hair and make-up. The maid helped me to dry off carefully, leaving my skin spotless. I have never felt my skin this smooth, and the subtle shimmer could only boost up my self-esteem.

There was not talking they did wonders, by the time I looked at the mirror I looked like a different person. Throughout the whole day, it was nothing but rushing me, right now the two maids that helped me earlier are back and helping me get into my dress. My stomach has been growling all day and all I can think of is a slice of pizza, but I know I am not allowed to eat anything until after the ceremony.

“Omg, Alya you… you look beautiful.” Adrastea said, giving me a tight hug.

“You girls look hot! Your mates won’t be able to keep their hands off you.” They did look really beautiful. Will all of their skin tone the amethyst color bring their eyes out.

My dress still dragged behind me even though I had four in heels. I looked at my reflection on a nearby glass. I did not look like myself. I looked like a queen. My hair was curled to perfection, half of my hair was braided, just enough to hold my crown into place. The same crown that I had left behind when I helped the werewolves escape the hunters. My make-up was light, with a simple eyeliner wing, but bold-read lips.

Everything around me has happened so fast that I did not notice I am in the hall crammed with all of the people that would walk down the aisle. The sweet music started playing, which made my stomach jump a million times. The King and Queen were the first ones that started walking down the aisle. One my bride made their way with the groom men. The only ones left were Zaiden and me.

“Are you ready, princess?” Zaiden asked. I had asked Zaiden to walk me down the aisle seeing he has always been there with me, I would have asked Daniel, but Alexander took him as a groomed man, and he wanted to walk down the aisle with his mate.

“I don’t know. Do you think I am doing the correct thing? I do love him, but we are not getting married out of love; it is to save the werewolf race.” I looked at him, I know he always knows what to say.

“You are marrying this man because he is meant for you. You are marrying him to love him, and all of the people know you love the kingdom as well. Don’t overthink it.” Zaiden said, and he was right.

Offering me his arm I hold on to it firmly, and he does not seem to mind. We slowly made our way to the altar. Where I see everybody standing and looking at us pass by. I notice Alexander at the end of the aisle with the largest smile I have ever seen. It has been three days since I last saw him, my body was begging me to run into his arms and never let go.

My heart was pounding so hard that I am hundred percent that these vampires can hear it. The Queen and the Kind were in the front ready to prepare the ceremony. I was only a couple of inches away, and I can feel Alexander’s excitement radiating making me giggle.

When I was in front of Alexander and the entire kingdom I gave Zaiden a large hug. Looking back at all of the people that joined us you can see the mix of vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, hybrids. The faces that caught my attention the most were both of my mothers. They are here. They came to see me marry the man I love.

“Creatures, we are gathered here today to unite these in the bond of souls. My son and his Kindred soul. Our future Queen, and future king.” King Cedric said.

I am marrying the love of my life. And I couldn’t be happier.

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