The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirty Six.

After making love to Alexander we both freshen up and had an outfit change. They had a black flowy dress prepared for me. It was off the shoulders, with long spacious sleeves that can cover my entire hands. It was a corset type on the top, and it continues to be flowy to the ground. I used some simple sandals that no one will see. Alexander wore his slacks and his white button-up shirt. Leaving the last three buttons open.

“Before we go I need to give you something,” Alexander got on his knees pulling out a small box.

“Alya Moon, will you be my Kindred Soul forever?” Pulling out a gorgeous black ring with a huge amethyst stone in the middle. Moon surrounded the ring that was adorned with black diamonds. It matched the simple wedding band that was traded earlier.

“Yes! Of course.” He slides the gravy ring on my ring finger. Kissed me and pulled me out of the room.

In the distance, you can hear the music, where everybody was celebrating the coronation and the wedding. We joined the other, we started dancing as we didn’t have a care in the world. Every so often our subjects would come and congratulate us. After dancing for a couple of hours I asked Alexander if we can get something to eat.

I had escaped to the kitchen to get something to eat, I was starving.

“So this is where you ran off to,” Zaiden said with a chuckle.

“I am sorry I am starving. They did not even allow me to have breakfast.” Gulping down my juice

“Ay, do you know that is blood right?” Zaiden looked worried.

“Yes, I prefer to call it juice.” Finishing it off.

“How long?” Alexander stood at the doorway.

“Since the first bite.” Cleaning the area I used.

“So technically you are a vampire?” Zaiden asked.

“No, I am a hybrid. I have vampire and wolf blood because of my mother, but because they are goddesses I am too. But the vampire side is more dominant since Alexander is my Kindred Soul.” They all looked at me as if I ate a bug.

“How come you never told us any of this.” Alexander pulled me to his side kissing my temple.

“Nobody asked.” I simply shrugged leaving the kitchen to find Adreasta that I have not seen her all day.

“Queen! Queen! We have a problem. W… Wendigos… th.. they are trying to break the borders.” A knight came yelling into the ballroom sending everybody into a panic.

I went straight to the throne. Clapping my hands to capture everybody’s attention.

“Attention!” Everybody halted looking at me.

“There is nothing to panic for. I will gather my team, and we will go defeat these wendigos. You guys slowly evacuate the building. I will assure you everything will be alright.” Their sacred faces shifted to hopeful.

The only ones that lingered around were my group of werewolves and the vampires that have always been with me.

“Adrastea, Natasha, and Juliet stay here and try to keep everybody calm. Zaiden, Janus, Grey, Daniel, Mickey, John come with me.” We did not have time to change. I know where my weapons are, Zaiden gave them to me while I strapped them.

“What about me?” Alexander looked confused.

“You need to stay here and rule your people. The wendigos want me. And if anything happens to me, they still have you.” I said, giving him a small kiss.

“She is right, son.” King Cedric said.

“No, I will fight beside my wife. And you will not stop me.” Alexander walked ahead of everybody. Choosing his weapons.

“Take care and you better come back to us. All of you guys.” Queen Cressida said.

My happiness lasted only two days, I knew this day was going to come. I am becoming more powerful by the day and they do not like it. The wendigos want to be wild creatures, and here I am. I am the one that can kill them that can command them. I do not like violence but if this is the measure I have to take to protect my kingdom, to protect the ones I love then so be it. We will defeat these creatures and then maybe I can leave happy with my king.

“Everybody grab a partner and be sure to stick with them throughout the whole fight. We will not be losing anybody tonight.” Alexander said, pulling me to his side.

All of the boys had their war face on, as they over-packed weapons on a duffle bag. Vampires are supposed to be prepared to fight wendigos, but because they seldom encounter them they are inexperienced. Making us the only ones to go out and fight. We all got inside the truck, Alexander pulling me closer to him, as we made our way to the wendigos.

They have already trespassed the border. As soon as we stopped the car the smell of rot reeked through the woods. We walked a couple of miles in when we spotted the first wendigo. Earring the life away from a poor unicorn.

“Hey! I thought you wanted me.” Pulling my sword out ready to cut his head off.

The wendigo looked up from eating the unicorn’s flesh growling at me. He took slow threatening steps, moaning, and growling trying to intimidate me. When he was only a couple of inches away he let out a large howl, signaling the others his location. Signaling that away between goddess and wendigos is going to start.

I charged at them, Hearing my mother whisper ’good luck.’ As I am running towards the beast purple sparkle surrounded me changing my outfit all at once. I was no longer wearing the beautiful flowy dress. It was now a black skin-tight outfit, they still allowed me to move. My sandals changed into black combat boots. When I jumped into the air so did the wendigo, but I was much quicker. Slicing his head off. Leaving him screeching in pain. His body fell with a thud to the ground, as I landed on my feet right in front of him my sword still in hand.

Kicking the tall creature exposing his chest, Alexander shoved his arm into his chest; pulling out the cold heart, tossing it at me creating the fire from my hand. Melting it into just ash. When I turned to look at everybody, apparently they all had an outfit change. We were all in black with boots. I on the other hand was the only one that had long sleeves.

“Are you serious? An outfit change?” I yelled at my mothers, making me look insane.

“They do come in handy,” Daniel said.

The screeches of the wendigos snapped us back into focus, they are nearing. We all got closer together, preparing our weapons.

“Everybody stays together, protect one another, we all going homeboys,” I said staring into the dark woods behind us.

This will be ending tonight once and for all.

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