The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirty Seven.

While we waited for the wendigos to arrive, Mike and John created a fire pit to be able to melt the wendigo’s heart, if I cannot get to them. In quick time about thirty to forty wendigos appeared in front of us, and by the sound of it more were coming. I can feel the anger radiating from the boys behind me.

“Get ready boys!” I yelled over the groan and moans.

Without a second thought, all of the boys started running towards the wendigos. Holding my sword tight I charged to the largest wendigo. Using the tree as leverage to cut off another wendigo’s head, but he dodged it. Pulling my sword throwing me across the wood. Landing on my knees. This is not going to be a walk in the park. I took a quick look around, and all of my friends seem to be busy. They were all fighting with their wendigo, but something seemed different from the wendigos that we have fought before.

They seem stronger, faster. The first one was easy to kill because we caught them off guard. But we need to be faster. My thoughts were cut short when a wendigo tried pricing me with its antlers. Swinging my sword, I successfully chopped off one of his antlers, causing him to howl in pain. Using his distraction I summon all of my energy to distribute the fire from my palm to my sword. Piercing his chest melting his heart. Disintegrating the wendigo in front of me.

But there was no more time for distractions. My sword was still on fire and that is how I will use it for the rest of the fight. I looked to my right. I saw Alexander having a hard time with three large wendigos, I swiftly moved on my feet catching the attention of one of the wendigos. Slicing him in half. With my left hand, I created the purple fire, pulling its head, killing another wendigo yet again.

Disintegrating, and killing wendigo after wendigo the numbers does not seem to go down. More of them appear in large groups. We cannot win this way there are only eight of us and right now I say there are about sixty of them.

“We are going to need backup!” I yelled at the guys, grunting as I swerved the claws of the routine creature.

“I have already sent a mild link to Juliet, to gather up as many vampires and werewolves as she can. They will be here in five.” Daniel said kicking a wendigo in the face.

“Wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient if you are in your wolf form?” I yelled at Daniel, Greyson, Mike, and John. Stabbing a wendigo on the side.

“You two need to fucken change now!” Alexander yelled. Without further command, Daniel and the rest shifted into their large wolves, taking the creatures down quicker. Leaving the rest of us to pull out their hearts, killing them off completely.

Twenty more wendigos appeared from the shadows of the wood, but from behind us, you can hear the battle cries from our vampire knights and werewolf rescue. Mikey looked back howling in excitement.

“Mikey, look out!” I heard Zaiden yell, but it was too late.

Mike was impaled by a wendigos horn leaving him unmoving in the grown. A mixture of black goo with blood pooled around his body, leaving me to feel rage.

“Mikey!” I yelled from the top of my lungs, but I couldn’t stop. I ran towards the wendigo that killed my friend.

The stupid creature growled at me, almost mocking me. Rubbing in that he was able to kill one of my kind. My breathing was heavy and it was not because of all the running once I reached him I cut off one of his limbs. Making him fall to the floor. But I did not want to kill him just yet. I wanted it to feel pain if it was capable of feeling anything. Watching how the black goo oozed out of him. I just stood there seeing it in pain, attempting to get up, on those large legs of his, but before he could I cut off his other leg.

His cry for help attracted two wendigos to charge at me, trying to claw me with his boney rotting hands. Digging my sword in one was enough to make him disappear completely. I decided to chop off his head, allowing Janus to pull his heart out, throwing it by the near fire.

“Stop playing around and just kill it, we need to win this. For Mike’s honor.” Janus said, looking at me with the same amount of hurt that I was feeling from losing my friend.

I had no time to let the tears roll down my eyes, I just swallowed my pain and continued the battle.

We have been fighting for hours now, I can tell that everybody is tired. We have fought about two to three hundred wendigos. But they just kept on coming, and every group seems to be stranger than the others. But working as a team we were able to leave only ten standing. I stood in the middle of the woods looking at the events around me. All of the werewolves are trying to move as fast as they can, but some are being sent through the air, slamming them against the trees. Some of the vampires are throwing icy hearts into the fire.

Janus, Zaiden, and Alexander look like they were moving in slow motion. But there is no way out of it other than a battle. We needed to fight. This is our kingdom and we cannot let rotting creatures destroy it all because of me.

“Alexander, go home!” I yelled using my daggers to cut open the creature’s boney exterior.

“No! I will fight until every single one of them is gone.” Alexander was the one who looked worse than all of us. He has several slashes across his chest because he decided to take the largest and strongest wendigos. We were all currently fighting our own wendigos when five more appeared. I heard my mother’s voice echo through the forest letting us know that they were the last ones. We all gathered the last bit of energy ready to end this fight. But something shifted in the wendigos. They stood by the largest wendigo he was over ten feet taller than the average wendigo making him look like a giant.

It was grunting and groaning as if he was communicating to the others. Something I did not know they could do. All of a sudden they all surrounded us ready to attack, but so were we. One last howl from the boss and they started attacking. Vampires and werewolves fighting among each other using the team technique to get the wendigo down, but something was wrong. None of them were attacking me.

The boss went straight for Alexander, but Alexander does not seem to be fazed. Fighting the largest wendigo, I decided to go help my friends. I was pulling out an icy heart when I felt my chest feel heavy. Then his piercing scream invaded my thoughts.

Alexander has been impaled by the wendigos antler in his chest. The creature let a mocking chuckle, tossing Alexander towards me. Landing right in front of me. I froze for a moment, dropping the cold heat and my sword. Falling to the ground.

“No, no, no. Alexander, look at me. No fight it baby. I can take you to my mother’s, there is something that we can do. No Alexander looked at me. No baby don’t you dare. You promised that we were going to go back with me.” Holding his head on my lap as the others detained the wendigos from coming any closer to us.

“I am sorry my love, I failed you.” Running his finger over my cheek, wiping my tears off my face.

“Don’t you dare. We just started our life together. You cannot leave me.” I can feel his heartbeat slowing down.

His eyes glazed over when he whispered I love you.

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