The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Thirty Eight.

My team and the wendigos were no longer fighting, they were looking at the events in front of them. I looked at my group of friends and subjects with tears in my eyes. Extending my heart out, creating a portal pushing them inside. Transporting them to the castle, despite them begging me to stay and help. I needed them out of here.

Once they were gone I took one last look at Alexander, his lifeless body in my arms rage and hurt filled my heart. I felt my whole body on fire. Protecting myself and my Kindred soul. But that was not enough, my chest felt heavy, I couldn’t breathe.

“No!” I left one excruciating yell hoping it will relieve my broken heart. Instead, the purple fire around me grew. And with every scream, I gave it grew more.

But it didn’t work. I looked at him, kissing his cold lips. I gave a banshee scream making the few birds around us fly away. Looking at the wendigos in fear as the fire reached all of them disintegrating them completely. I killed the last fifteen wendigos including the large one that killed my kindred soul. But my heart still hurt. My chest still felt heavy, it didn’t matter how many tears or shakes I gave his body he was unmoving.

I know he shouldn’t have come, I know something bad was going to happen. I knew we might have lost some lives, but I was still not prepared. I looked at Mike’s body only a few feet away from where we were, and I couldn’t help but feel guilt. The wendigos were after me not them. They wanted to kill me, and they took their life. They did not only take my friend’s life. But they took the life I wanted to have for the rest of my life. The life where I was finally going to be happy.

They took Alexander from me. All I could do was scream and cry. I gave one scream, that can be heard all over the kingdom before passing out.

As I float in the nothing I was just hoping that I was dead. I was truly hoping I could be dead so I can be with Alexander in the afterlife, but I can feel my heart beating which made me angry. I did not want to wake up. I didn’t want to be awake to see that I cannot have him.

But I can feel the sun peeking through the curtains. As I sat up I found myself sitting on what was Alexander’s and my bed. The silk sheet covered my body, somehow I was no longer in my black shirt or pants. A soft white gown covered my body. How did I get here? I was truly hoping this was a dream. But that was over when I saw Zaiden sleeping in the corner of my room.

I jumped out of bed, running down the hall, looking for him through every room.

“Where is he?” I yelled, still running down the hall.

“Alya.” Daniel was in front of me giving his sad puppy eyes.

“Danny, where is he?” I whispered as my eyes filled with tears.

“We… we… I” He started trying to find the worlds.

“Where is he, Daniel.” Using my command on him. I didn’t mean to do it but I needed to know where he was.

“Alya,” Zaiden called out from behind me. Giving me the exact eyes that Daniel was giving me.

“Zaiden, where is he?” Begging him letting my tears roll down my eyes.

“We don’t know.” He finally said.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I asked them both, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.

“After you teleported us here, we all ran back to the place. The place where we were fighting. But no one was there except Mike’s body. The Royal Cressida found you in the throne room. You were out cold. They brought you to your room. Where you have been sleeping for the past three days. We have sent search parties to look for our king but he is nowhere to be found.” Zaiden explained.

As I let everything sink in. I just collapse to the ground. Am alive and his body is missing. I do not even get to mourn his death correctly. But that is not the biggest issue yet. I have been asleep for three days and for three days his body has been missing.

I slowly got up as I walked down the hall, I walked and nobody dared to stop me. I was aware I am only in a white silk nightgown, barefoot. But I walked, but I did not have a specific direction. Somehow I managed to arrive at the place where we had our war with those heinous creatures. The footprints are still marked. The bloodstains are all dried up but you can still tell where everything happened.

“Why, why did he have to go like that. I had just started my life with him. We were going to be happy. We were going to rule Garmoniya together. I looked down at my hand. The ring he gave me hours before the inevitable happened. He did promise to love me. And I knew he did. I just wish I could have told him that I loved him back before… before his heart stopped beating.

“Your majesty, it is not okay for you to be out here. It is cold, and we do not know if the land is secured.” One of the knights said. I am guessing they are still trying to find his body.

“I will be okay, go back to your duty.” I simply said.

Only the goddess knows how long I had stayed in that place, or the same position until Zaiden came looking for me. He walked with me back to the castle, not saying a single word. As I walked down the hall every single person that would look at me would look at me with such pity. All I could do was ignore them. Instead of walking to my room, I walked to the conference room, I know that Cedric and Cressida are there.

They must be planning some time of preparation, just because we cannot find his body. Alexander deserves a proper burial.

“Queen Alya, you are awake.” Queen Cressida said.

“Please just call me Alya. I do not feel like a queen without my king by my side.” When our eyes meet I can see how she is holding back her tears like me. No words needed to be said when she pulled me into a tight embrace. Causing me to break.

She whispered encouraging words, but she and I both know this is not going to be easy. This was not going to get better. I just lost the other half of my soul. I will never be complete again.

We had stayed in that position for over an hour, we had discussed the preparation for his burial. Everything was ready, they were just waiting for me to wake up. The notifications and the invitations were sent for his ceremony. Adrastea offered to help me get ready and all I could do was nod. I did not have the energy to change. I did not want to think or what to wear for my deceased husband’s funeral.

Adrastea chose an elegant black dress, with matte black heels to match. She gave me soft curls and, and only applied a small amount of makeup. She walked me down the hall where the ceremony was held. They gave me some red roses to place over his casket.

I stood in front of his empty casket, with the flowers in my hand. My body felt numb, tears threatened to fall. He is gone, the one that is believed to be the love of my life is gone.

“Thank you everybody for coming. Unfortunately, this is not a celebration. We are gathered here to say goodbye to our fallen King. King Alexander risked and gave his life saving this kingdom. Saving his people. His Queen fought by his side, as we all know how hard it is to see someone you love, go. But she did not only lose the love of her life she lost a part of her soul.” King Cedric said. The whole crowd gasped and shed tears for his fallen king.

“We still have our Queen that will rule us to have an amazing kingdom, so there is nothing to be worried about. All we ask of you is to give her time to cope and to let her grief.” Queen Cressida said.

The rest of the day all of my subjects came to pay their respects and to say how sorry they were for my loss. Some of them said they imagine how hard it is to lose someone they love. But they didn’t. I not only love Alexander, but he was also my soul.

He was part of my soul that I am never getting back, and I will make them pay for what they have done. I vow to kill every single wendigo in the world if I have to.

I will have my revenge.

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