The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Four.

Why him? Why did he agree to come? Why Samantha? He could have accepted any other girl's invitation, but it had to be Samantha's. He didn't seem interested in her at school, but yet again he accepted her invitation to 'study'. He is new to the school, and there is a holiday coming up. There is nothing to study for. And writing the paper for English does not require studying.

"Hi, Alex, I am glad you were able to make it," Samantha said in her high-pitched voice.

"Yeah," He laughs nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

"So do you want to study first, or eat dinner?" Samantha asked using her seductive voice. Which made my eyes roll.

How does that even work? Changing your voice gets a man to sleep with you?

"Dinner sounds good, I am not the one to stay much, especially when there is a holiday coming up," Alexander said, rubbing the back neck once more.

Samantha started to pull him towards the dining room. Now I can make my escape unnoticed. I hid behind the couch because I wasn't able to make it to my room before Samantha opened the door. If I am honest, I was setting myself up. I wanted to see the mystery guy that Samantha did not want me to see. But why keep Alexander a secret? She likes to show off all of the men she can get, and rub it in my face. Telling me no guy will ever take an interest in me. Not that I minded, I wasn't looking for a relationship. I already have too many things in mind and a boy isn't one of them.

Maybe Alexander can be an exception. No, what am I saying?

Ever since last night, all I can think about is him. The way we met, how I saved him from a group of people that wanted to kill him.

"Your sister isn't going to join us for dinner?" Alexander asked Samantha.

"Oh no darling, that ungrateful brat isn't even here. So we can start without her," my stepmother said. Badmouthing me to her guest.

"Oh okay," Alexander says.

Was he waiting for me? Did he come here thinking I was going to eat with them? I shook my head and head up to my room. Ignoring Samantha's and Isadora's insults. Hoping Alexander doesn't believe them.

I tossed my plate of potatoes on the corner of my desk. I had lost my appetite.

Why should I care what he thinks right? I am just the girl that saved his life in the middle of a rainy night. And happens to go to the same school.

"Ugh, why does everything have to be so complicated?" I groaned, throwing myself on the recliner.

The only one that I can count on is my best friend Daniel. The only bad thing is that he is in love with me and wishes to have a romantic relationship. Don't get me wrong I love Daniel, but it's never been romantic. He is more like a brother to me. But he has always been there for me. He has supported me since day one and all I am waiting for is to turn eighteen, to be able to get out of this hell hole.

My body started to feel heavy, begging for sleep. I curled up, closing my eyes for a bit, which led me to a deep slumber.


A loud knock woke me up, making me sit right up. I opened the door, but no one was there. The hallway was empty, which brought my eyebrows together in confusion. When another knock echoed through my room, that was when I noticed the knock was coming from my door. The door I use to take out the trash, to enter, and leave the house. Apparently, in Isadora's eyes, I am worthy of using that main door. Slowly, I made my way downstairs. Who could it be this late at night? I pulled out my phone to see the time. I noticed it was eleven at night.

I opened the door, letting the moonlight cast down on the person that woke me up this late. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw who was standing in front of me.

"Alexander? What are you doing here?" I was confused.

"I brought pizza," He said, as he walked straight to my room, with a box of pizza in hand. Leaving me frozen in place.

"Are you just going to stand there?" Alexander asked, looking down at me, as he stood at the top of the stairs.

"You didn't answer my question. What are you doing here?" Following him into my room, watching him getting a little too comfortable on my bed.

"Just wanted to stop by and say thank you with pizza. I would have been here sooner, but I had a hard time getting your sister off me. She tried getting me in bed with her." He said, chuckling to himself.

"Thank you?" I said but it came out more of a question.

'Yes, I wanted to say thank you for saving my life. I didn't know if you have eaten yet, so I brought pizza. Have you eaten yet?" Alexander asked, giving the most charming smile that can make any girl melt.

He opened the box of pizza, and the smell of the cheesy goodness filled my room. Making my mouth water and my stomach rumble. Reminding me that I have not eaten anything all day. I guess I have been too busy.

"I'll take that as I no," smiling, he handed me a slice of pizza on a napkin.

Is he here to say thank you? All he did was just sit on my bed taking in his surroundings. Checking every detail of my room. All while I just stood there taking every detail of him. Seeing how the light cast a shadow on his perfectly proportioned face.

His jaw was sharp, you can see how the muscles tensed with every bite he took out of the pizza. Crystal blue eyes sparkled with joy as he looked at all of my baby pictures. He was the definition of perfect. Rosy, kissable lips, turned into a bright smile; showing his pearly whites.

"Are you going to eat or are you going to stare at me some more?" The cocky jerk said.

"How are you feeling? You don't seem to be in pain." I asked Alexander.

"Like, I said I had a good doctor," Getting another slice of pizza for himself.

I brought the slice of pizza to my lips, looking at him suspiciously. Any normal teenage boy would be crying in pain. Acting like a baby, complaining about how they got hurt, and saying that they are going to die. And I know because I grew up with Daniel and Greyson and all my friends. They are all dramatic. How come Alexander isn't the same? Don't get me wrong, it's a nice change. It is just weird.

"You aren't like other guys, you know," I said without thinking. Covering my mouth as soon as those words left my mouth.

"How so?" He turned around to look at me.

"Where did you get this pizza? It is really good," Trying to change the subject.

"Different how?" Alexander got up from the bed, making his way towards me. Leaving only a couple of inches between us.

"Ayla?" Alexander growled at me, becoming impatient. Feeling his warmth surrounded me.

"I don't know how to explain it, and I can't compare you to a lot of guys. I just hung out with Daniel and Greyson. If they were ever to get hurt they just act like giant babies. what I am trying to say..." I rumbled on. Something I do when I am nervous. And right now I am nervous. Somehow Alexander has that effect on me.

"Woah, Woah calm down, I was just teasing, but it is nice to know that I am unique in your eyes." The cocky jerk said.

He was so nice to Samanta and very respectful towards Isadora, so why act like a jerk with me? Is that the way he is going to say thank you?

Giving me a smirk, he leaned on my desk, placing his arms on the back of his head. Revealing the bloody gauze, that was due for a change. I noticed this porcelain skin, with his toned v-line. Forcing myself to look away. I was caught staring at him once I cannot be embarrassed again. So, I pretend to be unaffected by him.

'Why haven't you changed the gauze? It is dirty, and it can get infected. Let me clean it up for you." I said, rumbling around my room, trying to find my first aid kit. Giving myself another excuse to look away.

"No, I am fine." He said, pulling his shirt down.

"No, we need to clean it before it gets infected," I said, pulling out the kit from under my bed.

His eyes become dar. Looking at me as if I was a small defenseless prey, and he is the predator preparing to pounce at me at any moment. Studying every moment I made, I set up the necessary items to clean his wounds. He was still leaning on the desk as I made my way to him.

"Can you pull your shirt up?" Waiting for him to pull up his shirts, I pretended to be busy with my first aid kit.

Slowly, he started lifting his shirt. Touching his soft skin created sparks, while I tried removing the tape which caused him to freeze. His breathing had become non-existent. Removing the tape from around the gauze being careful not to hurt him. Ignoring the tingling sensation I felt. Just like the first night, I helped him. Revealing the wound, it looked smaller than it did yesterday. It was a bit bloody and red around the bullet wound but it was not infected. Looks like it's healing the way it should. But I still don't get why he won't go to the hospital.

"Why don't you just go to the hospital and get it checked out? I am not a Dr. You know?" I said looking up at alexander.

His face was inches away from mine, looking into his shiny crystal blue eyes. His eyes moved towards my lips, making me swallow hard. Licking his pink lips slowly, made my stomach do a million flips. Does he want to kiss me? We stood like that for a couple of seconds before I looked back down. I finished cleaning him without hurting him. I replaced the old bloody gauze with the new one.

"There, all done. That one should last you a whole day. If by any chance it gets dirty again just let me know and I will clean it for you," I said walking away, throwing all of the items I used.

I started walking towards him again to put the remainder of things away. When he just stood up, mumbled a thank you before getting his jacket, and headed to the door. Leaving me confused for the last time.

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