The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Five.

After Alexander left, I became restless. I kept tossing and turning trying to figure out what I had done wrong. He left all of the sudden, never looking back. His eyes were firm on the ground. When he walked out, I could have sworn I heard the door downstairs slam shut. Did he get mad because I cleaned his wound?

I needed to clean his wound it could have gotten infected, and it could have been worse. He didn't want to seek professional help, so I just wanted to help.

Unable to sleep, I got up early, did my chores, made breakfast, and decided to head to school.

The sky was still dark outside, rain waiting to be poured down, the crisp air, made me hug my jacket. I pulled out my phone to see the time; I can make it to school walking, and still have about thirty minutes to myself. If I stay here it will start raining any minute, and I would have to wait twenty minutes for Danny. And he doesn't like to wake up early. The walk would be good for me, it will help me to clear my head. Plugging my earphones I drowned my thoughts with the loud music as I made my way to school.

The walk seemed short. I was not paying attention to my surroundings. I found myself sitting in front of my locker with a book in hand. After thirty minutes of reading students slowly started piling in, some of them were putting their things away in their lockers, others horsing around. It was getting too loud, I lowered the volume of my music and headed to the stairway to get more reading done before class started. My phone kept on vibrating in my pocket, but I already knew it was Daniel. He didn't like the idea that I had woken up early to walk to school.

He has always been overprotective with me ever since I lost my parents. Sometimes he can act like a dad himself, telling me that the world is dangerous. That I cannot be walking around listening to what Isadora and Samantha make me do. The phone gave its final buzz when I heard a group walk in but from the top of the stairway. They stayed up there, so they couldn't see me.

“You need to get your shit together, you’re going to be our new king. Dad sent you to find your soul and you have found her!” A girl’s voice said, restraining herself from yelling.

“Adrastea, this is none of your business, lay off my back.” He responded, his voice low and dangerous.

“Alexander, it is my business, she will be my new queen! Just because you are a giant baby, you won’t do anything about it.” The Adrastea girl said, her voice grew angrier. Not intimidated by Alexander.

Alexander? Adrastea? Isn’t that Alexander’s sister? Queen? Does that mean Alexander is royalty? Alexander and Adrastea royalty. If they are royalty what is he doing in a small town like this? Well, Adrastea did mention that they were here to find his soul. Can you lose your soul? My mind was swimming in questions. Questions that I will never get answers to.

“Adrastea is right Xander, you need to tell her; start a relationship with her. When the day comes we can take her to your parents. And make her our queen.” A voice added in.

“What is there not to like? She is hot, really sweet, nice. Dude, she helped a stranger in the middle of the night. Not many girls do that. As a matter of fact, no girl will do that.“ The fourth voice said.

Saved? I was the one that saved Alexander two nights ago. Why were they talking about me? I couldn’t be Alexander’s soul. I am human, and a soul is non-existing. A soul is something that we say is emotional. Something we consider energy.

“Why can’t we discuss this at home?” Alexander groaned.

“You won’t discuss it anywhere.” The third voice chimed.

“Okay, I don’t want to get close to her. We do not know what she is. Okay? I cannot have a werewolf soul. Her eyes have turned bright purple whenever she is close to me.” Alexander explained.

The school bell rang signaling that class is about to start. Nobody said anything else. Pretending to be reading my book with the earphones. I blasted the music to pretend that I was not eavesdropping on their conversation. Their footsteps can be felt as they descended from the stairs forcing myself not to look back. All of a sudden, the footstep stopped; out of the corner of my eye, I saw three black boots and one pair of cute high heels. But I pretended that I did not see them.

Re-reading the same line in the book, I decided to turn the page to make it seem that I was reading. Not being able to read the actuals words; my heart was pounding fast, and if they were close enough they would be able to hear it. The book was yanked out of my hands making me look up with a murderous look.

Alexander was the one that yanked the book from my grasp. Taking off my earphones, I was ready to confront Alexander. He looked breathtaking with his messy hair. Wanting to run my hands through it. His tight black shirt matching his black pants. It looks like he is ditching his leather jacket.

I couldn't help to notice that all of them looked like supermodels.

“What are you doing here?” Alexander asked. His eyes were dark in rage.

“What do you mean what am I doing here? This is my school.” Trying to reach for my book, but he soon moved it over his head.

“Don’t be a smart mouth. Why are you here at the stairway?” Alexander asked again.

“Bye guys, I don’t want to be late, see you later Ayla,” Zaiden said, pulling Janus and Adrastea away.

All three of them gave me a pity smile. Adrastea gave me a wink, making me smile at her.

“See you at lunch?” Adrastea asked me.

“Of course.” Giving her a bright smile.

This might be the chance for a girlfriend. I love hanging around Daniel and the boys, but having a friend that is a girl is good for a change. Since; Samantha came into my life she spread rumors which made every single girl at school hate me. That is when my group of boys took me in. They have become the brothers I never had.

Since Alexander came into my life I could not stop myself from thinking naughty thoughts when he is around me. I keep picturing how it would be to kiss those rosy lips of his. Imagining, how it would feel to be in his arms.

“Are you going to answer me?” Alexander asked, taking me out of the trance.

“Answer what?” Reaching for my book one more time, keeping it out of my reach.

“Did you hear anything?” Alexander looked worried. Although, I heard everything I was not going to admit it to him.

“Hear what? I don't know if you noticed, I had my earphones on pretty loud, and reading that book that you have in your hand.” Pointing to the book that he still held above his head.

“So you did not hear a thing?” He asked, raising his brow.

Yes, I did. But whatever you guys were talking about was way too confusing for me to understand. I wanted to tell him but I couldn’t. He already was looking at me as if he wanted to snap my neck.

“Are you going to give me my book back? I am already late for class.” Changing the subject. Because I am terrible at lying

"What is with the attitude?” Alexander asked, pinning me against the door.

Oh god, why does he have to be so attractive? But can be a jerk, and cocky at the same time. I just want to punch him in his pretty face of his, right now.

“What is with your attitude? Seems like something crawled up your ass and died.” Giving him the same attitude that he gave me.

Alexander did not answer my question instead he just stood there staring at me. I had turned around to go upstairs; I had to get to class, but Alexander had other intentions. Pulling me off the first step I almost fell, but his reflexes were fast. Preventing me from falling, he slammed me into his chest. Looking, up through my eyelashes, I can see that he is looking down at me. Trying to ignore the sparks and the fireworks spreading throughout my body.

Class did not seem to be that important anymore, All I can focus on right now is him; the way that he was holding me. The way his warmth envelops me, feeling safe in his arms. I felt like I belonged there.

His hand held my chin forcing me to look up at him completely. Seeing his crystal blue eyes full of lust and desire. For me? Without even realizing we are both moving closer, our faces are only inches apart. Is he about to kiss me? I can hear my heart pounding against my rib cage. My head was spinning; I was not able to think straight. All I wanted was him

That is when I felt it. His soft lips against mine.

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