The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Six.

He is kissing me. Alexander is kissing me. It took a while to register what was happening. His soft, rosy lips were on mine. But I stood there frozen. Slowly wrapping my arms around his neck, I started to kiss him back. With the same passion, he gave me. I didn’t care that I was losing oxygen. Ever since last night, all I was able to think about was him. Him holding me in his arms, kissing me. He held me firm by the waist. While his large hand secured my head; as he deepened the kiss. My hands traveled up to his hair making it even messier.

I felt my phone buzzing in my jeans, but I ignored it. I wanted to stay like this forever. The kiss went from hungry, and aggressive to slow and passionate. The entire world had vanished around us. Nothing mattered, but the universe had other plans.

“So you skip class to suck this idiot’s face?” Daniel’s angry voice echoed through the stairway.

We jumped away from each other as if we were struck by lighting. Daniel and Alexander gave each other a murderous look. Alexander pulled me behind him, so I couldn’t see Daniel’s face anymore. They started growling at each other, ready to fight, when the bell rang signaling, the first period was over.

All of the students began switching classes, passing by the stairway. But neither of them moved. I started to back away, trying to get out of this mess. But, intentions didn't go unnoticed.

“Don’t you dare leave,” Daniel growled, pointing straight at me. Acting jealous and overprotective.

“Do not tell her what to do,” Alexander said in his low murderous voice. Pulling me closer to him.

“Both of you stop. Daniel, go to class. I will catch up with you in a bit,” I said standing in the middle.

“Go? For what? So you can suck his face some more? With this expired idiot?” Daniel yelled, making a few students look at us.

"Just go, or I will never speak to you again.” I threaten.

He stood there contemplating whether he should leave or not. Daniel walked down the remaining steps, bumping into Alexander’s shoulder on his way out. The majority of the students were in class already, only a couple lingered. The ones that stayed behind were girls, drooling over Alexander. Making me angry, and jealous, I was about to say something before Alexander pulled me away, making me face him.

“You need to be more careful, your eyes are turning purple. You could have relieved yourself to them,” Alexander said, placing his hands on each side of my face.

“Purple?” I asked, out of breath.

Why were my eyes turning purple? He had mentioned earlier, every time I got close to him my eyes change to the color purple, but how? My eyes are green. They always have been green.

“You don’t know what you are either?” Alexander said with amusement in his voice.

What the hell is he talking about? Telling me that I was going to reveal myself. It is almost as if he is a creature himself, and he is trying to figure me out. All I could do was just stand there, with Alexander’s hands on my face, confused. Alexander picked up my book, which had fallen when he pulled me in for the kiss. We walked to class. When we arrived we went straight to our seats.

Daniel and Grayson looked at me with disappointment, but they looked at Alexander with hate. But Alexander was unfazed. Zaiden looked at us worried, while the whole classroom started to gossip, and make their assumption as to why we were both late.

But I did not care. All I can think about were eyes. They turn purple. Why didn't Alexander freak out from the sudden change of color? He said he had seen it a couple of times, but this was the first time someone has told me. Has everyone seen that color? Or is it just a reaction I get when I am with Alexander?

It couldn’t have been that. I was near Alexander the night he got injured. He was near me when I was speaking to the ‘hunters’. If they would have seen the purple eye color they would have said something, right?

“Alya?” Grayson whispered to me.

“Mhmm?” Was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You look like you have seen a ghost.” Grayson asked with a concerned look.

“Mr. Cole? Do you have something that you would like to share with the class?” Mr. Thomas pointed out. Annoyed that Grayson interrupted his class.

“Not really, I was just asking Alya if she was feeling well, she does not look too good.” Grayson pointed at me, but I wasn't paying attention.

My head was swimming with questions, questions that I am trying to find the answer to. I am not normal, not that I ever was, but now I am a freak. The freak, that likes the new kid. But Alexander was far from being normal, I think. If he didn't freak out over my eye color, he might be hiding something himself.

“May I be excused, I don’t feel well.” Raising my hand, to get Mr. Thomas’s attention. As soon as I said that Daniel and Alexander were at my side.

“I’ll take her.” They both said in unison.

“I am fine, I will just see you guys tomorrow.” Collecting my things, I ran home. But I couldn’t go home.

Isadora will not be there, but I am pretty sure that Samantha will give her the news that I had gone home. I was not allowed to go home without their permission. So I decided not to go home. I just need to get out of here, I needed to get some air, and maybe some answers.

“Sit down boys! She said she will be going to the nurse by herself,” Mr. Thomas said, clearly annoyed that I am taking time from his class. One of his pet peeves.

Giving them both a nod, as I walked out of the classroom. I waited for the classroom door to close. I started to run to the nearest library, we have in this small town. I ran for about three miles. Breathless, I stood in front of the library contemplating whether I am going crazy or not.

It sounds so stupid right now, how the hell do I believe that there is something out there; other than humans. My eyes change probably due to a disease; that we do not know of. Walking in the library I head straight to the bathroom, staring at myself in the mirror, as I hear the thunder roar outside, echoing throughout the library. My reflection showed my rosy cheeks, sweat beads rolling down my forehead, from the run I had from the school to the library. My eyes were bright green, mother used to compare them to two giant emeralds, that shine brighter whenever I was happy. My eyes were dark from the lack of sleep, my pale skin smooth like wax.

Looking at my rosy lips; I closed my eyes, touched my lips; reliving the kiss that Alexander had given me. I can feel his heat surrounding me, remembering his muscular scent. But that memory was soon interrupted by someone knocking on the bathroom door.

“I will be out in a minute.” Focusing back on the mirror, I washed my face and headed out of the bathroom.

Standing in the middle of the library I can see the rows and rows of books. Where do I start? Going into every aisle selecting, anything that can help me figure out this genetic disorder. Gathering every book on mutations, anything that science can help me explain why my eye color changes. People around me, looked at me as if I was crazy, carrying a huge pile of books to the nearest table. I even got a book about mythical creatures. Although I doubt that I would need that.

Grabbing the first book I got to work.

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