The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Eight.

The book sat on my desk, waiting to be read. Taunting me, laughing at me, for believing that I might be something mythical. I just sat there; knowing I was going against everything I believed. My father raised me to be a person of science. ‘There is always an explanation,' my father used to say. My mother on the other hand. Raised me to believe; that there is more to the world than science.

At the age of five, my mother died in a plane crash, on her way to visit a friend. My father did not seem to be devastated for very long. After, two years he found Isadora. In my father’s eyes, she was a helpless woman that had been thrown out of her home. Isadora always played the perfect wife and mother, only when my father was around. I was to do the whole house cleaning at a very young age. But my father never found out.

My father raised me to believe that everything on earth happens for a reason. A scientific reason. Although my father was busy with work, he still made time to teach me his techniques; that I still use to this day. Thanks to his, and mom’s medical degree I was able to clean every cut, hide every bruise that Isadora and Samantha would give me. Thanks to him I was able to heal Alexander. Maybe in the future, I can become like him, a doctor.

After his death, Isadora was left with my father’s fortune for anything that I needed. But I have yet to receive a single cent from that inheritance. And I won't receive anything until I turn eighteen. And only then, I can leave this hell, she calls home. I may even leave this silly old town, as soon as; I graduate. I am one month away from my freedom.

My phone started ringing making me jump in my seat. Taking me out of the trance that I have put myself in, all because of a stupid book. I picked up the phone to see a number I did not recognize, flashing on the screen.

“Hello?” Pulling the phone towards my ear.

“Come over, I know you said you wanted to talk.” Alexander’s muscular voice came through the speaker. Making me smile.

“I can't go out, you know. I do need to talk to you, but I would much rather it be in person.” I said opening the book to the first page. Revealing a list of mythical creatures.

Such as the unicorns, dragons, mermaids, elves, fairies, griffins, pegasus, werewolves, centaurs, vampires, pixies, hippocampus, and much more. There are pages after pages of these creatures. Including mythical greek gods and much more.

“But you snuck out once, why can’t you do it again?” Alexander asked, a little disappointed.

“Because my step mom’s boyfriend is here and he is kind of a creep. He always keeps a close eye on me. So…” I said, shaking in disgust. As I remembered the things Raymond said he wanted to do with me.

“He does not hurt you, does he?” Alexander asked.

“Oh no, I always lock my room. And he is not allowed anywhere near me thank god,” I said reading the first page. Realizing that I am already revealing secrets to a person that I have known for three nights.

When I flipped the page it showed a picture of a unicorn. Along with a description of what they are, the abilities that they have. If you drink the blood of a unicorn it can give you immortality and youth. And if you were to cut off their horn they will make you insanely rich, all because their horn is made of gold.

“Good, so maybe after school you can come over to my house, and we can talk.” Asking with such hope and happiness.

“I will try. I do not know if my stepmother will let me.” I said, trying not to get his hopes too high.

I can technically say that I need to stay at school due to an assignment, but then Samantha knows I do academically well. Or I can say I am working and taking extra classes to graduate sooner. That will make them happy, but Samantha will know if such class exists. My head began to spin with ideas and excuses all to see Alexander after school.

Not only do I have to deal with my evil stepmother and stepsister, but I will also have to deal with Daniel and his group of neanderthals. That is at war with the new guys.

“Alright, baby girl I will see you tomorrow,” Alexander said, making me melt into my seat. Sending the butterfly in my stomach, into overdrive.

“Night,” I managed to whisper out.

After hearing him chuckle for a couple of seconds the line went dead. I quickly added his name to my contact list. Before turning off the phone; I noticed that it was nearly midnight. It was a bit late and I can go to sleep, but the book seems to be calling my name. Or was it me going crazy because of what Alexander said. Focusing back on the book, I read and learned about a lot of creatures. But I am positive that if they were to exist, they are not how the book describes them.


At some point throughout the night, I fell asleep. The book was left on the page about, the war that; the vampires had with the mighty werewolves. Looking back at the bedside I saw that I had woken up fifteen minutes before my alarm. I decided to get up anyway. I was able to take a nice long shower; to undo my sore muscles due to sleeping on a chair.

After washing my hair, and scrubbing my body with my favorite scented soaps. I put a little effort into my hair today. Instead of wearing it wavy, I decided to blow dry it straight. Applying a little bit more makeup than usual I headed downstairs in the same old black clothes. I do not like to wear bright colors.

I quickly made them breakfast and left it ready on the table. When I went upstairs I grabbed my school bag, along with the book. I needed to finish it. So far I have yet to find anything that might have purple eyes. All of the creatures had red and blue eyes, some had light pink. If I am being honest I kept an open mind. If my father was here he would have made me throw out the book, and call me crazy.

Hell, I want to throw out the book and call myself crazy. But there is this little thing on the back of my head that keeps on telling me that I am seeing things. Living things that no other person can. That I may be among other beings out of this universe.

Down the street I spotted Daniel's jeep, I knew sooner than later I had to talk to him. When I opened the door he was livid. You can see the fury in his eyes, but he did not have a right to get mad because I kissed someone else. We are not dating and I had left it very clear that I only loved him as a brother. But he did not say a word, he waited until I buckled in to drive off.

“Are you still mad?” I asked we were only a couple of minutes in the drive, but the silence was driving me crazy. It was not Daniel’s way, he was always loud and obnoxious.

“What do you think?” Was his response.

“Why? And what for.” I answered annoyed.

But he did not say a thing, instead, he parked the car into the school parking lot. Got out of the jeep and headed towards school. I can tell that it is going to be a very long day. To sum it up Grayson was not with us, he would have made Daniel talk to me. So, I am pretty sure that Daniel thought of it, and dis-invited him for the morning ride. On the bright side. Now I do not have to explain why I am reading a stupid book about mythical creatures to anyone.

Well, let’s get this hell of a day started, and over with as soon as possible.

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