The Goddess of Beasts.

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Chapter Nine.

It has been two weeks since I last spoke to Daniel. Let me tell you it did not go too well. There was a ton of yelling mostly, from his part. All because he caught me kissing Alexander. Daniel told me that he was going to call me whenever the anger has passed, but that day has yet to come. At least, I was able to hang out with Adrastea more, along with Janus and Zaiden. I may admit that the boys are a bit annoying; they remind me of Daniel and Grayson.

Adrastea has been the only girl I have been able to be friends within a very long time. Over the last two weeks, our friendship grew quite fast. It was as if we knew each other for many years. Isadora and Samantha knew about this newfound friendship, and they were not too happy about it. They forbid me to hang out with Adrastea.

They can forbid me to do many things, but they cannot choose my friends.

Alexander? He has been gone for two weeks, I couldn’t bring myself to ask his sister his whereabouts. He has called me on my cell phone several times, but I couldn’t answer. Every time he called me, I was either around Samantha or Adrastea. Not only that, the last time I had talked to him or seen him; was when my eyes turned purple and I went crazy. Crazy to the point that I have checked out every single book that had to do with a mythical creature, or better known as the supernatural; as some people like to say it.

Call me crazy, but I have seen a few things that Zaiden and Janus do, that make me believe that they might be vampires. All because they do similar things to those that I have read in the books. But I am not entirely sure. I sound like a crazy person, right? There is no such thing as vampires.

But what am I? I have been going crazy for the last two weeks, trying to look for something supernatural. Something or someone that has bright purple eyes. I haven't had much luck.

Maybe I am going crazy and I am not something inhuman. Alexander is the only one that has mentioned the change in my eye color. I’ve stared into the mirror for hours hoping I can see the change of color, but nothing ever happens. Why is he the only one that has seen it? There were girls around us that day, and if they would have seen something; they would have not hesitated to spread rumors of the weird girl. It has been two weeks and I haven't heard a thing.

Today marks the last week of school before we all leave for Thanksgiving vacation. This is one of the celebrations that I look forward to because I have the entire house to myself for the entire week. Samantha and Isadora leave to visit family in California, leaving me a list of chores that need to be done before they get back.

Right now, I am skipping lunch to read the only supernatural book; that holds ‘facts’ of the inhuman, at the school library. Adrastea kept on calling me so I can join them for lunch, but I need a break from the boys and the constant bickering between Janus and Adrastea. I needed a break from the constant stare-down that I received from my old group. They all excluded me as soon as Daniel told them that I had kissed Alexander.

“There is nothing in this stupid book,” I say to myself, pushing the book aside.

The library was relatively empty. There were a couple of students, but they were hiding between the bookshelves making out. Placing the book back on the shelf, I continued looking. Hoping that one book would pop out of nowhere, giving me all the answers. As I am skimming through the aisle, I can hear the harsh whispers, but I brush them off knowing that is one of the couples fighting. The bookshelf suddenly started to shake violently, throwing out a couple of books on my side. Peeking through the gap that the books have created, I noticed that it was Daniel and Alexander arguing.

“What the fuck are talking about? She is not yours and never will be,” Daniel whispered harshly, poking Alexander’s broad chest.

“You mean she will never be yours. I already know that she is my Kindred Soul. Whether you like it or not, she is MINE.” Alexander growled back, pushing Daniel against the bookshelf once more. I tried to steady the heavy bookshelf hoping it stops the books from falling out.

“WHAT! She cannot be your soul. She hasn’t even turned eighteen yet. You are lying, she cannot be yours. Out anyone in the world, why did she have to be a vampire's kindred soul.” Daniel lashed out. Causing the librarian to shush them from the front of the library.

Vampire? So my assumptions over the Deimos family and friends are true. I knew that all of these books were good for something. Through the week I learned to embrace the difference. To keep an open mind knowing that there is more to life than just science. Mother was right. I also learned that not all creatures are evil. Some are here to protect humans, some are here to do harm and take over every aspect of your life.

“Oh, you were hoping she would be your mate?” Alexander laughing lowly at Daniel’s face.

“She will never accept you, not when you tell her what you are. She will be disgusted by your lifestyle.” My best friend fired back. I have not thought about how I was going to react if he ever tells me.

“You think she will forgive the guy that calls himself her best friend. Someone she has known for years. The guy that has kept a huge secret from her? Better yet, do you think she will talk to you when YOU tell her that you are a dog? A werewolf that has been cast out from my realm?” Werewolf?

Daniel a werewolf? I was not ready for this. Is this the reason why there has been so much hatred between them? Alexander was royalty, his father probably kicked out Daniel’s father.

I have been around the supernatural for ten years. And I did not know. How was he able to keep a secret like that? Daniel had pledged, he will never keep a secret from me. Now that I know he has, I did not know how to react.

Should I be angry at him? Should I pretend that I do not know what either of them is? Or confront them right here right now? I will just go on with my day and pretend I never heard this conversation. Just walk away and pretend you did not hear anything. I plugged in my earphones and walked away.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw them both freeze. But I kept walking, bobbing my head to the music. There were two minutes left for lunch, I will just head to class.

Wait, where was Alexander in the morning? He and I have the same classes, why did he come to the afternoon classes?

Oh god, all of this is going to drive me crazy.

How the hell did I get dragged into this? Did I do something wrong? I like to think I am a good, well-behaved seventeen years old. I’ve lived with the spawn of Satan and I still respect her.

Or maybe, just maybe this can be a blessing in disguise? Can this be a new beginning for me? Something that can draw me out of the hole; that my stepmother and step-sister dug for me. Throwing me in the bottom. I wasn't able to see the light, not until now. The light was my best friend and Alexander. I can see Alexander’s hand ready to pull me out of the dark.

I am still going to be mad at Daniel if he ever tells me. I mean it is my right. He thought I was not trustworthy enough to know that he is not human. To know that he turns into a huge hairy beast, under the full moon. Well, at least that is what I’ve read. I also read that vampires shine under the sun, and the Deimos family did not. They don't act as if they're thirsty all the time. Like, they don't crave blood every second of the day. If they did, I am sure we would all be dead.

There is more to them. I know Daniel is not the only one of his kind but I cannot take this anymore. The only thing that is bothering me is how will I react? Fuck it I will be mad at all of them, and add a surprise face.

That's if they ever decide to tell me.

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