Her Hand Beneath the Otherworld

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2 years. Airen has only 2 years to uncover the real truth about her past life and at the same time, save her whole homeland from scheme of the corrupted king. In a place full of magic and destruction, she must survive—no, she will survive. For everyone's fate lies on her hand, and that very hand grasps one of the rarest glyphorite ever to be founded in Sierraglyph, holding the power to summon entities from another realm, the Sierra-stone. Sealing her fate, placing her hand benath the Otherworld.

Fantasy / Action
V. A. Maningo
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A dry and rocky cliff towered at the right-wing of the town. At its very edge are hundreds of boastful Contractors lined up in a classified order.

Each one laughing and mocking, draping their mouths to stifle their laughter at the view of the massacre. But two ragged Contractors at the farthest end of the line remained straight and grim. Their faces showed pity at the place that they bombarded into a hellhole.

A white man with a short frame, dressed in elegant formal clothing stepped in front of the crowd. His old face wrinkled with happiness as he commended them, “Great job everyone. Today we have created a masterpiece. The most gorgeous bloodshed to have ever existed.”

Another water spear made of incantations fell down from the dark clouds and into the flock of people, panicking in terror and distress. Children crying as they hold the bloodied remains of their deceased parents.

Formerly a prosperous town, now reduced into a dystopia of death and sorrow.

Fiery boulders of magic thrown across separate directions, leaving a trail of flaming craters along their paths. Houses and buildings of different structures explode into bits before burning into nothingness.

Not a single guard came to help. Not a single soul came to warn, as persons of higher positions wished for the eradication of this cursed land.

Anguished voices perished together with their hopes of building a brighter future for their succeeding generations. Spells are being hurled into the scorched grounds, killing all life forms in sight.

They are the force of their own kingdom, so what is there to fear?

Tattered clothes and bleeding wounds are what’s left of the poor couple sprinting for their lives to the nearest gate. Beside them are an armed group of volunteers, each helping in the evacuation and a small band of survivors, horror as shown on their bloody faces.

Lucky for them, the town is located at the borders of the kingdom facing towards the east, so they still have a chance to escape.

Along the way, they were only able to gather so many people to fit half of the carriage, as they had gone out of the exit gates, three people volunteered to head back and round up the site a bit more. The chief disagreed seeing as it is impossible to navigate back inside.

Everything was engulfed in flames, and the sight was enough to force them into escaping before its too late. As they prepared to head out, a mother with a gaping hole at the side of her stomach and a baby on her arms managed to get their attention.

The carriage immediately halted as everyone got down to help her up. The woman insisted to leave without her as nothing can save her from her fated death. She said that she was only able to walk and talk because of the enchantment she stuck on her torso, giving her 3 minutes of life, but after that, she will instantly turn to dust.

She grabbed the chief by the hem of his shirt, “Please take my daughter instead.” She pleaded as the pain from her body became unbearable. The man carefully took the baby from the mother’s grasp, “Rest assured, she will be in safe arms.” He ordered one of his men to get everyone inside for they are moving out.

Once everything was ready, the carriage continued on its way, leaving the mother behind as her body turned into ashes, slowly floating into the suffocating air. She raised her hands to the sky,

“How I wish I could’ve given you a better life, my child...”

Meanwhile, on the carriage, everyone was awed at the beautiful golden eyes of the baby. One of the rescuers happened to stumble upon a golden locket in her white clothe wrapping with a name engraved in it.

He informed everyone in the carriage about the locket and they all nodded in agreement,

“It’s settled then, starting today your name shall be Airen Havex.”

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