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Disappear Mayhem

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Stephanie's powers is both a blessing and a curse . she loves being alone because of the powers , but then she has to save her twin and her father from her mother's ex boyfriend ( Ben ) and also discover herself and living with the powers .

Fantasy / Mystery
Katherine Benson
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Chapter 1

5 year old Stephanie was outside the yard playing with the neighbour's son Derick . Stephanie was light toned, with pink lips , long blonde hair and emerald green eyes . Derick on the other hand was light toned with black hair and grey eyes .

Derick loved to play with Stephanie since he had no brothers , and his parents loved him more than his sisters , because of that his sisters were always mean to him . Mrs Olivier soon came with apple juice for the kids ,

"here is apple juice for you both , and Derick your parents just called to say they would be coming soon ", Mrs Olivier said handing them their drinks and leaving.

Derick picked up his drink and sipped a little .

"No , No, Derick, one more round before the break", Stephanie said putting down his glass.

" No I'm tired , I don't want to play anymore , break before another round", Derick said pushing his glass back into his mouth.

" No, I don't want to be your friend anymore ", Stephanie said slightly pushing him by his shoulders .

" your not my Mummy , so you can't boss my around ", Derick said as he stared into Stephanie's eyes , and Stephanie blinked directly at him . Opening her eyes , she couldn't see him anywhere around the yard .

She reached for her juice , grabbed it and went indoors .

She saw her mum on the dining table with 3 year old Alex .

"Has Derick gone already ", Mrs Olivier asked pouring more milk to Alex's cereal .

"It seems so ", Stephanie said.

"Strange , Helen didn't stop to say hello", Mrs Olivier said .

"Steph is lying , she's probably at loggerheads with Derick ", Alex said before putting a spoonful of cereals in his mouth.

" Just shut up , he left ", Stephanie said as she stormed upstairs for her room .

She went to her room , and shut the door . She went to her window and looked out the window , but she couldn't see Derick on his way to his house , at his courtyard or watering his little garden .

Stephanie loved to watch him water his garden . It had strawberries , grapes , carrots and cabbages . It was his personal garden , and he always took care of it especially when he had a misunderstanding with her. She saw the garden empty , and just then , she heard a knock on the door . It was Mrs Olivier .

" Helen called ,she said she would be here in a minute for Derick , but you told me earlier that he left ", Mrs Olivier asked looking puzzled .

" I said he left mum, because he left ", Stephanie said .

" with who ? Did Helen come pick him up ", Mrs Olivier asked .

" He left on his own ", Stephanie explained .

" You let him leave , you should have told me earlier , Alex was right ", Mrs Olivier said running out of Stephanie's room .

Helen and her husband came looking for Derick ,

" Where is Derick , Olivier ", Helen asked worried about her Son's whereabouts .

" I don't know , Stephanie said he left , I guess the had a misunderstanding , and he left angrily , and Stephanie didn't bother to stop him ", Mrs Oliver explained , expecting her angry friend to understand , but no , she is a mother like her , would she take it lightly if it were her son Alex , no she would do worse .

" I don't care , I need to see my only son , or else , I will kill you ", Helen threatened .

Little Stephanie on hearing the threat ran out from behind the door where she was hiding .

" Sorry ma'am , it's all my fault , so please don't murder my mother , Daddy won't be happy when he comes back from work , he'll be so stressed when he's back , this will only make him sad ", Stephanie said as she cried , and Mrs Olivier scooped her into her arms and dried her tears with the back of her palm.

" and what happens to my husband , he is in Germany at peace not knowing that his heir is missing . first of all , Derick is a prince , and what happens to his kingdom , damn , you are a wicked fool , Olivier get ready to rot in jail ", Helen threatened , which only breaked Stephanie's heart the more .

" Mummy , I thought you said she is your friend , friends love each other , but she is a selfish friend , but you are a selfless woman , let's go inside she can nag all she wants ", Stephanie said breaking into a fresh set of tears .

Mrs Helen's threat never came true , but Mr Olivier got angry with Stephanie .

" why did you let Derick leave ", Mr Olivier asked but got no answer , only loud sobs .

" I'm asking you a question ", Mr Olivier scolded .

" He didn't leave , I didn't see him leave , I only blinked , and then he was no where to be seen ", Stephanie said still crying .

" do I look like a fool to you , I am not a kid , who would just believe your tale ", Mr Olivier scolded .

" Stop it , I've had enough of this , quit scolding her , Helen threatened to kill me , and do you think if little Stephanie was in Derick's shoes , that Helen would scold Derick because of her , no , stop being unreasonable , Stephanie go to your room and rest ", Mrs Olivier ended .

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