Book 1: The Fall of the Mountain God

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With the death of the Mountain God, Dumakulem, nine teenagers were invited to a mysterious hiking trip to awaken their latent powers from their godly parents. Teenagers then discovered that one of them will soon join the ranks of the gods in replacement of the dead god. But they have to go through challenges inside the majestic trail of Luzon's highest peak, Mt. Pulag. Soon, the awakened ones find themselves trapped between the forces of the Kasanaan led by its mighty ruler Sitan and the sky deities from Kaluwalhatian led by Abba. Samel, Elle, and Roberto find themselves intertwined in an unusual fate, forced to lead the group to survive the black seeds planted by Sitan to corrupt all the newly awakened ones to join his forces for the brewing battle between the Gods.

Fantasy / Adventure
Margaux Alchem
5.0 2 reviews
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This is the first book of the series The Awakened Ones.

All characters, happenings, and conversations with the exception of some landmarks are purely work of fiction. With the use of landmarks, all events, characters, and conversations therein are products of the author’s imagination. In instances where some events and characters have resemblances to real life, the similarity is entirely coincidental.

This book is based on Philippine Mythology. The gods, goddesses, and supernatural creatures from Philippine local lores.

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****I have at last completed all the chapters and I am at the editing phase of the chapters. Your feedback will be highly appreciated during the editing phase.***

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