Book 1: The Fall of the Mountain God

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Time for Discovery Part 2: Roberto and Basti

Sebatian or known as Basti to his family smiled nervously. Of all the joiners on this month-long activity, he expects to be the slowest of them all. He’s a chubby looking kid who has trouble managing his weight and controlling his unhealthy eating habits. But he’d like to think that he can push himself to have a healthier lifestyle. His height is 5′7 feet against his 93 kg weight which is a huge improvement from his previously 120 kg weight. He’s sure that he’s charming though but silent at times when he’s thinking about worst-case scenarios. His mind had been troubled by how dangerous the trail could be even when he read that it should just be 3/10 in difficulty. What also interested him the most is what he read about the dwarf bamboos as he has a penchant for all things green. He walked towards the waiting lovely goddess called Tala.

“Do what Ave did, palms open facing the sky, ” Tala said.

Basti nodded and closed his eyes then focused his thoughts towards his palms. Soon enough he felt something on his hands.

“Open your eyes, son of Mapulon the god of seasons.” Tala’s voice strangely has a hint of happiness. “So which season have you inherited from your father. Play the flute.” She continued.

Tala might have sensed Basti’s hesitation, clearly, the boy does not know how to play his father’s signature weapon, the flute. “Go on, just try.” Tala urged.

Basti brought the blowhole to his mouth and the moment he did started what he thinks was senseless playing, what came out was a beautiful melody. Soon the melody filled the huge space they’re on and where Basti stood, around him, the green grass started to grow higher than his knees, almost reaching his waist.

“Spring, you have Spring, try experimenting with the speed of the melody. Try faster.” Tala said.

Basti nodded and as he played faster, the grass around him started to wither, stalks turning yellow. This alarmed him and he started to play slowly which brought back the grass colors to vibrant green.

“Focus Basti, try to imagine another plant that you’re fond of, growing out of nowhere, reaching out to you.” Tala continued.

Basti played while imagining a tree in their backyard, a mango tree where he and his friends would play after school when he has young. Out of nowhere, a young mango tree sprouted between the tall grasses he created around himself.

“Hello, thank you” Basti heard a voice and in surprise, he took a step backward and lost his balance. The flute vanished from his hands and his butt hit the ground hard. The once healthy tall grasses reverted back to what they were before except for the young mango plant that he’s now face-to-face with. The plant also seemed to be bending towards him.

“I’m sorry, did I startle you. You can hear me. C’mon, speak to me.” Basti was shocked, he’s hearing things from the mango plant!

He stood up and looked at Tala and the others. “With all these crazy things we learned today, do you think I’m getting crazier by asking you if you can hear the mango plant speak?” Judging from the faces looking at him in a big question mark, it’s clear now that only he can hear the little mango plant.

“Interesting, you can hear the plants Basti and only you of course. No one from the group can do that. And you inherited two seasons, spring and summer. You will discover more along the way but for now, the plants are your friends, you can talk to them when you want to, and if you play the flute, the grass and other plants will respond to your call”. Tala said to Basti who still can’t believe it. With a flick of Tala’s hand, the mango plant disappeared. “Don’t worry, I just transported the plant to somewhere where it would grow well with some help from the upgrade Abba has given me when I agreed to take on the job. You may take a seat now Basti”. Tala said.

As Basti walked towards the group, he saw their smiling faces and he smiled, a good smile where both of his dimples are showing up.

“Hey man, do you think you can tell me later about what one of the pine trees say about my looks and swag?” It was from Roberto. Everyone laughed around the table. “You’re cool. Now it’s my turn”, Roberto said as he proceeded towards Tala even when the Goddess had not called his name yet.

Roberto then closed his eyes and excitedly focused his attention on his palm. As soon as he did, nothing sprung from his hand but he felt something grow on his back, heard the rip of his shirt, and heard the gasps from the group. He immediately opened his eyes and reached for his back to feel what’s causing the weight. He felt soft feathers, and the curve, wings, he has wings!

“Roberto, all too excited. You have a pair of wings. See for yourself”. Tala said as she created a mirror-like object where Roberto can fully see two white wings on his back. His eyes widened to the point that they felt like they would soon fall off from their sockets, he was just too surprised to say any silly banter he for sure always has a pocketful ready. Everyone was shouting with amazement even Samel.

“Wow man, you did it this time, you’re an angel” He can hear Karl.

“Okay, tone down,” Tala said and everyone hushed. “So Rob is the son of Galang Kaluluwa, a god who loves to travel, Abba’s trusted friend who supposed to be has perished a long time ago in this world. But not surprising that he has his other versions from another world different than ours who might have visited this world and now here you are Roberto, his son, after eons. Abba should now this.” Tala said. ” Let’s see what he can do. Roberto, can you flap your wings and see if you can fly?” Tala said. Everyone was expecting Roberto to smile but he looks sad.

“Does that I am not my father’s son, my human father?” Roberto asks in a low voice knowing the answer. Tala felt sad for the boy. It appears he has a good relationship with the human who acts as his father. “Can gods take female form? Then Galang Kaluluwa be my mother instead? ” He continued with pain in his voice.

“Gods can take female form, but I’m afraid Galang Kaluluwa does not,” Tala answered truthfully. She should not sugar coat, this kid should accept the reality now, that one or both of their parents could not be their real parent.

Roberto looked bothered as he tried to flap his wings. As his wings moved, to everyone’s surprise, he suddenly disappeared from where he stood. Tala disappeared too and after a few seconds they heard a loud thud from a distance and then they saw Roberto clumsily flying towards them. He then landed as smooth as he can and walked in silence towards the table.

“I’m sorry about your father. But hey, he’s still the father you’ll go back to after all of this is over.” Samel said as he patted Roberto’s back. What he said seemed to have lifted Roberto’s mood. Tala watched with interests, Abba’s son becoming friends with Galang Kaluluwa, it’s in their blood after all.

“So as I have said before, you all share a common thing. It’s either you’re adopted or one of your parents is not your real parent. Because you’re all child of deities but Roberto, I know you felt this blow more upon you. Do not worry, your real father will not take you away from your human father. You will be with your human father after this but of course, that’s if you’re not chosen to be the replacement of Dumakulem. ” Tala said.

“Anyway, so Roberto’s power is not just flying when he disappeared he was transported to a different world than ours. Without my upgraded power, I could not have pulled him back. But in short, he can travel through worlds. He has to be very careful as there are worlds far different and cruel than ours. Roberto, you can’t control it yet but when you summon your wings, make sure to be fully aware when you flap your wings. A distraction will mean you can be transported to a place you don’t want to go to. You don’t have plenty of time to practice but the challenges ahead will hone each of your powers to the fullest.” Tala continued as everyone listened intently.

“Now let’s continue with Ricka,” Tala said as she watched the pretty homosexual stand up and walk towards her.

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