Book 1: The Fall of the Mountain God

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Time for Discovery Part 3 Ricka, Karl, and Jen

Ricka or known as Elrick to her friends when she was young, suffered through mockery and raised eyebrows until she was finally accepted by her classmates and her parents at last. She was scared at first but was able to muster enough courage to tell her parents that she’s a girl at heart, just trapped in a boy’s body. She’s an outgoing person who’s always updated about the latest fashion trends. For brands of makeups and lipsticks, she’s the go-to person. Now that she’s past the stage of hiding her identity, she has become comfortable with who she was. For a girl, she’d often hear remarks of how pretty she is (with a side comment that she could have been a handsome boy). And now that she’s part of this group of awakened ones as Tala said, she as excited as the others to discover her powers. One of them soon will takeover a God’s seat but she doubts that anyone here is interested in that, maybe except for Samel or Karl who both looked too far serious for their age.

Calm and poised on her pink glow, Ricka followed what the others before her did, she focused her mind towards her palm. Suddenly, she felt a huge and heavy metal object on both of her palms, her arms strained a little bit and when she opened her eyes, she saw an ancient-looking but lovely gold rifle. Her heartbeats are galloping wild horses knowing that she has no idea how to use it.

“A daughter of Dian Masalanta, the goddess of lovers ”, Tala said. “As always, Dian likes beautiful things that’s why the gold rifle. Let’s see what it does. Point it to me and shoot me with a bullet. Fear not, I am immortal and that weapon you wield is not a pure God weapon it should hurt me a little bit but not injure me. I know you might be unfamiliar with a weapon yet so just aim the weapon towards me, look for the trigger, and pull it. I also suggest that you brace for the force that you might feel when you pull the trigger”, She continued.

Ricka hesitated but at this point, she knew she has no choice. Awkwardly, she held the gun’s handle with her left hand and her right hand fumbled for the trigger. She felt everyone’s anticipation as she herself held her breath. She watched the gold-coated bullet covered in a pink glow in slow motion as it traveled towards where Tala is. Before it reaches the goddess’s stomach, Tala caught it between her fingers to everyone’s amazement.

“A slave bullet. Sorry, but I can’t allow it to reach me. If it’s buried me, I could be your servant, do any of your commands, a handy weapon but a note Ricka, you have to be as accurate as you can be when using that. If you have fast-moving opponents I suggest you don’t engage directly but instead position yourself from a place where you can analyze their movement just like a sniper does.” Tala said.

“And everyone,” Tala continued as she addresses everyone. “This is just the tip of the iceberg for you. Along the way, you’ll discover more of what powers you have”.

“So I can make anyone do anything just by shooting them. I like this power.” Ricka smiled. “Does this have unlimited bullets though?" She asked.

“It’s an enchanted weapon. If you’re a goddess I would have said yes, you will have unlimited bullets. But half of your blood is human and that puts limitations to what your enchanted weapon can do. I am sure that your weapon does not have an infinite supply of slave bullets so use it wisely.” Tala answered.

Ricka answered with a nod as she examined the rifle. It looks dangerous but she’s glad that it cannot wound anyone but just make them follow her orders. She went back to the table, awkwardly carrying the weapon, everyone was so excited to touch the weapon too.

“Alright, I know you’re all interested in Ricka’s weapon but we don’t have all the time in the world so please focus. Karl, let’s see what you'll bring to the table. Come over here.” Tala said as Ricka’s rifle turned to gold dust after she deemed it as an unnecessary distraction to the group. That didn’t stop the comments from the table though.

“Hey, so you can enslave anyone. That’s very handy, I wish I have your weapon”, Chris said to Ricka. Ricka smiled modestly but deep down very much excited with what she discovered. Her mother is the goddess of lovers!

As Karl proceeded to demonstrate his power, his thoughts traveled back to his daily struggle of helping his family. His family’s main source of income is his father’s spearfishing. He would help most of the time even during weekdays, after school, or early in the morning he would help his father bring food to the table, his muscled build was the result of the hard work. He’s happy to help his family of course especially his two little sisters. Knowing that he could have special powers motivated him more. Surely if he wins and becomes a god, he can put some favors in place for his family and help them out of poverty.

As he focused his thoughts towards his palm, he felt a strange surge covering him and then a wooden feel of the object on his hands. As he opened his eyes, everyone stared at him, with awe and fear. He quickly understood why he’s floating mid-air and below him is a small pool with rampaging waves. The weapon in his hand is also a familiar thing for him, a spear but with a more expensive look, dark wooden shaft with ancient golden carvings, and an emerald crystal pointy tip. He looked at Tala and saw fear in her eyes too.

“A son of Aman Sinaya, goddess of the sea. Interesting.” Tala smirked. “Your mother is Abba’s rival. And given that everything around you is under the sea in primordial times you can harness the sea at will and that weapon, your mother without disrespect is a proud one. But of course, powerful that she challenged Abba. Now, release the tension in your thoughts and return to your seat”. Tala said. Aman Sinaya’s son and then here’s his half-brother Samel, powerful half-gods, the goddess thought. Just like the old times, she now wonders what will happen ahead of these young ones.

Karl slowly calm down his mind and as he did so, waters below him slowly evaporated and he landed on the ground with a soft thud. His spear also disappeared from his hand, so much for a show now that everyone in their seat is afraid to look at him. All of them realized that anyone from the group is a danger to the other given the power each of them holds. Much more that each of them does not know how to control their newly realized powers.

“Don’t be afraid. Fear can make anyone do silly things. I know you’re thinking about accidents that could happen because all of you have not fully grasped what it is that you have. The most important thing for you all to remember is to take control. Once you take full responsibility for your power, once you make yourself accept that it is yours, you can direct it to do what you want." Tala said sensing the worry. "C’mon Jen, it’s your time”. Tala said to the girl wearing a blue beanie on top of his black locks. She has a pert nose and her complexion is that of caramel. Her brown, wide eyes looked determined.

Jen then focused and suddenly she felt something on her hands, when she opened it, she saw a red, sparkling round object on her hands.

“My gift from Hanan.” Tala suddenly exclaimed. She immediately grabbed the object from Jen’s hand. She lost it ages ago and her sister, the goddess of morning Hanan gifted it to her when she did a favor for her.

“You’re a daughter of Anagolay, the goddess of lost things, and Dumakulem’s wife. Apolaki’s half-sister then. Apolaki would be surprised by morning.” Tala said in a half-smile. “Thank you, you find a lost gift from my sister. Now, aside from randomly finding lost things let’s see what else you can do. Close your eyes again and focus.”

Jen focused and suddenly she felt a sudden sense of dread, like the time when her Father left for abroad and left her on the case of her evil aunt. But luckily now she escaped her aunt’s clutches and she’s living with another relative. She does not like the feeling and now that she’s feeling it again, hate sprung from her heart. She opened her eyes to witness Tala in panic snatching a small dark object from her hands. The object was coated in a black glow which made her think of Elle.

Everyone watched in fright as Tala throw the dark object to the far side of the clearing and said “Ready yourself, I sense a vile presence from the underworld. A black seed attracted to half-god's blood. I felt its pull. Everyone now, behind my back”. Tala shouted.

All of the scared kids, not knowing what to do hurriedly run and stood behind Tala, waiting for what’s to come.

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