Book 1: The Fall of the Mountain God

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Part 2: Day 1 of the Hike

“I still can’t believe that Dumalukem’s gone,” Dumangan, the god of harvest said. Dumakulem is his son and like Abba, even when they have not found the remains of the missing god, he agreed that the mountain god is dead. “And have you heard, about Galang Kaluluwa’s son? It’s a surprise given that he’s long dead, at least in this world.”

“Yes, I heard. He’s a traveler and a good friend, somewhat he discovered worlds other than us and left his presence from those other worlds. Those other him do visit this world, just avoiding contact with us. ” Abba answered “Galang Kaluluwa’s son with my own son”, Abba continued. He and the harvest god is floating inside a divine space looking at the endless crops in one of the fields humans nurture.

“Just like the old times huh?,” Dumangan answered. “It was you, Galang, and Ulilang. Ulilang though challenged you to a fight because he wanted the sky realm for his own just like your brother Sitan. And what about Sitan’s daughter? Do you think she’s a threat to the safety of the others? ” The god asked.

" No I don’t think so, she’s a kid and Sitan might be celebrating because his kid was chosen to be part of the challenges but that kid is far from his cunningness. She was raised well by her mother,” Abba answered.

“What happens to all of them when this ends? When one is chosen? Will they retain their powers and go back to their normal lives? The last ones we awakened did return with their powers and some used it for good but others use it to harm other humans to their advantage”, Dumangan asked.

“I am thinking about it Dumangan. I might ask for a council among the other gods and goddesses again for us to decide what to do”, Abba answered. “For now, those kids, I hope all of them finish this hike unscathed.”

Both of the gods then looked at each other sensing a call.

“Idianale, she’s entered my castle. She might have something to report from her investigation”, Abba said. He and Dumangan soon left the divine space and teleported to the sky-realm where Idianale awaits.

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