Book 1: The Fall of the Mountain God

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Day 2 - Part 2: An Impossible Fight

One day the gods decided that all the giants that roam the earth will have to sleep to let the humans flourish. The giant Pulag had been asleep for centuries but then the god of all gods and goddesses, Abba came to his dream. Dumakulem the mountain god is dead and one half-god will soon be chosen for replacement. Then Abba said that with the tradition, he’ll be woken up by nine half-gods that will fight him to get the first mark of the mountain.

Dumakulem as a mountain god has the mark of all the mountains in the archipelago but his inheritor only has to get five, five strong marks to bind the other mountains’ powers. The one who can damage him the most will receive the strongest mark from him. He was excited, its been centuries before his last battle.But then something unexpected happened. A brewing battle between the gods and goddesses took him to a dark place. Sitan’s power seemed to have gotten stronger and has now taken hold of him. Of course, Sitan can’t enter the divine space like other gods and goddesses but he used a carrier, his daughter.

Sitan was then able to get through him. Then asked him to choose, allegiance or corruption. In the end, he chose neither. He has a strong feeling that Sitan has something to do with the mountain god rumored as dead and he does not want to partake in a battle between the gods and goddesses. Now he felt himself being separated from his giant shell. He’s trapped inside with the black vines, watching the half-gods struggle to stop him. And he saw the son of Abba, struggling to escape from his hand own hands which are now being controlled from the underworld.

“Let me go”, Samel said. The half-god, with his free head, opened his mouth and blew small Santelmo fires and then a gust of wind which immediately the giant countered, the smoke from his tattoos extending to block the incoming attacks. The rest of the half-gods just glimpse in horror as they continued to fight the black vines.

Then, some of the black vines started to move towards the struggling Samel when suddenly the winged Roberto brought two Chris and Jen with him. Straightaway, Chris and Jen jumped at the giant’s right arm, and before they can be tossed aside while Roberto with his Panabas weapon defended Samel from the incoming black vines.

Chris with her scythe whom she used for long-range attacks now used it to wound the impenetrable skin of the giant’s arm. She focused with all his might and thrust her weapon against the toughness of the giant’s skin. The blow finally created a scratch on the giant’s arm. That scratch was enough for Jen to plunge her dagger into the giant’s skin.

The giant watching from the inside, trapped by the black vines felt the pain. A cut extending not just to his physical form but reaching out to his inner magical soul. As he watched from within, he saw light coming from where the dagger had pierced, at the center of his forearm. The hold of the black vines loosened and the giant felt Sitan’s control slacken a little. The cut gave a shock not only to the giant but to Sitan who let go of Samel after his arm was cut.

The two girls instantly jumped the moment that cut from the dagger went through.

“Roberto!” Samel shouted.

“I’m on it.” Roberto dived towards the girls fast enough to catch them mid-air while Karl headed towards Samel.

“A small cut. That’s all you can muster?” Sitan asked through the giant. “Give up half-gods. You will never win this fight.” The giant ran towards the waiting half-gods for an attack but then it felt a searing pain on his hand. The dagger!

“We cut him”, Jen whispered to Chris. “The dagger went through his skin. Samel’s plan might save as after all.” She said as Roberto carried them towards the ground.

The plan was for the five of them to attack with all that they can, to distract the giant while Roberto, Chris, and Jen wait for an opening. The magical dagger Jen has, needed to be stuck towards on the giant for them to have an advantage.

“Jen try it now,” Samel said

Jen cut her on her forearm and as expected felt nothing. It was that cut that connects her to the giant and only the giant will feel the pain. A wound from the knife connected the giant to her. She wasn’t even aware that it will work, but Samel said it was worth the shot and he was right. They can now wound the giant through her.

The giant stop on his tracks, stunned by the pain on its arm. As the wound on its arm increased in size by Jen’s constant thrusts with the dagger on her arm, the giant’s arm now oozed with what looks like black blood.

“You have the lost knife of Mangaguay,” the giant said. “Anagolay’s daughter!” The giant spatted. The knife now connects him to the girl and the girl can wound him whenever she liked. He soon summoned the black vines to attack all of them as he felt pain towards his stomach.

Before the black vines can reach them, Karl flew with Elle towards the giant. Their aim was to get as near as they can on the wound as the black vines attack the rest of the group. The giant’s forearm now has a long, deep cut. Elle summoned her shadow who’s been acting on its own since it manifested from her. This time she evoked all the control she can. She also called forth the shadow of the group, from Samel, Roberto, Chris, Ricka, Jen, Ave, Basti, and Karl.

She felt the group’s shadow extending and adding to her power, waiting for her command but her own shadow was adamant. It refused to heed her call. She drew strength from the shadows of her friends and soon pushed her own shadow to converge with the other shadows, creating a huge formless shadow that soon moved towards the giant’s open wound on his arm. Their combined shadows started to pull and shortly, black vines started to wriggle out. Before the vines can escape, the shadow devoured them all. The vines extending from the giant’s hair retreated back to his head and soon become nothing but normal limp stands of hairs.

Sitan noticing the act of the half-gods who are trying to get the black vines back through Elle tried to move the giant to attack but with Elle’s power, Pulag was slowly taking over control rendering Sitan’s control immobile.

“Daughter, you are wielding the power gifted by my blood to you against me,” Sitan growled.

“You have no daughter. And your blood is not a gift. It’s a curse and if I can use it against you, I will.”, Elle shouted.

“Let us see how long you can control the black vines that are now within you. They answer my call and soon with them inside you, you’ll answer to me”, Sitan answered and with one last push the god of the underworld tried to regain the control which is now detaching off Pulag. All the remaining black vines merged into one huge pointed form attempting to escape being devoured by the shadow and targeting the standing half-blood who are watching the shadow Elle conjured.

The pointed form of the black vines pushed the shadow that tried to consume it. It was able to successfully stop the shadow from eating it when the half-gods started to move.

Samel flung orbs to the black vines. Ave hurled her Kalis as Roberto pitched his Panabas. Chris tossed a series of flying blades using her scythe while Ricka fired from her rifle. Meanwhile, Basti formed a circle grasses around Elle and Karl for protection. The synchronous attacks weakened the remaining vines which gave Elle an opportunity, another push to direct the shadows and consume the weakening vines. Her shadow followed her command and with a force, covered the last of black vines.

“You belong with me here in the underworld Elle. You will join me soon. You will. ” The giant’s eyes looked at her with intensity as the last of the vines exited his body. Then he slumped to the ground unconscious.

Elle watched as the shadow she borrowed from her peers retreated back to them and she felt her own shadow, languidly moving back within her. Then she felt a throb. No. no she told herself. This isn’t happening again. She’s losing grip of her consciousness.

“Elle, you did it! You took all the black vines as expected” Karl whispered as he flew her back to the waiting group. Elle was no longer answering. “Elle, are you okay?” Karl asked, his voice was full of worry as he settled to the ground where others are waiting.

“We did it, I can’t believe it but we survived”, Chris said as she run towards Elle to hug her. She then noticed Elle’s blank eyes. “Elle are you okay?” But Elle was just staring at the distance, not responding to any of them.

“She sort of blanked out after the shadow retreated back to her body with the vines”, Karl said.

As the anxious group circled around her.

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