Book 1: The Fall of the Mountain God

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Epilogue: Mangaguay's Ruby Knife

"So you've seen it on the hands of Anagolay's daughter", Mangaguay asked Sitan after the failed attempt to bring the mountain giant Pulag to the underworld. The god was fuming with enmity after his own child prevented his plan from succeeding. Mangaguay soon convinced him that there are still more powerful allies that they can bring to their side and that lashing out will not help at all.

"Yes," Sitan said. "She used it against the giant. I've seen it using the giant's eyes. Its blade is blood red. You said you lost it somewhere right?".

"Yes, bloody duwendes. Their leader tricked me and it ended up lost in one of their tunnels underground. I summoned it but no, I never detected its presence for once so I assumed it could have been destroyed by one of the gods and goddesses of the sky realm. It's a dagger that I created to wound a god or goddess. Using it has its consequences and I guess the young half-god has not noticed it yet. It's a powerful weapon, one we must have on our side. I must take it back at all cost". Mangaguay said as her eyes ablaze with hostility and a hint of joy in knowing that her dagger was found. Her eyes then focused on the gold Tigmamanukan's egg on her wooden table. Her black spirits had found the legendary egg in the human realm."How's the mountain god?" She asked Sitan.

"Still stubborn. He put himself on his slumber chamber just like the sleeping mountain giants. And I think the gods and goddesses might have a suspicion that he's alive but they'll never find him." Sitan replied. "When will the ritual for Ulilang Kaluluwa be?" he asked.

"In the next full moon," Mangaguay replied as she took and examined the small bottle where the bone specks of dust of the dead sky serpent who once lived in the clouds and rivaled Abba. The underworld will have the serpent's power soon.

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