How my World's ends goes

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Base on my dream waking up at 3:55am August 10 2020. Pandemic period

Fantasy / Scifi
Julianne Mae Dugho
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This is something I could tell how our dreams could create something... Unusual scenarios. And let me tell you this one is something worst that I could dream off. It's worst than getting eaten by ants when I was five, worst than experiencing a false awakening loop, 5 times waking up on the same bed, the same bedroom, and 5 different scenarios. And when I realized I was still on the same dream I screamed to myself "help I'm in loop!" Trying to reach someone with my paralyzed body and my vision went hazy. I tried standing up, only to find out I'm still lying on my bed. I keep trying standing up, with every 0.3 seconds of moving. I woke up.

Horrifying and worst. But this time around is something that I cannot imagine. I don't know if it's worse than false awakening loops. But I find it the worst nightmare that I could dream of

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