Hear her scream

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how can losing a mate to a banshee heal me?

Fantasy / Romance
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chapter 1

“How could you do this to me Ducarius” Aine whispered with foggy dying eyes.

“I had to do what I had to do, Aine. I had to kill you, I’m sorry. It was not supposed to be this way” Ducarius said while holding Aine closer to him. The blade embedded in her chest, staining her lips crimson red, the blood pooling below her dying body as it leaked from her chest, now rested on his hands.

A small smile painted Aine face, her potential lover above her, holding her. Their love could’ve made the outcome different but faith is a dick that always meddles in things.

Ducarius held her as her body tried to grasp another breath, an ache tore throughout his body. The pain from losing a mate caused him to blockout the world around them. His chest felt as if it was caving in but he knew better, it was just his potential mate dying. And no less by his hands,The scream of the Banshee startled Ducarius.

Closing his dead mate’s eyes, he said his prayers and crouched near her body, not quite ready to let go but ready to fight whatever was coming their way.

The banshee moved in closer, her fingers pointing at Aine. Her wail increased in volume. Yet the barrier that was placed around them prevented her from moving in closer. This banshee was beautiful, she did not have come in her original form which is frightening to the mortal eye. This banshee seemed to fight to close her mouth as if she was trying to prevent herself from releasing her wail. As the banshee attempted to remove herself from the scene in front of her, her body moved in closer throwing itself to the invisible barrier in front of her.

The male in front of her crouched staring at the banshee in curiosity but also ready for her in case she came in and attempted to revive his beloved. His upper lip curled showing sharp teeth. Werewolf her mind whispered. Attempting to get the man’s attention to summon her away, was useless. She was tired of fighting her screams but she knew why it was her duty, the dead must be brought to the rightful place. Closing her eyes once more her wails increased in volume, the werewolf in front of her closing his eyes in pain, blood dripping down his nose. He collapsed besides his mate, overestimating his own body’s will to move. The barrier around them now weakened since the males downfall.

The banshee once again directed her hands towards the body of the girl besides the male. This time the body floated towards her, her wailing dying out. A flash of light and with that the girl’s soul was out of the world of the living and gone to the world of the dead. The body of the dead female now laid out near the male but far from his touch.

Looking towards the young man she fell onto her knees checking his body for any injuries. Odd she thought to herself, she wasn’t worried of hurting the man in front of her, her vocal chords at ease. A small spark fired at her skin once her skin skimmed his flesh. Retracting her hand quickly, she left the male on the damp floor. Shaking her head, she turned her back to the male, walking carefully due to the fact that she was barefoot and alone in the middle of nowhere.

A mist surrounded her body as she moved towards the shadows of the trees, no clue that the male would watch her as the mist enveloped her body.

Ducarius’ hands stretched out to the womens body as if he was trying to touch her. Her scent lingering under his nose, her brief touch awakening his beast. Dazed he tried to get to Aine, her body not behind him anymore, now lay in front of him. He knew she was his mate, yet the Banshee’s touch aroused his beast. Snarling he shook his head trying to forget the women. He got up, his muscles protesting in pain as he walked towards Aine’s body. The spark that he felt no longer connecting them.

Ducarius picked up Aine’s body walking away from her death place, towards the trees he walked for miles and miles until he collapsed from the ache all over his body. Looking at his dead mate, he felt nothing but a wave of numbness. Yet the sound of his feral side telling him to drop her. Flashes of the banshee plagued his mind. Gripping Aine once more he rose on his unsteady feet. He walked until he saw his gravesite for her. Placing her gently on the ground he found the tarp and placed it over her body. Digging the hole for Aine’s body felt robotic, without realizing it he was done he lowered Aine’s body to her grave, lowering his head he said his prayers to the moon goddess. Covering the grave with its dirt, he placed rocks stacked up upon each other to remember his lover’s grave site, yet it wouldn’t be for he knew this place like the back of his hand.

Grabbing whatever will he had, he went out to find a place to rest. His body aching for a night’s rest, his heart heavy, his mind a chaotic mess. He knew once he was rested he knew that his hunt for the banshee would begin.

A/N: This story is a first on my part, I’ll come in later with edits but for now it shall remain as such.


some definitions ill be throwing are as such:

What’s a mate:a couple or partner

What’s a soulmate: a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

What’s a twin flame: A twin flame relationship is when two people are perfect matches as a result of shared pain or another difficulty.

Banshee: wailing, screaming or lamentation, at night was believed to foretell the death of a member of the family of the person who heard the spirit.

Werewolf: a person who changes for periods of time into a wolf, typically when there is a full moon.

my definition of werewolf is just a shape shifter, they do not rely on the moon to shift, they can shift at will.

Werewolf names i may or may not be using: werewolf, lycan, shifter

thank you any positive or negative feed back is welcomed.

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