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The Forgotten

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Idk yet tbh I’m planning on changing so much ab this but this is just a first draft. Think of it as a brain dump.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

He trudged through the streets with anger. The dim street lights shone down on him as he walked. His black coat dragged on the ground behind him. “Where is he? He said he’d meet me here at midnight.” He huffed angrily then slouched down on a bench to wait for the new recruit to arrive. Brushing his hair out of his face he saw him walking towards him. Cursing, he stood up. “You’re late.” The young man jumped, startled by the deep voice. “S..sorry sir. I…I…”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses!” The young man’s light blue hair shone under the light. “Sir please.” He pulls his arm back and slaps the young man in the face. Tears form in his eyes and he looks down. “It won’t happen again sir.” “You’re right. It won’t.”

He stepped into the bar and everyoe went silent. He looked around at them then sat down at the bar. Pulling down his coat hood up over his eyes while his hair, the color of midnight poked out. “Just get me my normal.” The bartender looked at him confused. “Do I know you?” He pulled out his knife and stabbed it down in the counter startling the bartender. Looking up he realized this is not the same person who was normally here. He stood up quickly shoving his stool backwards. “I’ll just get it myself.” Everyone watched him as he walked behind the counter. “Im sorry but I cant let y-“ “I didn’t ask.”

As he stepped behind the counter he felt an arm wrap around his waist and he rolled his eyes. “May I help you?” He turned around to see a beautiful young lady with black hair just like his. She wore a bright red dress with black heels. “Aww… don’t look at me like that. At least pretend you are happy to see me.” He shoved her backwards onto the counter. “Wow. I didn’t realize you were that happy to see me.” She grinned. He pulled his knife out of the counter and held it up to her neck. Gasps could be heard all around the bar and people started shuffling about.

“Why are you here?” She frowned. “Oh come on brother, you know you missed me.” I wouldn’t bet on that.” Her neck started to bleed and she winced in pain. He pulled away and shoved something into her hand. “Go before I do anything worse.” Blood dripped down her neck as she looked down at what he had slipped in her hand. It was a blood crystal. She closed her hand around the crystal. She then transformed into a crow and flew out the door.

The whole bar had emptied the only one left besides himself was the bartender. The man just stared at him with fear in his eyes. “W…who are you? What are you?” Shoving the knife back Into his coat he turned to face him. “My name is Kena.” Recognition flooded the man’s eyes as he looked at Kena. “What am I you ask? Your worst nightmare.” He grinned then vanished into thin air and the man fell to the floor utterly terrified.

Kena was part of the Scorpions, a gang of ruthless unforgiving murders. Kena was the leader and was known for his ability to teleport and being able pick open any kind of lock you can think of. Kena’s twin sister, Ina, is known for her shapeshifting abilities. She was known as the Crow. Everyone in the gang had their own special abilities that made them important. Amber, the youngest, is known for her healing abilities. She is also able to use telepathy and telekinesis to communicate and move objects. Brash is known for his super hero like strength. Then you have the newest member, Aiko. No one really knows what special things he can do so they just use him to do simple tasks. Including delivering messages and taking out the trash. Aiko doesn’t complain and does whatever he is told. He runs around like a lost puppy. They only took him in because he had no home and they were tired of hearing him beg for work.

The whole gang lives together in an abandoned library. Some of the shelves are still littered with books while others are empty. Ina sat on top of one of the shelves and flipped through an old children’s book. Aiko is sleeping on the couch the gang had stolen. Amber and Brash are arguing with each other on the opposite side of the couch not even worrying about waking up Aiko. “Are you saying that because I'm a girl that means I'm weaker than you?” Amber gets in Brash’s face. Brash sighs. “It’s a proven fact then men are stronger than girls!”

Kena appears beside them and pulls Amber away from Brash. “Are you two in kindergarten?” Amber shoves Kena’s hand away and turns to face him. “Who the h-“ Brash covers her mouth quickly before she can finish what she was going to say. “Excuse her sir. Its her time of the month if you know what I mean.” Her face goes red and she slaps Brash in the face. “Brash what the heck?!” He held his face like a wounded puppy. “You slapped me!” “Yea and what are you going to do about it?” She stuck out her tongue and Brash jumped on top of her. “You asked for it!” She squeals and Kena just facepalms. “You two are hopeless.”

Kena receded and then appeared near his sister. She looked down at him and smiled. “Look at you. Leader of a bunch of wild teens. How does it feel?” “Like a baby-sitting job.” Ina chuckled and jumped down and sat on the floor next to him. “You know you enjoy it.” He slid down and sat beside her. “Stop pretending like you can read my mind, thats Amber’s job.” Was that a supposed to be a joke?” Ina’s eyes widened. “My brother? Is that you?” He shoves her and she falls on her side laughing. “I cant believe it!” He rolls his eyes and stands up. “Am I baby-sitting you now also?”

Aiko sits up and silently watches Amber and Brash pettifogging among themselves. Amber looks over at him and his pupil less eyes stare back at her. She smiles before going back to argue with Brash. Aiko slides off the couch and tiptoes to where Kena and his sister are talking. Nervously running a hand through his hair, he edges closer. Kena can sense Aiko watching them and when he turns his head quickly to look at him, Aiko is nowhere to be seen.

Ina looks up at her brother. “What are you looking at?” He ignores her and teleports near where Aiko was standing. “I swear he was just-“ Hearing a very quiet noise behind him he reaches out his arm and quickly takes a hold of Aiko’s arm. He’s invisible. Ina’s eyes widen as she lets out a gasp. Kena looks at where he has a hold of Aiko’s arm and he sees nothing.

“I..I’m s..sorry..sir” Aiko starts to slowly turn visible again and he covers his face hiding his tears. Kena lets go of his arm and looks him in the eyes. Empty black eyes stare back at him. How can his eyes be so empty when he is so filled with emotions? Kenna sighs then looks at him with a straight face. “Stop your crying and go take the trash out. The smell is unbearable.” Wiping away his tears, Aiko sniffles one last time before running off.

He lets out a sight and runs his hand down his face. “Give me the crystal.” Ina looks at him while silently gesturing over at Amber and Brash watching them with their heads peeked over the edge of the couch. “Ina.” The way he said her name sent a shiver down her spine. She stood up and pulled the crystal out of a small hole hidden in the bookshelf. “Please don't do this..” She said quietly to him as she placed the dark red crystal in her hand. He gave her one last look before vanishing.

Aiko had just finished putting the trash away when Kena appeared behind him. Aiko jumped and Kena put a hand over his mouth before he could say anything. “Don’t say a word. I want to show you something.” Slowly moving his hand away, he pulled out the crystal for Aiko to see. “Does this look familiar?” A sharp inhale escaped the boy before he looked away.

Mei giggled quietly “You dummy! Im right behind you!” Aiko turned around quickly. Mei laughed once more before jumping on him causing him to fall to the ground. “You cheater!” Still sitting on top of him she smiled. “Cheater? Me?” Rolling his eyes and laughing in response he wrapped his arms around her and flipped over so she was under him. “Yes you!” She turned invisible under him and laughed. “You’re just mad that I won!” “You didn’t win!” She shoved him off of her and he fell to the floor. She jumps up into the air. Visible again, she opens her wings and throws a fist into the air. “UNDEFEATED!” She starts cheering to herself. “AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!” Her pink hair a mess, her face is filled with pure joy. Aiko smiles. If only I could bottle up this moment forever..

Suddenly everything goes dark and his eyes start to burn. He turns to see fear covering Mei’s face. Her bright pink hair a mess with ashes and dust. Holding onto her hand as tightly as he can. He knew that when he let go.. she would be lost forever. Ill protect you..I promise.

Aiko was suddenly snapped back into reality and Kena shoved the crystal back into his pocket. “I need your help.” With all the courage he could muster Aiko met his eyes and spoke. “What do I need to do?” Straight faced, no emotion in his voice. “Im looking for the one who cursed this crystal.” Aiko clenched his hands into fists and looked away ashamed. “I know who did it but I don’t know where he is.” “Aiko..” Placing a hand on Aiko’s shoulders, Kena spoke with sympathy. This was the first time he had ever called Aiko by his name. “I need to know who.” With a deep breath Aiko spoke up. “My brother, Loni”

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